The Aptos Blockchain recently saw the introduction of a new memecoin, Uptos, which, despite limited information, has garnered notable attention thanks to its impressive liquidity exceeding $500k USD. Interestingly, in a move to incentivize early adopters, 0.2% of Uptos’ total supply was airdropped to holders of Aptorobos NFTs. However, it’s unclear if other NFT communities received similar airdrops, as confirmed by an Aptos Monkeys holder who reported not receiving any Uptos tokens.

Uptos memecoin

Is Uptos the Next Big Thing?

Uptos’s current trading price is $0.0002244 at the time of writing, with an FDV of approximately 15M USD. The current marketcap is also close to 15M USD, which means most or all the token are already in circulation.

Uptos trading chart

I feel for a new memecoin, 15M marketcap is way too much. However, I am still bullish on Uptos, because most of the tokens are already in circulation. I also feel the Uptos team has done an exceptional job in providing Uptos with a good liquidity, suggesting healthy trading activity.

The Uptos Memes are fire.

Here is a tweet from Uptos showcasing some of their engaging content.

Whether investing in Uptos is a wise decision depends on one’s risk tolerance and investment strategy. However, given its current liquidity and market cap, holding on to the tokens in anticipation of a potential 5 to 10x increase seems like a strategy worth considering, especially when comparing it to the market caps of leading memecoins like GUI and DOODOO.

Another Aptos memecoin, SHRIMP, has so far limited its airdrop to the Aptomingos community, but plans to expand to other communities are in place, showcasing the evolving strategies within the memecoin ecosystem.

Recent developments have also brought CHEWY to the spotlight, a new memecoin that might share its origins with the team behind the Chingari (Gari token). Despite its engaging website, CHEWY’s initial liquidity of around $150k USD raises concerns about its viability.

In my view, the GUI token stands out as the most promising for long-term success, potentially reaching a $200M market cap during this bullish phase. This optimism extends to other memecoins like Uptos, CHEWY, and SHRIMP, as they strive to capture market share.

While I have not directly purchased Uptos tokens, I received an airdrop valued at $200 at the time of writing. The clarity on which NFT communities, besides Aptorobos, have been airdropped remains limited, though there’s speculation about SEEDZ token stakers being next in line.

Is Uptos a Scam token?

I do not think Uptos is a scam memetoken.  The Twitter account of Uptos is followed by Aptos Co-founder Mo Shaik Uptos which strengthens my confidence in the project’s legitimacy.

Just got an update that the total supply of Uptos token is 88,888,888,888 with a circulating supply of 63,967,771,850 USD. Close to 24B tokens have been burnt. This makes the current marketcap of 14.35M USD

Personal Disclaimer: I hold all the memecoins mentioned, except for DooDoo, which I believe I missed out on. However, this may change as I consider expanding my portfolio. My investments include both airdropped tokens and personal funds. My outlook on these memecoins remains bullish. For those looking to go deeper into the world of memecoins, joining our Discord group might offer valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration