Getting your token listed on a centralized exchange can feel like a challenging task. It involves a lot of paperwork and attention to detail, from security checks to following all the necessary regulations. If you’re new to this, it can be overwhelming and time-consuming, which might slow down other important work on your project. But even if you already have a basic project and have been on the market for several years, you may still experience failures with the IPO – your applications may be rejected or you may find an unscrupulous agency/people who will only take your money and will not be able to help you in any way. This happens quite often. The disappointment of not getting listed can affect your team’s morale and make your investors uneasy, potentially harming your token’s value.

crypto listing on exchanges

A common and effective approach to avoid these difficulties is to work with a trusted, proven token listing partner.  These professionals have extensive experience in making the process go smoothly, similar to how IPO underwriters help companies go public. Specialized listing agencies are good because they are familiar with all the internal processes and criteria of each exchange to make your listing a success. In addition, they have direct contact with the exchanges, which makes all the processes much faster and the listing price will be lower than the market price. 

One such agency is Listing.Help, which currently ranks first among cryptocurrency listing partners with positive reviews and ratings. It is worth noting that they deal exclusively with listings, which means they are professionals in this niche and have been in the market for over 7 years. Before we learn more about Listing.Help, let’s first learn about token listing partners.

What are Token Listing Partners?

Token listing partners are specialized companies that assist cryptocurrency projects with securing listings on top crypto exchanges. They leverage their expertise in exchange requirements and industry connections to optimize your application and increase listing success rates.

  • A lot of experience. Listing agencies know more inside than the project. Because listing managers understand and know how it works. There are certain criteria that only listing partners know, according to which the exchange evaluates the project. 

For example, if a project has a 100k community and the token is traded on the DEX exchange with a volume of $1000/day, a normal exchange will not list the project. 

  • Exchange selection. Listing partners know all the exchanges and can intelligently choose the one your project needs. There are many sites on the market where liquidity is maintained only thanks to bots. If you are a newcomer to the market and try to list the project on the exchange yourself – you can choose a bad exchange, which will negatively affect your reputation and the reputation of your project.
  • Turnkey work. Support of the client from the application to the listing on the exchange (all work on a turnkey basis, from working out the strategy, positioning the project to the release of the project on the exchange, and control over the implementation of the exchange agreements within the contract). 
  • Low prices. Because Listing Agencies have a large number of clients, they work with stock exchanges on partnership terms. For you, the cost of the listing will be lower than the market price, so it is profitable for you to work through the agency. 
  • Streamline the application process. Partners handle application preparation, negotiation, and follow-up, freeing up your resources. 
  • Reduce the risk of rejection. Their expertise can help you avoid common mistakes that can lead to rejection.
  • Offer additional services. Some partners offer marketing support or post-listing monitoring for a comprehensive go-to-market strategy. Market makers and advertising agencies are key points for the further growth of your project. There are a huge number of cases where projects go to agencies, give their money, and don’t get results. If you work through a listing agency – they will offer you reliable partners whose work they trust, which will save you from unnecessary problems.

Why Choose a Token Listing Partner?

Why a token listing partner

Going with a listing partner to get your token on crypto exchanges is the quickest route that will save you a lot of time and headaches. If you want to get things done fast, choosing a professional cryptocurrency listing partner can be a smart choice. 

Trying to do everything yourself can lead to mistakes, working with unscrupulous partners, and rejections that will slow your project down considerably.

The world of crypto listings is full of people promising to help, but not everyone can deliver, and this can end up costing you a lot without getting your token listed. 

A good listing partner knows the ins and outs, helping you tick all the boxes for a successful listing and getting you good deals.

  • They do all the work for you. The great advantage of listing agencies is that they do all the work themselves – from developing the strategy to listing your project on the exchange. They will competently position your project, choose the right exchange for you, and conduct all negotiations independently. The only thing you have to do is to approve the work done.
  • They Know What Exchanges Want: Listing partners get the tricky parts of exchange requirements, like how active your community is or how much your token is being traded.
  • They Hook You Up: They have the right contacts, like people who can help with market making, marketing or technical stuff, making your token look good to exchanges.
  • They Help From Start to Finish: A listing partner sticks with you, helping plan your strategy, making sure your project looks its best, and keeping things running smoothly until your token is listed.
  • They Get You Good Deals: They’re good at talking to exchanges, getting you lower prices, and sometimes even scoring extra perks like ads or social media shout-outs.

In short, picking the right token listing partner means you avoid the common traps and get your token listed with less stress and possibly even some cool extras.

Listing.Help Overview: What is Listing.Help? overview

Listing.Help is a Cryptocurrency Project Listing Agency that specializes in helping projects get their tokens listed on cryptocurrency exchanges. They offer a comprehensive suite of services that cover the entire listing process, from strategy development to post-listing support. It is important to note that they only deal with listings and do not extend to other services, which allows us to be sure that this is a team of professionals in this direction. But they have a huge net of partners, selected for 7 years of work, that covers market making, marketing, legal, and all other areas that are needed for the best project launch. 

They have been in the market for over 7 years, have a public team, and have completed hundreds of projects. This is a public team that is a leader in the listing world, participates in many global crypto conferences, and is the main partner and organizer of the Blockchain Life conference. 

Cooperation with more than 100+ exchanges, including Binance,, OKX, Bybit, and many others. Over 1500+ successful clients and projects that Listing.Help has helped to get listed on exchanges. Clients include Shiba, TON, Tether Euro, Syscoin, DeFi, and other major projects on the market. 

Listing.Help does not only offer you to list on the exchange – it does it with the highest quality and support from all sides, thanks to reliable partners in market making, marketing, and other areas. 

According to the experience of many clients and reviews on the Internet, the listing process is as easy and comfortable as possible, because Listin.Help perform all the tasks independently

  • Approving the general aspects of the listing (strategy, choice of exchange)
  • Eliminating key issues that may affect the listing results on the exchange (e.g. insufficiently extended project functionality, roadmap, or project positioning). 
  • Negotiate and agree terms with the exchange 
  • Finding a market maker and marketing agency. In this case, Listing.Help offers its clients partners with whom they have worked for many years and trust in the quality of their work.

We also talked to a few clients to see for ourselves how professional Listing.Help is. Below are the main points that clients highlighted when comparing Listing.Help to other agencies

That’s what makes Listing.Help different from other agencies:

  • Fast timelines. Listing.Help prepare the project for listing in 4-5 days and then send an application for confirmation – on average it takes 1-2 days. Therefore, if you want to list your project on the stock exchange through the agency, you can do it literally in a week. 
  • Reliability. This is a really important criterion because the project team does not need to solve problems that arise during the work process. The Listing.Help team takes care of all the tasks and solves the problems on its own. In the meantime, the project team can work on the internal processes of their project.
  • Low prices. According to our clients, working with Listing.Help was much more profitable than trying to work on the exchange independently. The key point is that Listing.Help works with exchanges on partnership terms and earns only from the exchange’s commissions, without raising the price for you. 
  • Proven market makers, and marketing partners with whom the team has been working for several years. You don’t have to look for someone on the side and risk coming across scammers or those who do a terrible job. So this is a huge plus that also saves clients from unnecessary problems.

If you want to get quality work done in a quick time frame and get a positive result – Listing.Help is definitely for you and meets all your criteria.

Which is the Best Token Listing Partner for your project?

We did our analysis, talked to clients, analyzed online reviews, and found that Listing.Help is a great choice for many projects. They meet all the requirements we talked about earlier: great experience, transparency, helpful services, and a reliable reputation.

Listing help Clients

Listing.Help seems to be a leader in the token listing world. Their team is open about who they are, which is important in the crypto space. They even participate in big industry events! Plus, they have great reviews on popular platforms like Cryptwerk and Trustpilot.

But Listing.Help goes beyond just listings. They’re part of a bigger network that includes a venture fund and a market maker service. This means they can help your token succeed not just with listing, but also after it’s listed.

Here are 5 factors that I used to judge Listing.Help is the best listing partner in 2024.

Proven Track Record: I thoroughly researched Listing.Help’s past achievements, focusing on the tokens they’ve successfully listed and the exchanges those tokens landed on. A reputable listing partner with a history of securing placements on well-known exchanges demonstrates their expertise and valuable industry connections.’

Client Reviews: I read the reviews on platforms like Trustpilot to understand client experiences with Listing.Help.  Positive reviews speak volumes about their service quality and reliability. However, I also paid attention to how they handled negative feedback, as this reflects their commitment to improvement.Transparency and Team Reputation: Transparency is essential. I researched the Listing.Help the team, verify their identities and industry presence.  Public figures with established reputations are less likely to engage in unethical practices. A team that openly communicates builds trust and confidence.Direct Communication: Finally, I directly interacted with Listing.Help. Their communication style, response speed, and professionalism were all key factors.  A listing partner willing to engage in a video call demonstrates genuine interest in your project’s success, going beyond a purely transactional relationship.

By carefully considering these four factors, I felt confident that Listing.Help was the best partner to navigate the token listing process and propel my project forward.

Whether your project is just starting out or already established, talk to Listing.Help could be a smart move. Their experience, positive reviews, and wide range of services suggest they can be a valuable partner in getting your token listed successfully.

Final Take: Which Listing Partner should you work with?

To sum it up, trying to list your token by yourself can be tough and often doesn’t end well. Hence, I think it is better to spend your time and energy on making your blockchain project better and spreading the word through marketing. 

And letting a listing company like Listing.Help (or any agency of your choice based on your research) take care of listing your token on top-tier exchanges is the best decision you can make. 

As far as Listing.Help is concerned, they’ve got a great track record, and they’re known for making the listing process way easier and cheaper than if you tried to do it on your own. A lot of people who read our stuff have used Listing.Help and had nothing but good things to say. 

Again, this is not a recommendation. DYOR and whichever listing agency you find the best, go with them.