$GUI is like a community-based MEME token in the Aptos community, meant to bring people together and celebrate the cool vibes of Aptos. It’s not just any token—it’s here to support the creative folks and tech whizzes in Aptos. Some dedicated investors believed in this idea and helped kickstart $GUI. Even though it might seem like a fun meme coin, $GUI is all about showing off how awesome Aptos is and helping out its users. There’s even a special gift of $GUI tokens for loyal Aptos users and NFT fans, recognizing their support and making them feel like a big part of the Aptos family.

GUI stands out as one of the most trusted $MeMe tokens. Key leaders in the Aptos NFT space are collaborating to ensure its success. I’ve been actively exploring Aptos NFTs for the past month and have experienced significant rewards. The prices of NFT collections have surged, and I even received an airdrop.


You might be curious why I transitioned from discussing a MEME token to NFTs. Let me clarify. Last week, the $GUI token was launched as a GUI/APT pair on Pancakeswap, and its price reached an all-time high within just two hours. This is the token I got an airdrop of, and we will explore more about this project in detail. Keep reading.

Okay, what is GUI?

GUI is a recently launched MEME token on the Aptos blockchain. It draws inspiration from the success of BONK, a similar meme token on the Solana blockchain. Following the trend of distributing tokens to holders, as seen with BONK on Solana last year, the Aptos blockchain is witnessing a similar approach to GUI.

While its success remains uncertain, GUI stands out from typical meme tokens launched during bullish markets, emphasizing its legitimacy and commitment to avoiding scams or rug pulls. Time will reveal the trajectory of GUI in the evolving crypto landscape.

Is $GUI token a Scam?

$GUI on Aptos is led by Smith, who is also the co-founder of Aptos Monkey NFT Collection. Chetan Bhawani, from the AptoRobos NFT Collection, is also involved in the project as a team member, helping the project. I learned about $GUI while being part of the AptoRobos Community, and the messages I saw there made me trust the project. I’ve asked the team for permission to share more details, but since it’s a closed private community, I need their approval first.

Because of the trustworthy information I found, I decided to buy $GUI even before getting airdropped. Now, I own a decent amount of $GUI, and I plan to hold onto it as I believe in the project’s success. The airdrop I received added significantly to my $GUI holdings, making it one of my best wins in 2023.

It’s worth noting that projects like AptoRobos and AptosMonkeys, which are just a year old, have rewarded their holders well. AptoRobos, initially a free mint, now has a floor price of 18 APTOS, and AptosMonkeys is trading at a floor of 38 APTOS.

How many $GUI tokens were airdropped to users?

I got over 1000 USD worth of $GUI tokens in an airdrop because I own 3 Aptorobos (now 5), 1 Aptosmonkey, multiple Mavrik, 2 BRUH Bears, and various other Aptos NFT collections. Even though I didn’t get an airdrop for holding Mavrik (which I should have been, the team may have missed some addresses), the value was still more than 1000 USD in $GUI tokens at the time of the drop. A user by the name OneMore.apt shared on Twitter a screenshot, showing that he received 391357845.59 GUI INU tokens, worth 302 APT for holding Aptos Monkeys and Bruh Bears NFTs.


The people who got airdropped $GUI tokens were those holding top Aptos NFT collections like AptoRobos, Aptomonkeys, Mavrik, Bruh Bears, Pontem, and more. Even smaller but growing APTOS NFT collections and SEEDZ token holders were rewarded. Sanctuary NFT holders had a reservation and received significant rewards.

The airdrops were based on snapshots taken on different dates by a third party, and the tokens were airdropped accordingly. This caused the price to trend downward, but it didn’t drop as much as expected after such a massive airdrop.

Is the $GUI airdrop over?

As for whether the airdrop is finished, there’s no official confirmation. There might be a small additional airdrop in the future for other Aptos communities that might have been missed in the first round. More Aptos NFTs or projects on Aptos could also be rewarded by the $GUI team through airdrops.

If you missed the GUI airdrop, don’t worry. You can still get $GUI tokens by participating in the GUI quest at https://zealy.io/c/guiinu/questboard.

$GUI token has been trending on Dexscreener since its launch and is currently holding the #1 spot.

What I do not like about the GUI project?

The tokenomics about how $GUI tokens are distributed isn’t very clear. It would be great if the team could share this in a blog post on a platform like Medium. This would help investors understand the details better and make informed decisions about buying or not buying $GUI tokens.

Right now, it’s not clear if all the tokens mentioned in the breakdown are distributed. As per the official telegram bot, the circulating supply is only 54,444,444,444 out of a total of 777,777,777,777 tokens. This means only a small percentage is currently in circulation, and it’s unclear how much of that is given to Active Aptos NFT holders. The team should provide more details on this.

GUI tokenomics

I reached out to the team about the circulating supply, and they mentioned they are working to fix the numbers shown on the Telegram bot. The circulating supply is not 54,444,444,444 as mentioned in the tokenomics message on the Telegram group. It’s a detail they are working on improving.

The term “vested” is also used for multiple portions, but it’s not clear how long these tokens are locked or when they will be available. The team might clarify these points over time, but it’s something to keep an eye on.

Future of GUI: Aspires to Become More than a MEME Token?

GUI Inu ($GUI) wants to do more than just be a funny token. It aims to support and boost the Aptos community—the people using the Aptos blockchain. They appreciate the users who stuck around during tough times and want to give back. Right now, they’re giving $GUI tokens (airdrop) to loyal Aptos users and NFT holders as a thank-you gesture.

In the future, $GUI plans to work closely with other projects in Aptos and also explore opportunities outside Aptos. They want to be involved in making cool apps (dApps), supporting artists, giving grants to projects, and hosting events for the community. They aim to be more than just a token for laughs, actively helping shape the future of Aptos and making a mark in the wider crypto world.

Should you invest in GUI tokens?

Investing in $GUI is a bit like investing in a meme coin, and it won’t make you rich overnight. However, it’s crucial to know that $GUI is not a Ponzi scheme or a scam token. If it were, the price would have shot up quickly and then crashed, risking your investment. While all cryptocurrency investments come with risks, $GUI seems to be more about building a community and giving rewards to the Aptos community rather than just making money.

Avoid Investing in $GUI token

Avoid investing in $GUI with the expectation of doubling, tripling, or quadrupling your money within days or weeks. While such rapid gains are theoretically possible, it’s crucial to approach the investment with a different mindset. Instead, consider investing to support the project. Share information about the project with others, encourage them to join the Aptos community, and aim to grow together.

When sharing, emphasize that $GUI is not a shortcut to quick riches. It’s important to build an understanding among potential investors, promoting a mature perspective on the investment. This process takes time, but fostering such understanding can contribute to the project’s future growth. However, there are no guarantees, and outcomes may vary.

Know Before Investing in $GUI token

The project didn’t raise money publicly from investors, but it does have support from private Chad investors, although we don’t know how much they raised. These investors come from both inside and outside the Aptos ecosystem and have played a role in shaping $GUI into the community token it aims to be.

$GUI has brought in many new users to the Aptos blockchain, including those who haven’t bought any tokens from Aptos before. If you’re exploring a project in a trusted community and haven’t invested in other Aptos tokens, $GUI could be a good choice, even if you’re just looking for a meme token.

Why did I invest in $GUI? Or, why you may too?

As I said before, I have invested because I like the team building the project. I am more confident holding a project being built by known faces of Aptos blockchain who have been there, and done that already with their NFT collections. As a result, I’ve put in more money than I received in the airdrop.

For you, it is your call to make. My suggestion is to proceed cautiously. If you are new to Aptos ecosystem, take the time to familiarize yourself with the team, grasp their vision, and if you find it appealing, stay committed. The key is to establish trust and make well-informed choices when it comes to your investment.

Join their telegram, read their medium blog post, and follow them on Twitter. If you are into any of this NFT collection, head over to their Discord group and converse with fellow members and the owners on what they think of the $GUI project. Try to learn about the project, and the team members, and you will be in a position to take a call on whether or not to put your money into $GUI.

Consider participating, if you invest. Participating in any form – making memes, telling your friends, family, and others about how good the project is. Consider making memes, and interacting with them on Twitter (now X) and Telegram.

Keep in mind, that a project’s success hinges not only on its features but also on the intentions of the project owners, the positive atmosphere they create, and the community’s sentiments toward the token. I have confidence in the $GUI team and am prepared to allow them the time needed to construct a robust and positive community.

I haven’t cashed in any of the $GUI airdrops I got and plan to hold onto them until they fulfill their roadmap.

Their goal is not just to be a meme token without utility but to serve as a solid foundation linking various Aptos crypto projects in a chain.