Aptos is a Layer 1 blockchain platform that is built on the Move programming language and has been designed to offer a unique solution to the common issues in the industry. Unlike many other platforms in this space, Aptos has been created using a newly constructed proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain model, which is geared towards addressing the challenges of the L1 market.

With its innovative approach and advanced architecture, Aptos offers a secure and scalable ecosystem that allows users to engage in various decentralized applications with confidence.

Aptos has been designed with a modular architecture that is highly adaptable and upgradable, making it well-suited to meet the evolving needs of the market. Its unique validator rotation mechanism relies on stake weight to enhance performance and encourage decentralization, and the blockchain platform has been rigorously tested to ensure its robustness and security.

After four incentivized testnets that provided valuable insights to developers, Aptos has also launched its main net, marking an important milestone in the platform’s development and growth. With its flexible architecture and commitment to innovation, Aptos is poised to become a major player in the blockchain ecosystem.

The world of NFTs on the Aptos Blockchain is flourishing and full of potential. With an abundance of new and exciting NFT projects being introduced regularly, Aptos is quickly becoming a hub for NFT enthusiasts.

Liquidity was low with Aptos NFTs. There are not too many Aptos NFT collections/collectors/creators but the space is growing. We expect things to change in 2024. And this is why it is important to get a hands-on experience in the several Aptos NFT marketplaces. Which ones should you be using? We have mentioned 4 best options. Keep reading.

Top Aptos NFT Marketplaces in 2024

Whether you’re looking to explore innovative Aptos NFT projects or even launch your own, there are a few standout Aptos NFT marketplaces to check out. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 4 Aptos NFT marketplaces to keep on your radar.


Topaz NFT marketplace

Topaz is a digital marketplace that allows users to discover popular digital collections, transact in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and transfer assets between various accounts and wallets. The Topaz team is dedicated to creating a platform that is of exceptional quality and draws upon the experiences and insights gleaned from other marketplaces. The NFT platform runs on the robust Aptos blockchain, emphasizing security and the ability to handle increased demand. It’s worth noting that Topaz was the initial and leading NFT marketplace established on Aptos.

Topaz places a strong emphasis on community engagement and strives to create a marketplace that caters to the needs and preferences of its users. They maintain an open line of communication with the community and are quick to implement changes and improvements based on feedback received. This approach allows Topaz to remain agile and responsive, ensuring a superior user experience.

This is what the team had said about the platform on their forums last year,

There’s a lot of lessons to be learned from all of the marketplaces. We’re still early but at our core we believe the most important thing is listening to the community, shipping fast & building an amazing user experience. To us, user experience isn’t just “looking pretty”, it’s how does using the app feel, how can we make it as fast & intuitive as possible etc.

Topaz provides a dynamic and open environment for discovering the latest and greatest digital assets. Whether you are just browsing or looking to purchase NFTs, you can easily explore the offerings on the platform. However, to fully participate in transactions and take advantage of all the features offered by Topaz, you’ll need to have an Aptos wallet. Despite being a recent addition to the decentralized marketplace scene, Topaz already boasts a rich collection of emerging Aptos collections – groupings of NFTs that are united by a common theme or created by a single artist.

Upon visiting the Topaz homepage, you will be greeted with a diverse array of collections from across the Aptos network, including the latest and upcoming projects. If you’d like to get a closer look at the collections, you can head over to the Explore tab for more information such as rankings and minimum bid prices. If you have a specific NFT in mind, simply use the convenient search bar to locate it quickly. Topaz provides an effortless and intuitive platform for buying, selling, collecting, and showcasing NFTs.

Topaz has a feature called the Launchpad that provides a direct pathway for NFT owners to introduce their digital collections to the broader NFT market on Aptos. This can be particularly beneficial for emerging projects as it offers a built-in audience and eliminates the need for extensive marketing efforts. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply add your Aptos NFT collection to the Topaz platform and the Launchpad will display key metrics such as trading volume and minimum bid price. With the growing community on the Topaz marketplace, the Launchpad can provide valuable exposure for your NFT collection.


Wapal, a zero-code NFT launchpad, and marketplace on the Aptos Blockchain, offers a user-friendly interface for seamless NFT minting with low gas fees and secure permanent storage. Developed by Mokshya, an open-source protocol on the Aptos Blockchain, Wapal stands out for its scalability and affordability, claiming to be the cheapest across all blockchains. The platform incentivizes active participation, rewarding NFT traders, brand ambassadors, influencers, and NFT projects.

Users earn reward points based on various factors, including listing/bidding proximity to the floor price, trading volume, and loyalty, with a maximum of 50 points per day.

  • Wapal’s innovative reward system distinguishes between user types, tailoring incentives for NFT traders, brand ambassadors, influencers, and others.
  • The platform’s commitment to low gas fees and permanent storage ensures a cost-effective and secure environment for users to engage in NFT creation and trading on the Aptos Blockchain.

I find Wapal very slow. I hope they are seriously working on enhancing the user experience and loading the assets and key data, faster.


leading NFT Marketplace on Aptos

BlueMove stands out as the top NFT marketplace on the Aptos blockchain. While other NFT marketplaces offer various benefits for NFT trading, BlueMove takes it to a new level by prioritizing the community. As a community-oriented NFT marketplace on the Aptos and Sui blockchain, BlueMove rewards its users who engage in buying, selling, or creating NFTs.

At present, the Testnet version of BlueMove offers several exciting features, including the ability to mint their own BlueMove NFT Collection and purchase and sell whitelisted NFT collections, etc. Additionally, the interface of BlueMove is continuously improving with design changes and enhancing the user experience.

BlueMove is dedicated to putting its community first and this is evident in its numerous features. One such feature is that users who engage in buying or selling NFTs on the platform receive MOVE tokens as a reward. Moreover, 100% of the trading fees are given to MOVE stakers. This ensures that not only the buyers and sellers but also those who hold MOVE tokens benefit from the platform’s success. Additionally, creators receive royalty payments whenever their NFTs are sold, further emphasizing BlueMove’s focus on the community.

BlueMove commits to keep up with the evolving market. They have set a roadmap to add several new features such as NFT Mint Tracking, Automated Trading, Bootstrapping, NFT Lending and Borrowing, and NFT Orderbook. The marketplace is accessible through 6 wallets on Aptos and 5 wallets on Sui, making it easy for users to access their NFTs. Additionally, BlueMove collects a small sales fee of 2% in APT for every NFT transaction, excluding private sales.

BlueMove offers a user-friendly platform for all types of users, with a well-organized layout for browsing different NFT collections. The NFT listing page provides comprehensive information about the NFT, making it easy for users to make informed purchasing decisions. As we touched upon earlier, the platform incentivizes engagement by allowing users to stake MOVE tokens, which earns them a share of daily trading fees and more MOVE tokens.

Mercato.xyz (Personal Favorite)

Mercato Aptos NFT marketplace

Mercato is a recently launched Aptos NFT aggregator where you can find all the trending Aptos NFT collections in one place. This aggregator allows you to see net profit and loss under the portfolio section. Interested collectors who hunt for new NFTs that are currently in the minting stage can find links to such NFTs directly on the Mercato homepage. I like the simple black UI, which gives me a soothing experience. At the time of writing, Mercato does not have any native token yet.

Mercato stands out as a leading NFT marketplace on the Aptos blockchain. It prides itself on being the most comprehensive NFT aggregator, offering users a seamless experience to browse, buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles. With its user-friendly interface, Mercato ensures that both seasoned traders and newcomers can navigate the platform with ease.

Key Features of Mercato:

  • All Markets Access: Mercato aggregates data from various NFT marketplaces, giving users a holistic view of the NFT landscape.
  • Profit/Loss Analytics: Users can track their investments and understand the profitability of their NFT collections.
  • Bulk Transactions: Mercato supports bulk transactions, allowing users to manage multiple NFTs efficiently.
  • Portfolio Value: Users can get a real-time valuation of their NFT portfolio, helping them make informed decisions.
  • 0% Market Fee on Featured Collections: Mercato offers a 0% market fee for certain featured collections, making it more affordable for users to trade.

For those looking to dive deeper into the NFT world on the Aptos blockchain, Mercato offers a plethora of features and collections to explore. Its commitment to providing a comprehensive and user-friendly experience makes it a top choice for NFT enthusiasts.

Personal Insights: Which Aptos NFT marketplace I use in 2024?

I have used all the Aptos NFT marketplaces mentioned above. If you are getting started and like to keep things simple, stick to Topaz.so. If you are an advanced NFT trader, I would like to recommend Mercato.xyz. I personally do not like Bluemove, and the NFT collections listed there (just based on my interaction on the platform)

Note: Some of the previously mentioned Aptos NFT aggregators and marketplaces are now dead and we have hence updated our content accordingly. This current list is the latest NFT marketplaces building and grinding on the Aptos ecosystem.

(While the Aptos ecosystem is growing, the list of best Aptos marketplaces may keep changing. We will revisit this article time and again and update it. In case you think we missed a good marketplace you use, do let us know in the comment section).