Search for best NFT platforms in 2021 have skyrocketed. Digital artists are looking for ways to earn from listing their arts, music and videos as NFTs and with top NFT platforms, artists can get the best price for their items.

NFTs are gaining immense attention and form an integral part of the newly emerging revolution within the blockchain ecosystem. NFT stands for a Non Fungible Token (NFT), they are units of data that are stored on a specific blockchain network which makes them unique virtual tokens.They serve as a representation of real world, tangible items such as art, music, collectibles, trading cards, games which are monitored on a blockchain network.  They also represent digital files such as photos, videos, audio, and many more.

Now let us look at the list of top NFT platforms to trade NFTs in 2021.

List of Top NFT Platforms to buy and Sell NFTs in 2021

  • OpenSea
  • Rarible
  • Nifty Gateway
  • SuperRare
  • Foundation
  • Atomic Market
  • Decentraland
  • Makers Place
  • Known Origin
  • Aavegotchis

Best NFT platforms 2021

NFTs are digital collectibles that are unique. NFT’s can be created, purchased and sold on marketplaces that use crypto or fiat currency depending on the platform. Let us now have a look the best 10 platforms for buying and selling NFTs in detail:

OpenSea: Best NFT Platform with Highest Volume

opensea website

OpenSea is easily one of the most popular places to buy and sell NFT’s. It was established in December 2017, by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah. The platform has an active user base of nearly 120,000 with a reported trading volume of 518M across their collection of digital assets owned by users. The platform allows its users, across the over the globe to purchase, sell, and explore exclusive digital assets including digital arts, music, domain names, trading cards and other collectibles, by utilizing the open-source Ethereum network.

The most widely accepted currency for payments is Ethereum (ETH) or Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). Besides digital tokens that can be used on OpenSea include USDC, UNI, DAI. There is currently no option for users to purchase NFT’s using fiat currencies.

Creators of digital art on the platform can choose the fees or commission, they wish to charge on any items that are levied on the buyer or seller. OpenSea levies a charge of 2.5% on each sale price, for offering a marketplace.

Rarible: Best Opensea Alternative NFT Platform

rarible website

Rarible is the first ever NFT marketplace owned by a community  with “owners”  who hold the native ERC-20, the RARI token.  where users can mint, buy, and sell the digital collectibles. It is based in Moscow and was founded by Alex Salnikov and Alexei Falin, launched during early 2020.

Anyone can access the create to create and display their artwork. Additionally, users are allowed to collect the art pieces displayed by buying them using Ethereum (ETH) tokens. It is a non-custodial NFT marketplace. Rarible also provides Intellectual property (IP) rights to a user, via Proof of Provenance.

Buyers and sellers can exchange the virtual collectibles with no intermediary or third party. Similar to OpenSea, a wallet compatible with Ethereum is required to be linked to Rarible, such as Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, MyEtherWallet or WalletConnect.

Rarible levies a fee of 2.5% each on the buyer as well as the seller, besides the gas fee charged on the seller’s transaction for minting the NFT. The marketplace wishes to evolve into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where the governance of the platform and related decisions will be taken by the users. The tokens created on Rarible can additionally, be managed on OpenSea.

Nifty Gateway

nifty gateway marketplace

Nifty Gateway is owned by the Winklevoss Twins who have previously launched and founded Gemini, a well known cryptocurrency platform based in the USA. This NFT marketplace is different from OpenSea which is based on the Ethereum network, with the former Nifty Gateway which was a centralized platform that is backed by the fiat USD for purchasing and selling nifties. This makes the platform to be more easily accessible by anyone who wishes to buy limited and rare digital collectibles.  NFT’s have been issued on the marketplace by famous artists such as Eminem and Steve Aoki.

Nifty utilizes “open editions,” that are limited-edition books created only for a limited duration and is sold at a fixed price. Additional NFTs  will not be issued issued when the window is closed. Users are allowed to purchase NFTs with a credit card, which is appealing and helpful for on boarding new users who are new to the crypto space.

Artists are qualified to earn a commission on each item sold on the platform, which is a certain percentage of the sale amount. The creator can also choose the percentage for each secondary sale. Nifty Gateway’s fees are 5% levied on the transaction, besides the 30 cents charged on every secondary sale.


superrare website

SuperRare is a P2P marketplace which allows collection and trading of unique, rare, single or limited edition, digital artworks from leading artists and creators across the globe. The user interface is visually similar to that of Instagram which provides for easy accessibility and navigation.

Users are required to connect to an Ethereum compatible wallet such as Metamask, Fortmatic and Wallet Connect to start buying and selling NFTs.

All the available items on the marketplace are curated by the staff, who decide what goes on the platform instead of the creators. This is to ensure that the platform holds only high quality goods.

SuperRare levies a transaction fee of  3% on all purchases which are paid for by the buyer, that is higher when compared to OpenSea. For digital creators, there is a 15% commission of which 85% is offered to the seller for the first digital piece they sold. Creators are bound to receive a 10% commission, in the form of a royalty, through which they can earn passive income for subsequent sales on the secondary market. website

Mintable is another popular NFT marketplace powered by the Ethereum blockchain network. Users can create, distribute, buy, sell, and trade digital files on the platform. The platform has stopped supporting the integration of the Coinbase wallet to the platform, recently.

Digital creators who mint their NFTs using Mintable are allowed to build a completely customizable store to advertise, promote and trade their digital items in exchange for crypto. The seller is given the freedom to build their own NFT brand and promote on the open market place to sell their original digital artwork, collectibles, video and music.

Another appealing feature of Mintable is that every NFT item showcases a view count, which can be insgihtful in identifying the items that are gaining popularity. Creators can also opt for advertising their NFTs on the website for greater exposure, across Mintable’s social media and discord channel, beneficial for companies as well as brands.

The standard fee that is levied on sale transactions is 2.5% which is paid by the buyer, besides the gas fees charged on the network. Items that do not have any attached gas fee will be charged with a transaction fee of 5%.


Foundation is a NFT platform for digital artists and collectors to sell, buy, listing for auction, make offers, and bid on digital art represented on a NFT based on the Ethereum blockchain network. Foundation is also a non-custodial platform based on smart contracts which is not allowed to access the user’s private keys.

Besides the gas fees, the platform levies a transaction fee of 15% on the seller. Fiat transactions are not supported by the marketplace and thus, it requires a compatible crypto wallet to be linked to the platform.

The platform’s growth rate has shot up recently in terms of the sales and trade volume. The average 24-hour trade volume of Foundation is nearly USD 0.3 million.

Atomic Market

Atomic Market is a new NFT marketplace which was launched in early 2021. The platform forms a significant part of the Atomic Assets hub. It offers users an immediate advantage where, after the users have listed their assets, they can decide when they want to upload them. Simply put, users are not required to upload the assets to the platform immediately. After the asset has been listed for sale, a trade offer is released to the marketplace. Once a buyer buys the listed asset, the offer is then accepted.

AtomicMarket is an NFT market that offers shared liquidity, which means that everything listed on one marketplace is also listed on all other markets. Genuine and legit NFTs are marked with a verification tick that are easy to spot. Collections that seem malicious or fake are blacklisted.


Decentraland is considered the most secure and credible NFT art marketplace.

Decentraland is a marketplace which offers full rights of the digital creations to the artists and the creator of NFTs. They seek to raise the users power over decisions regrading policy updates, land auctions, and NFT contracts on the Builder as well as the Marketplace. Decentraland offers users with a vast range of digital collectibles including parcels, wearable, names, and estates. Users are allowed to own digital lands and customize them along with their other creations such as buildings or any other architectural entities. The assets owned by users are stored within a smart contract, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain. This platform is considered to be the most secure and credible NFT art marketplace by many.

Makers Place

Top NFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell NFTs

MakerPlace is an online platform through which creators can completely protect and sell their digital art. This platform is beneficial  to many, as it aims to remove any existing inequalities faced, when trading digital creations.

The platform claims 15% of the share whenever any digital creation is sold and out of the 15%, it provides 10% to the creators if the art is resold, every time. By doing this, they can repeatedly credit the pertaining artists and the artists can simultaneously set a limit for their original and authentic creations. This will ensure rarity and uniqueness of that specific creation which will result in higher values.

Known Origin

Top NFT Marketplaces to Buy and Sell NFTs

Known Origin is an online marketplace where users can trade and protect their digital art, by utilizing the Ethereum blockchain technology. This platform ensures full authenticity and complete ownership rights on purchasing the digital asset. Prior to joining Known Origin, the creators are required to create their profile which should also include the profile picture and bio.  After which the artist’s credibility is checked and confirmed by the communications team via their social media at Known Origin. The addition of new artists to the platform and quality of the published art pieces are monitored. Creators can choose to submit their artwork in either .jpeg or .gif format in the Known Origin gallery.


Aavegotchi is a nft art marketplace that allows users to invest in NFTs

Aavegotchis is an online marketplace powered by NFT technology. It functions with a unique combination of NFTs and decentralized finance (DeFi) which allows users to obtain higher returns and long-term profits. This platform aims to bring about integral changes in the blockchain gaming sector by employing DeFi models including smart contracts, dynamic rarity, rarity farming, and collateral stakes.

Aavegotchis share a particular share of revenue with the rarity farmers to maintain a stable customer base. Hence, it has its integrated marketplace and users are allowed to buy and trade NFTs.

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Now that you know which are the top NFT platforms to buy and sell NFTs, which one are you planning to use to mint your next NFT?