SHRIMP is a new memecoin on the Aptos blockchain, led by Fischer, the founder of Aptomingos. This is one of the memecoins I am quite bullish about. If you remember, I made a similar post on the GUI token back in December last year.

GUI was back then the first community memetoken on Aptos; the tokens were primarily airdropped to multiple airdrop communities. To give you an idea, if you held the airdrop, for each Aptorobos your airdrop would now be worth 1200 USD.

SHRIMP memecoin

I benefited majorly, as I still hold more than 50% of the GUI tokens. The reason I was bullish on GUI was because of the leaders who were leading the project. Now that the circulating market cap of GUI is 25M, I can call this a success. I still see GUI doing another 10x from here.

However, for those who want to get in memecoins early, SHRIMP could be a good alternative. The SHRIMP token has all the ingredients GUI had when it started.

The founder of SHRIMP is good friends with the GUI team, and we assume some of the early private investors of GUI also invested in SHRIMP.

SHRIMP chart

Currently, at the time of writing, SHRIMP is trading below a 2.5M market cap, and I am up by 50% already.

I am personally bullish on SHRIMP and have invested more than I did in GUI, having seen the success myself and having spent a good amount of time in the Aptos ecosystem.

I am expecting a similar SHRIMP airdrop for holding multiple Aptos NFTs from different NFT communities, but there has been no official announcement yet.

The only announcement that has been made is of Aptomingos NFT collection, run by the same founder who launched the SHRIMP memecoin.

What is Aptomingos NFT? Should you buy Aptomingos NFT for SHRIMP token airdrop?

The Aptomingos collection consists of just 1212 NFTs, and this is why I think Aptomingos NFT collectors will receive the majority of the SHRIMP memecoin airdrop. I did not have any Aptomingos NFT in my Aptos NFT collection but I just bought today.

At the time of writing, Aptomingos NFT floor is almost 100 APT.

So, if you think you can afford to invest 100 APT, buying an Aptomingos could be a good bet. The team officially shared on Twitter that the first snapshot is today, and the rewards for holding Aptomingos could be sent anytime. So, if you’re considering buying an Aptomingos for the airdrop, this is the best time. While writing this article, I got FOMOed myself and purchased an Aptomingos at a 100 APT floor price. Lol.

I am sure the airdrop will be worth it. I should have acquired Aptomingos NFT much earlier myself, but better late than never, lol.

Coming to the SHRIMP token airdrop, after the airdrop, the SHRIMP token is expected to drop, and if you are still on the sidelines, buying SHRIMP post-drop could be a good way to get cheap SHRIMP.

The best thing is Aptomingos was a free NFT, and it is now trading at 100 APT. Imagine the value it provided to its holders in just one year.

I am bullish on the founder, and so far, he has proved his worth. He has been supportive of other NFT communities and is one of the true Aptos OGs.

SHRIMP Tokenomics

SHRIMP tokenomics

Currently, SHRIMP is trading at a 2.3M market cap, and you can track its price on Dexscreener. The total supply is 121,212,121. Of this, 30% of the tokens will go to the community, 15% to the reserve, 15% will be provided as liquidity provision (LP), 5% to investors, 5% to the DAO, and 5% to the team.

The current supply is 15% of the total supply (i.e. from the liquidity that was added).

SHRIMP Airdrop and Token Distribution

NFT Collectors

If you are an Aptomingos holder, a Key holder, or holding the CB collection on Bitcoin ordinals, you are going to receive the $SHRIMP airdrop first. The majority of the airdrop will happen for Aptomingos holders. However, I think it is a good idea to buy Keys as there is a considerable price difference between Keys and Aptomingos, and Keys could be more rewarding in the short term, while Aptomingos could be more rewarding in the long term. This is just my assumption, though.

The $SHRIMP website also mentions plans to reward other Aptos NFT collections. This way, you will get more eyes, more advertisement, and more success. I seriously hope Fischer considers airdropping to at least 8 to 10 NFT communities, but these airdrops will come later.

Liquidity Providers

For those who will be providing liquidity on dexes, they will also be eligible for a SHRIMP airdrop. This is similar to how FUD (on the SUI blockchain) has also airdropped to their community. Aptomingos also had a campaign on Galxe and has plans to reward those who participated. The Galxe campaign is now over and can’t be participated in anymore.

Apart from these, others are self explanatory.


Is it recommended to buy Aptomingos NFTs for the SHRIMP airdrop?

I purchased an Aptomingos NFT today at a 100 APT floor, as I expect the project to keep providing continuous value to its holders in the long term.

Is the SHRIMP token a scam token?

The SHRIMP token is not a scam and is run by a reputed team that has shown their skills by running multiple successful projects like Aptomingos, Keys, and more.

Which other memecoins can get you a SHRIMP airdrop?

Though nothing is official yet, I am expecting Aptomonkeys, Aptorobos, Pontem NFTs to receive airdrops.

Where can you buy $SHRIMP token?

You can for now buy SHRIMP token from Liquidswap.

Where to store SHRIMP token?

You can use any Aptos wallet, but I recommend the Petra wallet.

My thoughts: Is it a good time to buy SHRIMP?

I am not a fan of memecoins unless they are being run by a solid team. With this, the chances of winning are much higher. GUI has already shown that, and it is now time for SHRIMP. I still hold a lot of GUI, and I believe GUI will show the path, and SHRIMP will follow.

Though the returns will not be as fast and as high as other Solana memecoins, this is a sure success. I personally purchased SHRIMP, and I will also be getting an airdrop for holding other Aptos NFTs like Aptomonkeys (and Robos, hopefully) and will be holding them.

After the first SHRIMP airdrop happens, there is a possibility of the SHRIMP token dropping in price as there may be some profit booking. I think this should be a good point of entry for those who are still on the sidelines. Having said that, it would not be a smart move to sell SHRIMP post the airdrop, as there are only a handful of meme projects that are backed by time-proven founders and teams, and the marketcap is just tiny.

I will personally keep holding the majority of my $GUI and $SHRIMP tokens until they reach a 100M market cap.