Shardeum is an upcoming layer 1 blockchain solution that ensures legitimate decentralization and dependable security while giving perpetually low gas prices through dynamic state sharding. Nischal Shetty, a co-founder of WazirX, India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, co-founded Shardeum, and has secured $18.2 million in a seed fundraising investment from more than 50 investors, which include Jane Street, Struck Crypto, and the Spartan Group. According to Shetty, the funding will be used to grow the company’s community, network, and personnel base.

Shardeum uses dynamic state-sharding technology to linearly grow and increase transactions per second with each and every node added to the network, directly competing with Layer-1 blockchains like Ethereum. This enables the network as a whole to retain cheap gas prices while expanding its operations.

The firm plans to begin a beta test by the end of 2022 and says it was founded on the OCC (open, collaborative, and community-driven) tenets. According to Shetty, who spoke to the newspaper, Shardeum is aiming to deploy its mainnet by 2023 and presently has a functioning alpha net.

The business claims to have onboarded more than 1 Lakh users during the test period from nations including India, the UK, Japan, a handful in Africa and South-East Asia, among others. Since Shardeum is presently in the test network phase, you may use it for free right now.

Will there be any Shardeum Airdrop?

If you look at their tokenomics, you will be able to see that 5% of the tokens is reserved for community to be distributed via Airdrops. This is a significant number, and this is something that confirms that once the mainnet is launched Shardeum is going to have an airdrop.

A lot of users are now looking for the steps that they can follow which will get them Shardeum tokens for free. Follow the guide and there is a high chances that you will be get Shardeum airdrop tokens.

How to Qualify for Shardeum Airdrop tokens?

There has not been any official announcement on how you can get airdrop of Sharedeum tokens. However, I think the best way to be eligible is to use their testnet.

Check out how to qualify for Shardeum’s forthcoming airdrops.

1: Install the Metamask extension if you do not have one. Most of the users who interacts with cryptocurrency will have an account on Metamask. You can connect to the testnet using this.

2: Next you need to add Shardeum RPC. In order to add Shardeum to your Metamask directly, visit and search for Shardeum. Connect your wallet and it will add Shardeum to Metamask.

Shardeum airdrop


3: You can also do it manually. Use the below details to add Shardeum network to your metamask.

4: Your Metamask should now be connected to Shardeum network. If not, change it to Shardeum.


5: Now you need some test tokens of Shardeum. There are multiple ways to get Shardeum tokens on the testnet.

Option 1: Go to your Twitter profile and paste your address. You can also write some custom text but ensure you have the address mentioned.

Copy the tweet link. Now go to this Shardeum faucet and enter the tweet URL. Once done, you should receive your 100 SHMM tokens for free. Alternately, you can directly go to this faucet link and click on Tweet now.`

6: It will take you to your twitter profile, and the custom message will automatically be added. Just replace the address with your address from Metamask and click on Tweet now. 

7: Enter the post’s URL in the faucet, then choose Request SHM. Test tokens are awarded right away.

Option 2: Go to Shardeum Discord server, and request SHM tokens directly. Go to Shardeum Liberty 1.5 or Shardeum Liberty 2.0 to receive tokens on the networks accordingly. Since we are doing this on Liberty 1.5, we will request tokens from the same network. To do this click here

Type: /faucet 0x00000000000000000000000 and hit enter. Instead of 0x00000000000000000000000, it should be your wallet address.

You will receive 100 SHM tokens instantly. If you want more tokens, you can repeat the same steps again but only after 12 hours.

Now that we have tokens, it is time to play around with some dApps.

8: Swapping on Shardeum DEX: Visit this Shardeum DEX and click the “Connect Wallet” option to connect MetaMask.

9: To link to the wallet, click next. If the extension’s pop-up window doesn’t appear, you can open your MetaMask wallet in a different tab. The permission will be there, waiting for your reaction. Allow it to connect and proceed.

10: Set the amount and the token we wish to swap SHM for in the Exchange tab. You must select Swap, confirm the transaction in MetaMask, and then confirm the trade in order to swap.

11: To continue, click “Confirm Swap.”

Click Confirm. Congrats you have successfully swapped tokens on the Shardeum network. Now let us add LIQUIDITY.

12: Click “Add Liquidity” under the Liquidity tab.

13: Set tokens and their quantity next to make a liquid pair. In MetaMask, press the button and then confirm. The transaction speed and acceptable slippage parameters can be changed by clicking the gear. The liquid pair will appear in the liquidity area following a successful procedure.

Congrats you have successfully added liquidity on the Shardeum network. Now let us buy a domain and interact with the SHM NFTs.

14: For this, go to Shardeum NFT website to access Shardeum Name Services, where you may create an immortal .SHM domain. Connect to your wallet and choose your name.

And hit the MINT button. That’s it. You now have successfully interacted with Shardeum NFT website as well.

Next, let us use a Shardeum NFT marketplace, Spriyo.

15: Visit Spriyo website where you may create, mint, or sell NFTs on the NFT Marketplace:

That’s it. You should now be eligible for the Shardeum airdrop when they announce.

Please Note: It might be a little risky to interact with Testnet and occasionally even mainnet. You run the risk of losing your cryptocurrency if the dapps with which you are engaging have bugs. Therefore, only interact with a wallet that has a very little quantity of cryptocurrency so that even if you lose it, it won’t be a problem. Avoid touching your primary wallet.

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