The two types of gaming guilds, traditional and crypto, are drastically different. The traditional version is bound to the game and can rise and fall with it, but the crypto version seeks to provide a platform for new players. Members of a crypto guild may quickly move to something more beneficial for the organisation if a game loses popularity.

It is not always necessary to purchase an NFT game in order to begin playing. While many of the finest play-to-earn games involve a financial commitment, scholarship programmes provide a method for gamers to play NFT games without investing any money.

What is Play2Earn Scholarship?

Play2Earn Scholarship is a new trend in the world of crypto gaming, where players can join teams of gamers or scholars with various NFTs to use in games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained and in return, these gamers share their profits with the platform that provides the scholarship or gaming community.

Top Crypto Gaming Communities That Offer Play2Earn Scholarships

In this post we’ll look at three leading crypto gaming communities that provide scholarships for its members.

UniX Gaming

UniX Gaming is a platform that aspires to be the most popular peer-to-peer gaming community on the internet. The site uses play-to-earn games and a unique scholarship methodology to help people in underprivileged countries. 

UniX Gaming is on its way to becoming a massive and rapidly growing gaming community, known as a “guild” in the online gaming industry. The platform offers training, administration, and assistance to members of their community. This is done so that their players can achieve their highest ability.


Over a thousand scholarships have been given by the UniX Gaming team in recent months. Members of the community who play the popular Axie Infinity game will be able to earn a quantifiable income as a result of this.

Over 1,000 Axie Infinity scholars are housed on the platform, which also includes over 6,000 scholarships in other games that use the P2E concept. Furthermore, they are rumoured to be intending to hire 9,000 more Axie Infinity students in the first quarter of 2022.

The platform is based on a classic scholarship concept, but it has been given its unique twist, splitting profits on a 50/50 basis.

One of the advantages of play-to-earn economies is that they are not entirely dependent on traditional cryptocurrencies. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are another form of establishing digital asset ownership on the blockchain.

These forms of tokens are associated with metaverse culture; for example, some players consider in-game Fortnite skins to be more valuable or desired than possessing designer apparel in real life.

UniX Gaming hopes to boost its value by distributing in-game assets in the form of NFTs, which might represent digital land, other valuable digital objects (like skins), or even scholarships. Once their players have these NFTs in their armory, they may use them to boost the item’s worth by actively playing the game. 

One of UniX’s objectives is to generate more than $100 million in income from in-game assets. Players in impoverished nations might make multiples of their present full-time salary by just playing the game for a few hours a day.


WonderHero is a play-to-earn blockchain NFT (non-fungible token) mobile game. Players acquire Heroes, engage in turn-based battle, and play to gain tokens in a fantasy world in this turn-based MMORPG on iOS and Android.

Every WonderHero has their own set of talents, ultimate abilities, and attributes that allow them to play a variety of combat roles. These jobs include a tank, a support, an assault, and a combination role, with the game’s framework allowing for more customization. The game’s heroes battle in real time and may be directed to use talents to strike adversaries, making it a strategic and engaging experience.


Players can digitally own and exchange Heroes, Weapons, and Equipment on a peer-to-peer marketplace using the game’s mobile-only platform. Because WonderHero is using Polygon’s high-throughput blockchain infrastructure, transactions are quick and costs are low. To play the game, players just need to purchase one Hero and one Weapon NFT.

Players can earn an income in various ways including:

  • Advancing rounds in “Battle” mode or competing in PVP battles and get HON + WND tokens
  • Upgrading weapons, equipment, and selling them on the NFT marketplace
  • Collecting and speculating on rare weapons 
  • Farming for Honor (HON) and WND that are needed to upgrade Weapons. HON and WND will be listed in DEXes for trading
  • Staking valuable NFT to get WND rewards
  • Staking WND and get WND rewards
  • Taking part co-sharing economy from WonderHero Yield System

With its scholarship programme, established gameplay and character development, WonderHero allows any player to participate without having to spend a lot of money. Users are rewarded for their abilities and have the opportunity to grow and earn money while playing.


Balthazar is an NFT gaming platform with the purpose of deploying the most scholars into NFT games possible. The platform’s objective is to allow the world’s largest gaming community to construct a self-sustaining, wealth-building metaverse environment.

Balthazar aims to be the largest Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) in the play-to-earn industry. It’s a community-focused guild that allows gamers to play-to-earn games for free while also supporting a fun and competitive squad. 

It also included a lend-to-earn function, in which NFTs may be lent to Balthazar for use in games by the students. Our guild began in September 2021, with hundreds of scholars deployed as part of the pioneer cohort.


Balthazar’s long-term scholar incentive programme is aimed to give its students a stake in the company’s long-term success by giving them skin in the game. Every new and existing Balthazar Wizard in their scholarship programme will earn US$100 in Balthazar tokens.

The gaming guild seeks to lessen the entrance hurdles for gamers interested in play-to-earn games by offering a scholarship programme. They’ve also devised a one-of-a-kind rent-to-earn programme in which NFT owners may lease their NFTs to Balthazar and receive a return on their investment.

Balthazar started out as a community guild with the intention of expanding into a full-fledged ecosystem that caters to a wide range of participant types. By merging gaming, renting, trading, and borrowing NFTs, they want to become an all-in-one gaming platform.

An in-built NFT marketplace is also being constructed for the community to buy and exchange NFTs. Balthazar List is presently under development as a platform for game producers to launch games directly into the community.

Balthazar has five main features as part of it’s P2E gaming community:

  1. Balthazar Guild: Gaming community that enables gamers to play and earn NFTs. Through their Scholarship Program, Wizards can borrow assets from the guild in order to play games. The benefits are split between the Wizards and the guild, with the money going back into the DAO’s construction.
  2. Balthazar Play: A marketplace where gamers can buy game NFTs and use them to play and profit in blockchain-based games with ease.
  3. Balthazar Lend: Institutional investors and holders of NFTs may earn a return on their in-game assets using Balthazar Lend. In exchange for yield, these NFTs are given to Balthazar, who uses them in the Balthazar Scholarship Program.
  4. Balthazar Buy: Investors can purchase NFT assets and lend them to Balthazar to use in games in exchange for a return.
  5. The Balthazar List: Assisting games with their initial debut into the Balthazar community.

Balthazar employs a system in which all participants are on an equal footing and have equal opportunity to learn and improve, regardless of their wealth or gaming prowess.

My Final Thoughts Play2Earn Scholarships

Play2Earn Scholarship is a unique concept that helps gamers who can’t afford to invest money, but spends a lot of his time playing games, start making  money. I absolutely love the concept.

So what’s next for the Play-to-Earn space? Well we can expect to see a greater influx of P2E gamers thanks to the scholarships provided by crypto gaming guilds like the ones mentioned in this post.

Following our deep look into the four distinct play-to-earn guilds stated above, one of the primary conclusions that can be drawn is that crypto gaming guilds can benefit players from low-income communities.

These gaming communities make it simpler for individuals from less privileged backgrounds to get active in the P2E market by granting scholarships.

So if you are planning to start your P2Earn journey, join these Play2Earn scholarship communities, and start making money.

Feel free to comment below and share your experience with our readers.