Today, let’s talk about Parcl, a trading platform built on the Solana blockchain. It’s supported by big names in crypto like Solana Ventures and Coinbase Ventures. We’ll also cover how you can get involved with the upcoming Parcl airdrop and earn Parcl points, all starting with just $101. Let’s explore how you can boost your potential rewards from the airdrop!

Also note: There has been no official announcement about Parcl airdrop. This Parcl airdrop guide is written based on our experience and what we think as a user you should take action.

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Note, if you are farming PARCL airdrop already, you must update your LP, so that you can earn points.

What is Parcl?

Parcl is a digital platform on the Solana blockchain that allows users to invest in fractional, digitalized real estate in various U.S. neighborhoods. It uses real-time data to track and invest in the changing prices of these properties, functioning similarly to a stock market for real estate.

Parcl’s latest version, Parcl v3, offers a trading exchange for real estate-based financial products, providing tools for risk management and investment flexibility. Essentially, it makes real estate investment accessible and tradable, like stocks, for a broader range of people.

Parcl Funding and Investors

Parcl has raised a total of $11.5 million over two funding rounds. In its first round in March 2022, Parcl raised $4.1 million in a seed investment led by Archetype, with contributions from Dragonfly Capital, ParaFi, Shima Capital, Coinbase Ventures, Solana Ventures, Slow Ventures, and several others. In its second round, the company secured $7.5 million in funding, led by Fifth Wall and including JAWS, Barry Sternlicht, IA Capital, Eberg Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Santiago Santos, and participation from previous investors like Archetype and Dragonfly Capital. The funds are intended for expanding real estate and software partnerships and enhancing the platform’s capabilities.

Recently Parcl has introduced a points system and with it the speculation of Parcl airdrop is high. The Points serve as a metric of a user’s contribution and engagement with the Parcl ecosystem. They are designed to enhance the trading experience, rewarding users for strategic and sustained activity on the platform. Through these points, Parcl aims to foster a vibrant and committed community, driving the platform’s growth and success.

Let’s learn about Parcl points in the next section.

Explain Parcl Points

The Parcl Points Program is an innovative initiative on the Parcl V3 platform designed to reward users for trading, holding positions, and providing liquidity in the real estate investment market. This program aims to recognize the active and committed users of Parcl V2 and V3, enhancing their investment journey.

Parcl’s trading activity is on the rise! Here’s a quick look at the recent achievements:

  • Over 30,000 traders have enrolled in the points program ?
  • More than 200 million Points have been collected ?
  • A total of over 350 million, counting retroactive points and bonuses!

How to Earn Parcl Points for Airdrop?

How can Traders earn Parcl points?

  • Daily Trading Points: Traders earn one Point per day for every one USDC of initial open interest they hold. This rate remains constant daily, regardless of market fluctuations.

How can Liquidity Providers (LPs) earn Parcl points?

  • Liquidity Provision Points: LPs earn three Points per day for each USDC they deposit into the Parcl liquidity pool. Like trading points, these too retain their value daily irrespective of LP share value changes.

What about the users who traded before the points system was introduced?

  • V2 Users: Parcl acknowledges the loyalty of its V2 users by offering them retroactive Points for their past trading and liquidity provisioning activities, visible upon the Points Program launch.
  • V3 Early Adopters: V3 users active before the official launch of the Points Program earn retroactive Points for their past activities, including a 10% early adopter bonus.

Accruing Points in Parcl V3

The Points Program will be implemented in seasons. Currently, season 2 is active.

Bonus Points for HOA NFT Holders

HOA NFT holders enjoy additional bonuses to their points:

  • Base Boost: Holding one HOA NFT boosts all earned Points by 20%.
  • Incremental Boost: Each additional HOA NFT adds a 5% boost, up to a total of 40% for holding five NFTs.

HOA NFTs are trading on Magic Eden at 0.7SOL.

How much can you make with Parcl Airdrop?

Though nothing is official, for a moderate user, you can expect to earn around 200 to 300 USD of Parcl tokens. And for those who have been interacting with the platform for a long time, and will have high points may earn more than 20000 USDT. The average airdrop reward could be close to 500USD to 1000USD per user.

So far I have accumulated 26,894 points. On the 17th of February, I added another 100$ to see how my points grew from here. It is also suggested to add LP multiple times, to increase your PRCL airdrop chances.

parcl points

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Airdrop Chances: High