Aptos is a blockchain platform at Layer 1 that uses the Move coding language. Aptos’ long-term goal is to increase scalability while offering exceptional security and usability solutions. Its core components include a parallel execution engine, robust security features, and low transaction costs. Until now, investors have committed millions of dollars to the blockchain.

Aptos has captured approximately $400 million in funding from top-tier investors like Jump Crypto, a16z, Katie Haun, FTX Ventures, Tiger Global, Multicoin Capital, Coinbase Ventures, as well as PayPal Ventures.

Who is Aptos Labs?

Aptos Labs was founded by Mo Shaikh and Avery Ching. They were formerly executives at Diem. Aptos Labs was created to accomplish the ambition of building a safe, extensible, and scalable blockchain network that would provide everyone with equal access to decentralization. The company is dedicated to constructing the most secure and trustworthy network possible. This Aptos team was mainly responsible for the technological developments that underpin the Aptos blockchain.

Aptos Ecosystem: Top Dapps Building on APTOS

Top Dapps Building on APTOS

Decentralized applications, which are fundamentally distinct from typical apps, are virtual apps or programmes that employ blockchain technology. Unlike traditional programmes, which are operated on centralised servers owned by the company, dApps are run on a Blockchain-based decentralised peer-to-peer (P2P) network. On the newly created Aptos blockchain, there are a number of prospective dApps.

Look at the ones that were now released and widely on Aptos mainnet.

Aptos Wallets

Pontem Network

Start: May 25

The Pontem Wallet allows you to access the Aptos environment. Pontem primarily makes use of blockchain technology to achieve global financial inclusion. They collaborated with Aptos to provide core dApps and other infrastructure that support Aptos network adoption, including as developer tools, AMMs, EVM, and others. 

Fewcha Wallet

Start: May 28

Fewcha has developed into a web3 wallet that provides access to a variety of Aptos Blockchain applications. Fewcha principally allows dApp developers to communicate with the Aptos ecosystem via web3. Fewcha Wallet allows you to store, send, and trade Tokens and NFTs all in one spot.

Martian Wallet

Stat: June 17

The Martian wallet is a cryptocurrency wallet that can be utilized to store and access decentralised Aptos blockchain apps. The Martian wallet is presently available as a Chrome extension and will soon be available as an iOS app.

NFT Marketplaces on APTOS

For those who are interested in buying Aptos NFTs, here are some of the NFT marketplaces.

Topaz NFT Marketplace

Start: July 8

Topaz NFT marketplace is a digital trading platform for NFTs. These services let users store, display, and trade their NFTs in exchange for Aptos.

BlueMove NFT Marketplace

Start: September 1

BlueMove is the Aptos and Sui Network community-centric NFT exchange. This platform actively pays traders, collectors, and producers for their engagement. 

I personally bought my first Aptos NFTs on Bluemove. 


Start:August 8

The Aptos ecosystem and the NFT market are both launched by Souffl3. The platform’s services include the core and secondary NFT markets inside the Aptos ecosystem, as well as NFT infrastructure services for developers.



Start: August 17

Mobius is an Aptos decentralised liquidity protocol that functions as a non-custodial wallet. It allows users to engage as either depositors or borrowers. They just launched their testnet.

Vial Protocol

Start: September 1

Vial is a pooled interest rate method that enables Aptos users to loan or borrow assets. Vial enables permissionless collateral deposits as well as asset borrowing on Aptos. The utilisation of pools influences the algorithmic setting of interest rates.

Aptin Finance

Start: September 4

Aptin is a non-custodial protocol enabling a decentralised liquidity market in which users can participate as depositors or borrowers. Token staking incentivizes currency holders to engage in the network. It was developed on Aptos to allow for rapid, secure, and low-cost transactions.

Infrastructure Projects on Aptos

Aptos Name Service

Start: July 10

Aptos Name Service is building the web3 decentralised identity layer. Aptos’s names service may be used to replace decentralised addresses with unique domain names.

Move Name Service

Start: October 1

MNS is a naming system built on the Aptos blockchain. MNS Identifies the Aptos & Move ecosystem by mapping human-readable names to Aptos wallet addresses.

Launchpad on Aptos


Start: October 1

Aptos Web 3.0 Economy is powered by a community-driven Launchpad called the AptosLaunch. It is essentially a fundraising tool that allows investors to participate in early crypto businesses before they are publicly announced.

We are now working on a post dedicated to Aptos NFTs. If you would like to learn more about upcoming and hyped Aptos NFTs, where you can participate and make some $$, share this article and comment below. I will add you to the secret NFT gang.