You might be wondering why your friends on X and Discord are sharing so much about BlockGames. You may have seen posts like:

“Are you farming $BLOCK yet? The token that bridges the gap between WEB2 & WEB3.

It’s never too late, so join and start farming 👇

Sometimes it can be annoying, but it can also be rewarding. By farming BlockGames for a month or two, you can make anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or even more by doing simple tasks.

Portal, a similar blockchain project, recently airdropped thousands of dollars to airdrop farmers. The project also got directly listed on Binance. If you missed Portal, you should not miss BlockGames.

In this post, we will discuss what Block is, how you can farm $BLOCK for the upcoming airdrop, and earn tokens for free.

We have created a separate Discord channel to farm $Block together as a group. If you are interested in joining our Discord, first sign up on Blockgames using our referral link and then click here.

What are Blockgames?


BlockGames is a new P2E platform where installing and playing games can earn you cryptocurrency. You play games, complete challenges, and share your achievements with BlockGames. In return, you get points that can be converted into $Block tokens. It’s a way to make your gaming time more rewarding by turning achievements into real value.

Blockgames signups

The game has surpassed more than 200,000 signups.

Why are Blockgames trending on Twitter?

BlockGames can be recently seen to trend on Twitter, as many crypto investors are engaging with posts related to $Block to earn social engagement points, which can later be converted to $Block airdrops. BlockGames is incentivizing posts, likes, comments, and all sorts of engagements.

Where can I download Blockgames on iOS or Play Store?

Blockgames can be downloaded on Playstore for all Android users. 

For iOS, there is no Blockgames on the iOS store, but you can add Blockgames on your iOS device like iPhone.

Blockgames for Android users:

Click here to download Blockgames

Blockgames for iOS users:

  • Go to ​​
  • Click on the share option.
  • Add to Homescreen.
  • It will now appear as an app.

Blockgames on iOS

Blockgame app for iPhone

How to participate in Block token airdrop?

  1. Download BLOCKGAMES app. Use our referral link to earn 2x extra pointsClick here
  2. Connect your Twitter, give them all the required permissions. Please note: the permission allows Blockgames to get a full access to your Twitter profile and will have the potential to perform all actions on your behalf.
  3. Connect your Ethereum and Petra wallet.
  4. Download a game (shown inside the app) and complete a challenge.
  5. Play as many games as possible.
  6. On X app (Twitter), whenever you see a post, engage with them. Include $Block or mention @GetBlockGames
    in the twitter.
  7. You can then refer your friends and get extra points for each successful referral.
  8. Bonus tip: Join our Discord to get more engagement on your posts.

$BLOCK Tokenomics

$BLOCK is the heartbeat of the BlockGames network, designed to reward its community and fuel transactions across games and apps. With a total supply of 1 billion tokens, $BLOCK sets the stage for a unique ecosystem where playing games pays off. Here’s a quick dive into how $BLOCK works and benefits its holders:

  • 3% Airdrop: At the start, 3% of $BLOCK is given to active community members. If you’ve got Dice NFTs, you get this airdrop fully unlocked. Others receive theirs locked, with options for early access.
  • 25% for the Community: A quarter of all $BLOCK tokens are reserved for community rewards, including incentives for engagement and special airdrops.
  • 5% Infused in Dice: Dice NFTs get a boost with $BLOCK tokens that vest over two years, ensuring long-term benefits for holders.
  • Stability Efforts: 4.5% of $BLOCK helps keep the market stable and supports the token’s growth from day one.

Owning Dice NFTs is key—they unlock immediate benefits and serve as a gateway to ongoing rewards in the BlockGames universe. This setup promises a rewarding experience for gamers and investors alike, making $BLOCK a cornerstone of digital gaming economies.

I will personally not be buying DICE though.

Interested in More Airdrops?

$BLOCK token Presale: How to participate in the Block token Airdrop?

Blockgames will be conducting a community presale for investors to buy $BLOCK tokens at an early stage, offering access at preferential terms before the Token Generation Event.

The eligibility extends to Dice NFT holders for guaranteed allocations and to participants of Lucky Rolls for potential allocations on a first-come, first-served basis.

Acquisition of Lucky Rolls can be achieved through active participation in the BlockGames ecosystem. 

The pre-sale is scheduled between March and May 2024, with details to be announced on BlockGames’ official channels. 

This pre-sale represents a significant opportunity for investors to engage early with BlockGames’ expanding platform.

Dice NFTs at the time of writing this article are trading on Opensea at 0.73ETH which we think is very costly. I will not be buying Dice NFTs at this point, and try to farm BLOCK tokens for free, instead.