Chingari, a Tiktok alternative, which is headquartered in Bangalore, India launched Creator Cuts, Solana’s first video based NFT marketplace. Chingari is the second most popular Solana based product based on the number of holders.

On Creator Cuts, selected videos from top creators will be minted as NFTs, and will be available for buying and selling.

You can read more about Chingari’s Creator Cuts NFT marketplace here –

Chingari Creators Cut

You can explore the video NFTs based on different niches – Dance, Sports, Fitness, Music, Cooking, Games etc.

You can also bid for your favorite NFTs and if you win the auction, the NFT will be credited to your account, which you can further trade.

If you are a creator on Chingari platform, you will also be able to mint your videos as NFTs on Creator Cuts marketplace, and wait for your followers to bid. You can accept a bid, or wait further bids. This feature will be available very soon.

Creators cuts

Signup on Chingari platform, if you still have not.

For now, only selected Chingari creators have been chosen for this Beta version, and around 100 NFTs are on sale. If you are an NFT fan, or would like to own your favorite celebrities’ video on blockchain, go and bid on the Chingari Creator Cuts page, which can be accessed here.

The NFTs can be bought, sold for GARI tokens.

Beside earning Gari tokens by selling their vNFTs, creators can earn $GARI by doing in app activities like uploading, watching and sharing videos.

Collector of these vNFTs can earn 10 percent of the revenue earned by the creator. For example, if Alex buy a vNFT from Tina, and Tina makes 500 Gari tokens by mining Gari tokens, in various ways, Alex will be entitled to get 50 Gari tokens from Tina. Daily earnings may vary based on the activities, however 10% proportion will remain fixed. This is not a one time sharing, as you will be entitled to 10 percent earnings everyday.

If you do not have Gari tokens, you can buy Gari tokens on Raydium. Make sure you have SOL on your wallet to cover for the gas fee.

Moreover, you do not need to be a Chingari user in order to receive the rewards, as it will be directly sent to your wallet on regular basis.

For now, each creator is limited to one video in Creator Cuts v1 version.