WOO Network is a decentralized liquidity network that connects exchanges, institutions, traders, and DeFi platforms, offering them access to top-tier liquidity and trading execution at low or no cost.

The network employs WOO tokens for staking and fee discounts across its CeFi and DeFi products, providing a range of services, including a zero-fee trading platform for professional and institutional traders, a decentralized exchange that provides enhanced on-chain liquidity and execution, and liquidity as a service for institutional clients such as exchanges.

With its democratized access to deep liquidity and trading execution, WOO Network aims to provide a seamless and cost-effective experience for its users.

Woo is up more than 50% in the last 30 days, trading around 0.3269USD, as of updating the article on 17th October, 2023.

In this article, we’ll talk about the WOO Network, WOO price projection for 2023, 2024, 2025 till 2030, and whether making an investment in WOO is a wise choice or not?

What is WOO?

WOO is the native UTILITY token that facilitate the entire Woo network.

WOO token acts as a unifying force for all DeFi and CeFi products and services offered by WOO Network. The token can be found on multiple blockchains through bridges, and it has a maximum supply of 3 billion tokens, which undergo monthly token burns until 50% of the maximum supply is burned.

The WOO token provides several use cases, such as governance, staking, trading discounts, distributing yield, providing liquidity and yield farming, and lending and borrowing.

The company’s daily trade volume on international cryptocurrency exchanges ranges from $5 to $10 billion.

Woo price prediction

WOO Network: What products are within the netowrk?

The best-in-class liquidity, democratized across CeFi and DeFi, WOO Network provides institutions, traders, exchanges and DeFi platforms with democratized access to high quality liquidity and trading execution at zero or low cost. 

A variety of goods and services that interface with institutions, retail, CeFi, and DeFi are currently available:


WOO X is a zero-fee centralised trading platform that offers deep liquidity and customizable workspaces for professional and institutional traders. It is the flagship CeFi product built on WOO Network, powered by the industry’s leading market makers, global pools of liquidity, and quantitative trading strategies. Traders can reduce their maker and taker fees down to zero once they reach Tier 1 with 1,800 WOO tokens staked on WOO X.

The platform offers a diverse set of drag-drop and resizable trading data widgets, multi-charts integrated order entry modules, and workspace tabs, which can be customized based on user preferences. The best part about Woo X crypto exchange is that it has no listing fee, and primary considerations for token listings are sustainable volume and liquidity.


To instantly elevate their order books to a level further than top exchanges and shorten their bid/ask spread, partner exchanges and institutions/organizations can directly integrate WOO Network’s liquidity via API.


WOOFi is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that prioritizes high capital efficiency and low swap fees for its users, and has a trading volume of over $2.5 billion, ranking it in the Top 20 DEX volume leaderboard according to DeFiLlama.

The platform consists of four key modules: Swap, Earn, Stake, and Exchange (BETA).

The Swap module offers a multi-chain DEX with the highest capital efficiency in DeFi, while the Earn module is a DeFi yield optimizer that provides users with a hassle-free experience to earn through “set-and-forget” type vaults.

Through the Stake module, users can stake WOO tokens to capture fees from WOOFi Swap and Earn, and increase their yield on the WOO token.

Additionally, the Exchange (BETA) is an orderbook-style DEX built on top of Orderly Network’s trading infrastructure and the NEAR blockchain.

Benefits of holding WOO

Retail trading benefits

By staking WOO, users can have access to free withdrawals, referral bonuses, and fee-free trading.

Earn with WOOFi

Users of DeFi can wager WOO in WOOFi and WOOFi Dex to profit from trading commissions, referral money, and other sources.

Institutional benefits

Institutions with high trading volumes can stake WOO tokens to get discounts on fees, higher API rate limitations, and other perks.


WOO X contributors will have first dibs on intriguing new projects. 

Staking yield

WOO Stakers on WOO X are now compensated with basic returns and gains from WOO Ventures investments. Additional options to generate yield on WOO may be provided through integrations with DeFi apps.


Join a global community of traders and investors that is available in a variety of languages, geographical areas, and social media channels.

Token distribution chart

A maximum of 3 billion WOO tokens has been set for the native token of the WOO Network. The overall supply has dropped to 2.2 billion as a result of past fires, a reduction of roughly 25%. 

To align the long-term interests of investors, staff members, ecosystem partners, and the WOO community, the WOO token was created.

Initial total supply: 3 billion

Supply net burns: 2.25 billion

woo price prediction

WOO Network Partner Spotlight

WOO Network collaborates with partners in a way that benefits both parties. 

WOO Network’s services dramatically improve partners’ trade execution, and by recording order flows, WOO Network gains from larger network volumes.

Kronos Research-Trading Institution

Kronos Research, a leading market maker and quantitative trading firm that transacts $5 to $10 billion across international exchanges, is a cornerstone liquidity provider on WOO X and depends on the platform’s abundant liquidity to effectively hedge its market-making risks.

Binance Labs

Following the Series A+ investment lead by Binance Labs, WOO Network established itself as a key component of the Binance ecosystem, expanding its role as a mentor for BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder programme.

NEAR- Blockchain Protocol

Orderly Network is a composable DeFi architecture that WOO Network and NEAR developed in order to serve as the foundation for on-chain transactions, applications, gaming, and other services. A $5 million token swap between WOO DAO and NEAR was also performed, which resulted in several WOO integrations on the layer-1 network.

1inch- Decentralized Exchange

As a result of competitive pricing, orders from 1inch can be forwarded to WOOFi pools for execution thanks to WOOFi liquidity pools and proprietary price oracles. This improves trading execution while saving end users in 1inch money.

Gate.io- Exchange

Gate.io gains from increased order book depth as WOO X enables Kronos Research to hedge liquidity provision risks onto WOO X’s deep volatility at a cheap cost and bridge liquidity onto Gate.io.

DODO- Decentralized Exchange

End-users in DODO can benefit from improved trading execution through cost savings thanks to WooFi liquidity pools and proprietary pricing oracles since competitive pricing enables orders from DODO to be routed to WooFi pools for execution.

AscendEx- Platform

With WOO X, Kronos Research may connect liquidity onto AscendEx and hedge liquidity provisioning exposures onto WOO X’s deep liquidity at a reasonable cost, which benefits AscendEx through increased order book depth.

Oneboat Capital- Trading Institution

Oneboat Capital may implement their statistical API trading techniques and get a large cost savings thanks to WOO X’s strong volatility and zero-fee trading without having to deal with high slippage and transaction fees.

MEXC- Exchange

A cost-effective way for MEXC to offloading their domestic economic making risks is to use the WOO X hedging platform, which offers deep liquidity and the lowest trading fees. Because they are able to scale their domestic market-making operations, the liquidity on their own exchange is boosted.

Woo in Recent News

  • WOO Network has launched a fundraising campaign to support Turkey.
  • WOO X has partnered with the Diia application to expedite the verification process for its clients in Ukraine.
  • WOO Network has burned 705 million $WOO tokens, or more than 24% of the total supply as of January 10th, 23, as the first stage in a series of changes.
  • WOO Network sPMM v2 was released on 11th January, 23. On BNBChain, Avalanche, Fantom, and Polygon, they have integrated v2 and supercharged vaults. With WOO V2, there is greater liquidity and better prices.

Woo Price History

In October 2020, Woo launched at $0.40. After then, the cost decreased, ending the year at $0.028. The token’s ascension started in February 2021 and initially halted at $0.052. It continued to rise until it finally hit $1 in April 2021. Woo reached a high price of $1.35 in May 2021. After that, in September 2021, the cost decreased to $0.45. The token’s price reached an all-time high of $2.48 in November 2021. After that, the token fell and sank. 

It started 2022 at $0.867 and increased to $1.18 on January 5 before beginning to decline once more. It was trading at $0.122 at year’s end.

WOO is priced at 0.21USD (as of February 26th 2023)

Woo Price Prediction 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
October 2023 $0.21 $0.12
November 2023 $0.19 $0.11
December 2023 $0.24 $0.17

What is Woo price prediction for October 2023?

The minimum and maximum are anticipated to be $0.12 and $0.21 respectively in October. 

What is Woo price prediction for November 2023?

Woo could trade between $0.11 and $0.19 in November 2023, according to price predictions.

What is Woo price prediction for December 2023?

The maximum and minimum are anticipated to be $0.24 and $0.17 respectively in December.

Woo Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 $0.59 $0.47
February 2024 $0.72 $0.57
March 2024 $0.95 $0.76
April 2024 $0.87 $0.69
May 2024 $0.79 $0.63
June 2024 $0.99 $0.79
July 2024 $1.18 $0.95
August 2024 $1.40 $1.12
September 2024 $1.47 $1.17
October 2024 $1.40 $1.12
November 2024 $1.53 $1.23
December 2024 $1.72 $1.38

Woo Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $1.98 $1.58
February 2025 $2.33 $1.86
March 2025 $2.91 $2.33
April 2025 $2.64 $2.11
May 2025 $3.15 $2.52
June 2025 $4.03 $3.22
July 2025 $3.84 $3.07
August 2025 $4.79 $3.84
September 2025 $5.75 $4.60
October 2025 $5.48 $4.38
November 2025 $6.74 $5.39
December 2025 $8.22 $6.58

A minimum of $1.58 is anticipated, with a maximum price of $8.22 predicted for 2025. Since we don’t currently have any information on which to base our estimates, these numbers should only be taken as educated approximations. Due to the illogical nature of cryptocurrencies, we are unable to guarantee accuracy. It is suggested to DYOR. 

Woo Price Prediction 2026-2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
2023 $0.44 $0.16
2024 $1.72 $0.47
2025 $8.22 $2.11
2026 $5.76 $4.03
2027 $4.89 $3.42
2028 $8.81 $6.16
2029 $18.09 $12.66
2030 $20.15 $14.10

A minimum of $14.10 is anticipated, with a maximum price of $20.15 predicted for 2030. It is anticipated that there will be a bull market in the years after 2027. We currently do not have any data on which to base our estimations, thus these values should only be regarded as guesses. We cannot guarantee accuracy due to the irrational nature of cryptocurrency. The notion is suggested to DYOR.

Price Prediction in INR

Year Maximum Price Minimum Price
2023 ₹35.20 ₹13.15
2024 ₹137.53 ₹37.55
2025 ₹657.83 ₹169.16
2026 ₹460.48 ₹322.34
2027 ₹391.41 ₹273.99
2028 ₹704.53 ₹493.17
2029 ₹1,447.22 ₹1,013.05
2030 ₹1,611.68 ₹1,128.17

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is WOO in charge of the fiat deposit function? 

No. Deposits made in fiat money are not processed by WOO X directly. Their fiat service partner processes 100% of all fiat deposits.

How soon will I get my Woo cryptocurrency that I bought? 

Depending on how you add cash, the state of the blockchain network, and the quality of the specific service provider, there may be a delay before bitcoin is transferred into your WOO X account. It could happen up to 5 working days after the transaction or within an hour.

Where can I trade WOO?

One can purchase WOO through global exchanges like Kraken, Binance, AscendEX, 3Commas Capital and Crypto.com. 

What is WOO Network Price Prediction for 2025?

A minimum of $1.58 is anticipated, with a maximum price of $8.22 predicted for 2025. 

What is WOO Network Price Prediction for 2030?

A minimum of $14.10 is anticipated, with a maximum price of $20.15 predicted for 2030. 

Is investing in WOO Network wise decision for 2023 & beyond?

Our research and price forecast indicate that Woo Network prices will eventually increase. Woo network has some solid products, and the trading volume is increasing. I just got a small amount of Woo token in my portfolio and looking to sell it, when the price would go 2-3x from here. Woo network has some solid backers which makes it a good altcoin to buy and hold.

Keep in mind that all investment has some risk. Just concentrate on the things you can control, and gather as much information as you can before passing judgement. Before purchasing any cryptocurrency, do your own research.