Who doesn’t love the idea of crypto airdrop? Whether you are new in the crypto market or you have been an experienced trader, airdrops are beneficial for both. Especially, suppose you are just starting out in the industry and do not have a lot of capital to invest. In that case, airdrops can be a wonderful mechanism by which you can earn lucrative crypto coins and tokens for absolutely free or just by investing a small amount.

At Crypto Bulls Club we have covered a lot of airdrops. We have also made a list of upcoming potential crypto airdrops. However, if you want to be a smart user and make an informed investment decision in time, you also need to be aware of what is happening in the market. There are many tools created now that you can use to find and then get new exciting airdrops. In this article we will talk about our favourite such tools and how you can use them to get airdrops

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Top 3 websites to Get Crypto Airdrops

I have been using the following tools to learn about new platforms and these 3 amazing tools have helped me interact with crypto projects early which made me more than 10,000USD.

To be honest, there are many tools, websites and resources that can help you get some beneficial airdrops easily. However, if you are using these 3 tools, it would increase your chances of getting an airdrop by more than 200%.

So which are these crypto airdrop hunting tools I use almost daily? Let’s find them out about them one by one.

But before we proceed, you should know interacting with new platforms is risky. So do not forget to revoke access after interacting.

Also it costs gas fee, and some steps require you use your crypto to swap, bridge, stake etc. So, it is recommended to have 200USD.

Through this method what happens is that users get to interact with the new platforms in an easy and streamlined way which may help them become eligible for an airdrop. Our picks for the Top 3 websites to Get Crypto Airdrops are:

  • Layer 3
  • Zealy
  • Galaxy

Layer 3

The Layer3 protocol is a revolutionary technology that offers a one-of-a-kind approach to scouring the world of web3 in an interactive and captivating way.

Layer3 has built a platform that offers its users expertly crafted features, which makes the entire experience for them very seamless and engaging. Through this they protocol is able to assist its users in comprehending the intricacies of web3, regardless of their level of expertise. We will delve further into this in the article. By utilizing Layer3, one can without any difficulty discover novel and ingenious projects that are aiming towards bringing innovative changes in the industry, and potentially advance its future. They provide a user-friendly platform which manages to make it simple for anyone to immerse themselves in the world of web3 and remain a step ahead.

The platform has very clearly laid out its goals and ambitions for the users. At the core of the Layer3 philosophy lies an unquenchable appetite for knowledge and a steadfast resolve to unlock the full potential of web3. Each new discovery and exploration is approached with an open mind and a willingness to grow, propelling the team towards its goal of pushing the limits of web3 and finding new and inventive ways to harness its power.

Layer3’s main attraction is its Quests. These Quests take users on an epic journey, transforming them from novices to well versed experts. This is achieved by making them accomplish a sequence of expertly crafted tasks designed to aid them in better understanding the platform on which they are performing these tasks. Layer3 also has initiated an instant verification system which helps the users in being confident that they will never miss a step, as each subsequent step in the journey is only unlocked once the previous task has been executed. When users start a particular quest, at each step of this Quest, they have a chance of winning points. When a task is fulfilled and the user advances in the Quest, they are rewarded with Experience Points (XP) which can be used to obtain unique and exclusive rewards. Incentives like “Achievements and Commemorative NFTs” that are not stored on the blockchain can also be given to users. With each completed Quest, users’ knowledge and skills in the web3 space expand, and they are rewarded with thrilling prizes. Layer3 has also stated that “Quests show users how to use and further explore Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Web3 Gaming, Web3 Social, Layer2 Scaling Solutions, and everything in between”

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Zealy (Previously Crew 3)

Zealy is a platform that serves as an operating system for communities and was previously known as Crew3. After its rebranding in month of April, this year, Crew3 has been transformed into Zealy. The platform promises to aid users in the automation process of the workflow of their project or protocol. They help in everything “from onboarding to retention, and from interaction to growth”. It offers users easy to do tasks that are also manageable and bite-sized. As a result of this, it becomes very effortless for anyone to start interacting with the platform. Teams can even create these quests in a straightforward manner and have the advantage of being able to choose from a huge range of tried and tested templates. The Zealy protocol has found a use case in many projects, that are employing it to gain several benefits. Some of these projects include a wide range of popularly known blockchain games, metaverse platforms, and digital asset marketplaces. Additionally even DeFi protocols such as the likes of zkSync, ImmutableX, dYdX, and some web2 companies for example Renault, PMU, or LVMH are making teh most of the features offered by Zealy.

This is a protocol that is not only helping you in bringing users onboard but is also assisting in your making your community grow exponentially, learn more about the web3/crypto space and also stay engaged in a scalable way. Zealy is also actively trying to make the process of contributing to a platform a lot more exciting and momentum filled through their community sprints feature. A platform could be announcing a new offering, conducting an event, or even selling a virtual asset, any form of engagement with the community members can be done in a snap through their periodic leaderboard rewards.

Zealy also offers a holistic view of various significant technical analytics and parameters which helps the projects get a better understanding of their community members. This will also help them in using data as the focal point and making decisions based on it. When these platforms will be able to use the features of Zealy to “Segment your users based on on-chain and off-chain data” as well as “Enable personalized, consistent, and real-time community members’ experiences”, they can make much more aware and responsible decisions. The protocol is absolutely free of cost and also supports quests that are recurring. The quests that are conducted daily get reset every day at 12pm UTC time. Hence regardless of at what time on the previous day a user had accomplished the quest, all users will be able to do the new one at the very same time. On the other hand, when it comes to weekly quests and monthly quests, they both are reset every single week on Monday and on the 1st of each month respectively.


Galaxy is a protocol that is working in the virtual assets and blockchain space to provide its services in this area and help in shaping a changing economy. The platform comes up with unique and customized solutions for ecosystems that natively work on a digital level. It was launched in 2018 and has since been driving forward the ideology of adapting to digital assets and blockchain institutions in a responsible manner. In fact, they describe themselves as “systems thinkers, connecting financial expertise with technological sophistication, institutions with web3 innovations, and Silicon Valley agility with Wall Street savvy.”

Galaxy is offering its users a wide suite of products ranging from several kinds of fields in the industry. So far they have had 5 lucrative business lines and categories including Trading, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Mining, and Ventures. Galaxy manages more than 1.9 Billion dollars worth of digital assets through both active and passive investment strategies. Additionally, they offer over 930 Institutional trading counterparties, give support to more than a hundred unique crypto assets and also have onboarded 225 plus crypto portfolio companies that are significantly category-defining.

Galaxy is also taking major steps in making sure they create an environmentally friendly and carbon efficient platform. They have stated on their website that “We are pleased to announce Galaxy’s Sustainability Program. As a young company in growth mode, we are operating at the forefront of the rapidly maturing crypto economy. Galaxy is committed to developing this new frontier in a sustainable manner, focusing on areas that have the greatest impact.” recently they also acquired GK8 for approximately $44 million, a more than 60% discount.GK8 is essentially a platform that promises to work as an air-gapped vault that manages transactions on the blockchain while also preserving its characteristic of being 100% offline and its eradicating of critical attack vectors.

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To conclude

While crypto is a very popular and yielding asset market right now, there exists a gap between the seasoned and professional and the massive influx of new and amateur participants seeking to get in on the action. At this point it is essential to bridge this gap which can be done through projects like Layer 3, Galaxy and Zealy.

t’s essential to approach the world of crypto with a curious and open mind, willing to learn and adapt to the constantly evolving landscape. By taking the time to educate yourself on the basics and staying up-to-date with industry news and trends, you can position yourself for success in this exciting and dynamic field. This platform will help in doing just that.

By performing the various tasks and quests on these websites you will not only get a chance of winning airdrop but will also be able to learn about how exactly does the platform function and gain a deeper insight into the world of crypto.

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