AI is booming, and the next wave has already started the Sora update from OpenAI. We can see prices of FETCH, Graph, and many AI blockchain projects are rising. What is the best thing to do now? Is the AI wave over or is it just the beginning?

This post on ‘Fetch price prediction’ will teach you about the well-known AI-based cryptocurrency, FET, its price history, its price forecast from 2024 to 2030, where to buy the coin, and investment analysis. You will also learn if investing in FET is a smart move going forward in 2024.

What Is (FET)? is a blockchain-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform. aims to offer platforms and services for artificial intelligence (AI) that will enable anyone to create and use AI at any scale, at any time, and from any location.

The platform’s goal is to serve as a decentralized digital representation of the real world where autonomous software agents carry out profitable economic activities. This suggests that users can use the platform to carry out tasks like providing services or distributing data while being paid with digital currency in the form of Fetch tokens (FET) for their efforts. is, to put it simply, a platform that aims to connect devices and make it possible for markets to be created to increase the value of the data.

House of Chimera on Twitter (HouseofChimera) designed an infographic which you can check here:

Fetch.AI infographic

More about Fetch.AI? strives to make fully autonomous decisions. A decentralized network that supports an ecosystem of different “agents” that search, bargain, and trade in an economic internet is used to achieve this autonomy. An autonomous economic agent (AEA) is defined by the platform as an intelligent agent (a Python-based development suite) that acts on behalf of its owner and generates economic value for that owner with little to no human intervention. also wants to connect people who require value and agents with value. These agents are digital objects that represent information, technology, software, people, or infrastructure components. They choose what to do for themselves as well as many other stakeholders, including people, businesses, governments, and others.

Users can digitally transform themselves or their companies by claiming a “digital twin,” as calls them. The digital twin is a personal agent that seeks to enhance the lives of its users. The agent learns from the user and their close contacts in order to automate decision-making and routine tasks.

Additionally, seeks to address one of the main issues that the data industry is now facing: data cannot be made to sell itself. It is feasible using Data can aggressively take advantage of every opportunity to exploit itself in any marketplace since the environment is constantly being reorganized to make jobs as simple as possible. uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to take advantage of short-term opportunities to sell the information they have in both established and emerging information services marketplaces. For instance, an agent in a car can relay road and weather conditions by simply transmitting the activity of a windshield wiper and the washer activity.

The Fetch coin, abbreviated as FET, is an ERC20 token. On the network, this token is the main medium of exchange for money. The FET coin aspires to serve as a crucial component for all network exchanges. FET can be used for staking and as a method of rewarding network users.

Fetch has recently launched Super Wallet.

The Fetch Super Wallet is an advanced digital asset management tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and automation. It simplifies various tasks, offers round-the-clock technical support, and focuses on improving user experience with innovative features.

History of (FET)

Toby Simpson, a game developer and producer, Humayun Sheikh, a prominent investor in the artificial intelligence company Deepmind, and Thomas Hain, an expert in machine learning, founded, a platform built on innovation, in 2017.

The FET coin was first introduced in 2019 on one of the major cryptocurrency exchanges, Binance.

How Are FET Tokens Created? wants to use a combination of proof-of-stake (PoS) and proof-of-work (PoW) processes to reach a consensus. Additionally, the work done between two blocks determines the transaction order when additional blocks are produced using the common PoS protocol. Every time a new block is formed, FET tokens are generated and distributed to the node that optimized the block and the leader who gave it their approval. Fees from transactions are also received by the miners and the leaders.

15% of mining rewards are given to individuals who undertake helpful on-ledger calculations and calculations for consensus to improve performance and boost user confidence. With the expansion of the network’s collective intelligence, the majority of a node’s value should originate from the services it offers to agents, and vice versa. Mining rewards directly depend on the node wealth produced by meeting this requirement.

By staking FET tokens and earning incentives across the ecosystem, users can also contribute to the operation of a sizable and active community of validators.

How does Fetch work?

Fetch blockchain is built on the Cosmos-SDK network, which allows for multichain interoperability through the inter-blockchain communication (IBC) protocol. This means that agent-based services can be introduced on other networks like Cosmos (ATOM), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Smart Chain. It is well known that the protocol supports several functions, including an identity that enables agent deployment, staking, and token administration.

They’re creating a hub for multi-agent systems, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence. A distributed ledger and a decentralized Random Beacon protocol are also used by the system. It blends machine learning with the benefits of slot Proof-of-Stake (sPoS), which reduces storage needs, and multi-sig, which reduces computing costs. By connecting companies with the blockchain and getting rid of middlemen, Fetch is aiming to solve the issue of automation. (FET) Tokenomics

The FET token has a total quantity of 2,630,547,141 tokens, and there are now 2,521,012,371 FET in circulation.

Fetch Price History

On September 12, 2021, the FET token reached its all-time high price of $0.9475. On March 12, 2020, it reached an all-time low of $0.00816959.

The total quantity of FET, a token created using the ERC-20 token standard and issued on the Ethereum blockchain, is 1.15 billion. The native token of does not include a method for burning or halving, in contrast to many other tokens.
Even within the cryptocurrency market, the price of FET remains unstable. FET was a strong introduction, but it swiftly fell from $0.35 to $0.03 in late 2019 and even lower in early 2020.

Before the FET price dropped to $0.05 and lower, there was an increase to $0.15 in August 2020. FET experienced two brief price peaks in March 2021 at $0.28 and $0.78.

Once again rising to $0.918415 and $1.17 in September 2021, the price subsequently dropped to $0.205 by June. The price then rose to $0.096 in July and then kept on dropping. It dropped to $0.064 in November 2022. On 15th December 2022, Fetch closed at $0.10.

In 2023, the FET token reached its all-time high (ATH) of 0.7413 USD and its all-time low (ATL) of 0.05676 USD.

Today, at the time of updating this article FET is trading at around $1.48 (as of 15th June 2024).

FET Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
June 2024 $1.524 $1.270
July 2024 $1.676 $1.397
August 2024 $1.844 $1.537
September 2024 $2.028 $1.690
October 2024 $2.049 $1.707
November 2024 $2.458 $2.049
December 2024 $2.483 $2.069

In June 2024, the projected maximum price of the product will be $1.524, and the projected minimum price will be $1.270. By December 2024, it is projected that the maximum price will reach $2.483, with the minimum price projected to be $2.069.

Fetch (FET) Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $2.956 $2.384
February 2025 $2.986 $2.133
March 2025 $3.016 $2.432
April 2025 $2.412 $1.723
May 2025 $2.622 $2.115
June 2025 $3.147 $2.248
July 2025 $3.085 $2.488
August 2025 $3.702 $2.644
September 2025 $3.739 $3.015
October 2025 $3.399 $2.428
November 2025 $3.467 $2.796
December 2025 $3.502 $2.501

As we progress through each month of 2025, the FET token is poised to experience fluctuations in its maximum and minimum prices. In January, the token is expected to reach a maximum price of $2.956 and a minimum price of $2.384. Subsequently, February may see highs of $2.986 and lows of $2.133, while March could witness peaks at $3.016 and dips to $2.432. This trend continues throughout the year, with anticipated fluctuations culminating in December, where the maximum and minimum prices are projected to reach $3.502 and $2.501, respectively.

Fetch Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $3.609 $2.910
February 2026 $4.691 $3.351
March 2026 $4.265 $3.439
April 2026 $6.397 $4.569
May 2026 $4.734 $3.818
June 2026 $3.641 $2.601
July 2026 $3.310 $2.670
August 2026 $2.566 $1.833
September 2026 $3.208 $2.587
October 2026 $4.010 $2.864
November 2026 $4.411 $3.557
December 2026 $4.940 $3.529

Fetch Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $7.904 $6.374
February 2027 $6.323 $4.516
March 2027 $4.864 $3.923
April 2027 $4.134 $2.953
May 2027 $3.473 $2.801
June 2027 $3.734 $2.667
July 2027 $2.987 $2.409
August 2027 $2.316 $1.654
September 2027 $2.895 $2.334
October 2027 $3.618 $2.585
November 2027 $3.980 $3.210
December 2027 $4.458 $3.184

Fetch Price Prediction 2028, 2029 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $5.349 $4.314
February 2028 $4.280 $3.057
March 2028 $3.891 $3.138
April 2028 $3.307 $2.362
May 2028 $2.778 $2.240
June 2028 $2.525 $1.804
July 2028 $3.157 $2.546
August 2028 $4.072 $2.909
September 2028 $5.090 $4.105
October 2028 $6.363 $4.545
November 2028 $6.999 $5.644
December 2028 $7.839 $5.599
January 2029 $5.408 $4.361
February 2029 $6.363 $4.545
March 2029 $7.953 $6.414
April 2029 $9.468 $6.763
May 2029 $10.291 $8.300
June 2029 $12.350 $8.821
July 2029 $11.762 $9.485
August 2029 $9.801 $7.001
September 2029 $12.252 $9.880
October 2029 $15.315 $10.939
November 2029 $16.846 $13.586
December 2029 $18.868 $13.477
January 2030 $18.378 $14.821
February 2030 $22.053 $15.752
March 2030 $21.003 $16.938
April 2030 $17.503 $12.502
May 2030 $21.878 $17.644
June 2030 $27.348 $19.534
July 2030 $30.083 $24.260
August 2030 $33.692 $24.066
September 2030 $32.817 $26.466
October 2030 $39.381 $28.129
November 2030 $37.505 $30.246
December 2030 $31.255 $22.325

In the coming years, the FET token is anticipated to experience notable fluctuations in its price. By 2028, analysts predict the maximum price to soar to $7.839, while the minimum is expected to dip to $1.804, showcasing significant volatility within the year. Moving forward to 2029, projections suggest even more substantial growth, with the maximum price anticipated to surge to $18.868, accompanied by a minimum of $4.361, indicating a widening price range.

As we progress to 2030, the FET token is forecasted to reach unprecedented highs, potentially hitting a maximum of $39.381, while the minimum could stabilize around $12.502, underscoring both the immense potential and volatility inherent in the cryptocurrency market.

FET Price Prediction in INR

FET price prediction INR Maximum Price Minimum Price
2024 ₹207.45 ₹106.10
2025 ₹311.91 ₹143.73
2026 ₹409.53 ₹151.96
2027 ₹655.24 ₹137.11
2028 ₹649.85 ₹149.55
2029 ₹1,564.12 ₹361.53
2030 ₹3,264.68 ₹1,036.42

Based on the projected prices, the FET token is expected to experience significant price variations in the coming years. In 2024, the maximum price of the FET token is projected to be ₹207.45, while the minimum price is projected to be ₹106.10. By 2025, the maximum price is projected to rise to ₹311.91, with a minimum of ₹143.73. The year 2026 is projected to see the FET token reaching a maximum price of ₹409.53 and a minimum price of ₹151.96. In 2027, the maximum price is projected to surge to ₹655.24, although the minimum is projected to drop to ₹137.11. For 2028, the maximum price is projected to be ₹649.85, with a minimum of ₹149.55. A substantial increase is projected for 2029, with the FET token reaching a maximum price of ₹1,564.12 and a minimum of ₹361.53. Finally, in 2030, the FET token’s maximum price is projected to soar to ₹3,264.68, with the minimum price being ₹1,036.42.


Where can I buy FET Token?

Every major cryptocurrency exchange offers trading for the FET cryptocurrency. The following are a few of them: Binance, Kucoin, Coinbase, etc. Recently FET token also got listed on Bybit where you can buy it as well.

What is price prediction for the year 2025?

We predict that the maximum value will be $3.739 in 2025 and the minimum value will be $1.723.

What is price prediction for the year 2030?

By the end of 2030, the price of the token might reach $39.381 based on the current price trend, historical data, and our forecast.

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Is Fetch (FET) a wise investment decision for 2024 & beyond?

FET price prediction shows an overall upward trend, with prices increasing year over year. This suggests that investing in FET may be a good idea for those looking to potentially see a return on investment in the future. We are currently seeing a price jump in FET tokens because of the AI boom, and I do not think investing in FET for the long term is a good idea at this point. However, for the short term, one can always take an entry.

It’s important to note that these FET predictions are not certain, and the cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. It’s also worth noting that investing in cryptocurrencies like FET is considered to be high-risk, and it is important to do your research and consider your financial situation before making any investment decisions.

Last updated: 15th June 2024.