Move to earn is the latest trend in crypto space in 2022 and in this article, we are going to see which are the top 5 Move to Earn Cryptocurrency apps trending now. Before Move to Earn, the trend was Play to Earn. Crypto always comes up with new trends.

The market moves with different narratives everytime – it all began with Defi, followed by NFT, Play to Earn and now Move to Earn. To be honest Move to Earn is a part of Play to Earn. Let us first learn what Move to Earn is.

What is Move to Earn?

Move to earn is the latest trend in crypto where you get paid to walk, jog or run. Not only you get fit, but you can get paid for it as well. This is why the trend is growing, and the valuation of the blockchain projects is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Why Move to Earn is Important in 2022?

With the present problem of people becoming too busy to give proper attention to their health, physical exercise has almost become an afterthought at the end of a long list of priorities. Today’s clinically technological era does not allow enough emphasis on taking care of your physical health. For some, there is “no time” for exercise, and for some, they are so out of touch with any sort of physical activity, that beginning now seems like a Herculean task!

Doctors are worried and it is the physiotherapists who are having field days with patients in compulsory physical movement sessions. On top of that, the last two years of staying cooped in houses have made us more physically inactive than ever. Earlier we used to see people going out for runs in groups, availing gyms, walking park strips, etc. The common feature in all these sessions? They were interactive in nature, if not verbal interaction there was always a semblance of that doing it together. And when this interactive togetherness is lost, the activities become more remote, and nowadays even consistent fitness freaks have grown far less committed.

To combat all these issues, the cryptocurrency and health platforms have blended to bring about move-to-earn platforms that provide the physical movement with the much-needed interactive as well as incentivized elements.

What Are Move-to-Earn Apps? Why are they in Vogue?

Move to earn applications are exactly what they suggest they are. That means through these apps, you get paid just to Move. Move-to-earn projects are sort of a revolution in the fitness industry as well as in the cryptocurrency market as well. The concept of these projects is inspired by the initial play-to-earn game models that popularized ideas of the metaverse and buying and receiving rewards by winning events and activities within the virtual reality of the Metaverse.

Quick recap: What is Metaverse?

Metaverse is nothing but virtual reality. This virtual reality is essentially a copy of our real environments that contain all Urbanic (and sometimes rural) backgrounds of streets, houses, malls, parties, etc. In the Metaverse, we can interact with others through our and their virtual personas. This can be done in play to earn games and move to earn platforms. Our digital selves on the Metaverse are nothing but an avatar of our own choice from that particular Metaverse.

Going back to M2E projects, these platforms serve as a medium that connects our reality with virtual reality. This they do by using technology to convert our physical movement into the app’s native coins. These coins or cryptocurrencies have a certain value against our fiat. For a particular earning of coins we earn a certain amount of real money as well (we have to swap or exchange it of course, but you get the idea!)

These move-to-earn platforms provide an incentive to stay fit for people who are not that into daily exercise. These platforms with their innovative paying styles ensure players or users are regular and consistent in their health movements to earn a stable income through this.

So now that we have or less covered what move-to-earn platforms are, let’s look at some of the popular move-to-earn games in present times!

5 Best Move To Earn Blockchain Platforms

Dustland Runner

dustland runner

Dustland runner tagged as an Audio Fitness Adventure is developed by OliveX. It is a fitness metaverse where you as a user can work out in your homes, in the gym, or somewhere outdoors and get paid by earning in-game rewards. All these experiences entail earning and selling the native utility token of Dustland runner called the DOSE Token. Based on the zombie run game, Dustland Runner has types of gaming experiences. That is:

22 PushUps: Here you are challenged to do 22 push-ups per day. The app also has the mandatory rule of recording the exercise so that one cannot cheat.

Cycling: This is one part of the game that was launched in 2021. It requires users to run certain distances so as to earn Dose Tokens.

Runner: This is actually inspired by the Zombie, Run game. here players are required to run in order to earn money.

To start earning on this game, one needs to have a Polygon wallet.

The moving features of the game include running, jogging,  walking, and interval training (to make the experience more challenging). This software allows you to keep track of your running stats, share your running progress with friends, and analyze your health data. It also comes with a smart switch app that allows you to pause missions and view statistics.

The allure of the Dustland runner lie is its abundance of bounty-earning missions. When you complete a mission you earn bounties. These bounties can be earned in the form of DOSE Tokens or NFTs.

Note: You need to have the requested cargo by the bounty to be able to accept the bounty. 

There are four pillars of the game among which the fitness first pillar is the most important because it allows players to measure their core fitness stats and allow them to choose their own goals. Another is the immersive narrative strategy where players might find themselves a part of a fragmented virtual reality while running. As they win one mission they are able to unlock other missions giving them opportunities to meet more and more people on the platform. The third is the players’ own progression where players can use their earned rewards any way they want. Last but not least is the free-to-play economy that allows players to get started (without vehicle NFT) in the game without paying anything.

The vehicle NFTs are nothing but rare stuff on the platform that comes with a bunch of attributes like speed, total loadout space, power level, defense, range, and offense. But this is not the end, there are many cool hidden features all over the game environment.


The StepN app works in a unique way. But first, to even start accessing it you need to get your hands on StepN activation codes which becomes a bit tricky but not impossible. We have mentioned some ways. Read this, if interested – How to get StepN Activation codes.

The StepN application basically works for you as users buying shoe NFTs from the StepN. In this shoe inventory, there are different shoes with different scales of attributes. These attributes include efficiency, durability, resilience, energy, etc. According to these, you have to choose which is the best shoe for you and you can run, jog or even walk to earn. But remember all of this depends on the shoe you use so you have to be very careful about it. For instance, if your sneaker has high efficiency, high durability, and high resilience (Though ideal situation) that means it is one of the best.

Note: You can buy shoes on StepN only if you have a Solana account and use Sol Tokens.

The native token GST (Green Satoshi Token) or GMT (Green Metaverse Token) can be earned by completing everyday challenges or spending the required amount of energy that can be fulfilled only by increasing your moving time. For instance, for every 5 mins’ worth of moving on StepN, you lose 1 energy.

Note: Unless you reach level 30 you only earn GST. 

The GST can be further used to purchase more shoes. You can use the Tokens to upgrade your shoes to upper levels. Upgrading shoes comes with perks like increased rating of the attributes. You can also mint new shoes by breeding two vintage (or existing shoes). Each shoe is allowed to be bred 7 times to mint new shoes. These new shoes will have some qualities from both shoes. Their attributes would be decided randomly on the app. You can sell your minted sneakers as NFTs as they would be quite high on the rare scale.

Also learn:


Sweatcoin is another move to earn applications that were launched back in 2015. Sweatcoin works on the feature that the application will count the number of steps you walk every day in order to pay you in their native token, the Sweatcoin token. Once you log in to the mobile application of the software you are allowed to connect your GPS and your health tracking data. For about every 1000 steps you earn 1 Sweatcoins. The first level of the sweatcoin move to earn platform is free while the subsequent levels are subject to a fixed subscription.

Catch: One thing that really kind of hinders the popularity of sweatcoin is innate, that sweatcoin limits your steps. How so? See, in each level, there is a specified number of steps the level would count and pay for. And once you complete the number of steps even if you keep moving that won’t be counted and you shall be only paid for the counted number of steps only. Though this works as a marketing ploy, where the users are too frustrated to move and not earn, they automatically attempt to opt for higher levels. There are four levels, and the highest levels charge the highest fees.

Note: You cannot buy Sweatcoin in some central exchange. You can either earn them through the game or get them on the Reddit or Discord platform of the application.


This move to earn an application is a bit different from others in that it not only rewards your walking, jogging, and running, the application rewards you for all kinds of movements. Meaning? You can dance, groove, show off your soccer moves, and do random limb movements and if you win, you get paid. So basically DotMoovs is a unique Metaverse sports competition platform that allows peer-to-peer interaction and challenges remotely. Once you log in on the app you register yourself for different events and showcase your talent.

Note: Registration charges you some crypto that will be refunded once you have participated in the event.

Now showcasing your talent requires you to video record your moves from your phone and upload them on the application. The DotMoovs app has a referee artificial intelligence system that analyzes your video, compares it with videos of other participants, and declares the winner. If you win such events you are entitled to a MOOVS token. This MOOV token can be further used to purchase NFT sneakers. And you can earn through these sneakers too by lending them out to your friends and getting communion from them for their usage.



Genopets application like Dustland Runner combines move to earn platform with an interesting play-to-earn field as well. Personally, we feel this is one of the coolest moves to earn a platform out there. You move in the real world which will get converted to the activity done by your in-game pet avatar (Genopet) that you will have to select at the beginning of the game. This Genopet would be encoded with your personality and will traverse the Genoverse with you. As much as you travel, your Genopet will also evolve stacking up more attributes. With your Genopets at your side, you can challenge your friends to in-game fights as well as fitness challenges. As soon as you hatch a Genopet after joining the application, immediately you should start banking the steps you take every day. These steps will be stored and converted into a Genoverse native GENE token. With these gene tokens, you can participate in gene token staking and in NFT marketplaces where you can buy rare stuff that could further increase and raritize your digital familiar (Genopet) attributes. You can also take part in the leaderboard challenges for more earns.

Since this entire platform is based on the Solana blockchain, we are guessing you would be charged an amount of Sol token to hatch your Genopet.

Final Words

These move-to-earn games are our favorites. They are fun, pay you crypto in exchange for sweat, and have a hand in keeping you fit. But if you look out there are many more with perhaps more features that might suit you. Although these platforms sound very promising in their vision to help people earn and stay fit, do keep in mind the small catches associated with these that we have mentioned.

And as we always say, the cryptocurrency market is volatile and these moves to earn platforms are subject to technical glitches too. So before investing your money (or time and energy) on any paying platform, ensure you know everything about it, and your financial bases are covered. This article should not be treated as financial advice since this is solely our personal opinion and may be subject to inaccuracies or incompleteness.

Hope this article was helpful in referring to some of the features with the best move to earn platforms of 2022.