The Solana airdrop season is creating a lot of excitement for people interested in cryptocurrencies. Recently, investors got free $JITO and $JUP tokens, which was a great start. Even if you missed out on these, more chances are coming up with new airdrops. This article talks about eight new projects on Solana that look promising.

Remember, joining in on these Solana airdrops doesn’t mean you’ll get free tokens. Being active and following the guides can help, but nothing is certain in the world of crypto airdrops.

A Look at Solana Airdrops

Solana airdrops are about getting free tokens by doing certain activities, sometimes involving a bit of money.

They’re especially good for people who want to earn a small amount, like between $100 and $1,000 in tokens. If you’re already very wealthy, these might not be as interesting for you.

Top Solana Airdrop Opportunities

Tokenless Solana protocols

As Solana grows, there are a few new projects without their tokens yet that are worth watching:

  • Parcl: RWA platform that offers you to invest in fractionalised real estate in a leveraged manner.
  • MarginFi Lending: They offer new ways to lend SOL and earn interest.
  • Blazestake: A liquid staking service to help you make more from staking.
  • Portalbridge: This crypto bridge project is making it easier to use the Solana ecosystem.
  • Drift: A platform for advanced trading.
  • Kamino Lend: A lending service on the Solana ecosystem that’s easy to use.
  • Phantom: A Solana wallet.
  • Tensor: NFT marketplace.
  • Zeta markets: Derivative trading platform.
  • Meteora: Liquid staking protocol

How to Prepare for the Upcoming Solana Airdrop Season?

To position yourself for these upcoming Solana airdrops, it’s crucial to engage with these projects.

This might involve participating in their Solana protocols, using their services, or contributing to their communities. Stay informed about their specific requirements and updates to increase your chances of being part of these exciting airdrop events.

Top Solana Tokenless Protocol 2024 (Upcoming Airdrop Opportunities)


Parcl is a digital platform on the Solana blockchain that enables users to invest in fractional, digitalized U.S. real estate. It operates similarly to a stock market for real estate, allowing users to invest in real-time data-driven property values. With Parcl v3, it further enhances real estate investment, making it accessible like trading stocks and providing tools for risk management.

Parcl airdrop season 2

Parcl has raised $11.5 million over two funding rounds for expansion and platform enhancements. Its investors include Archetype, Dragonfly Capital, and Fifth Wall among others.

The platform recently introduced Parcl Points to reward users for their engagement. The points system encourages trading, holding positions, and providing liquidity. Points can be earned daily by trading or providing liquidity, with additional rewards for V2 users, V3 early adopters, and HOA NFT holders.

For a moderate user, the expected earnings from a Parcl airdrop could range from $200 to $300 in Parcl tokens, with the potential for more than $20,000 for highly active users. The average airdrop reward is estimated to be between $500 and $1,000 per user.

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MarginFi Lending

Type: LendFi Protocol

MarginFi Lending (mrgnlend) is a platform where you can lend your cryptocurrency like Solana or USDC to others and earn interest. It’s part of the Marginfi protocol, focusing on safe borrowing and lending. When you lend your crypto, you get paid interest, helping you grow your crypto holdings. The interest you earn is shown as an APY (annual percentage yield), which changes depending on the crypto you lend. However, remember that lending your crypto on mrgnlend comes with some risks.


Type: Liquid Staking Protocol

Blazestake solana protocol

BlazeStake is a liquid staking defi platform on the Solana blockchain, offering a unique way to stake SOL and support the ecosystem. As a non-custodial Solana stake pool protocol backed by the Solana Foundation, BlazeStake issues bSOL tokens in exchange for staked SOL, which can be utilized in various DeFi applications. This protocol enhances the decentralization of Solana by automatically delegating SOL across a diverse range of validators, thereby strengthening network security.

An exciting aspect of BlazeStake is the upcoming Solana airdrop, which adds value to the platform. Additionally, bSOL tokens, representing staked SOL, increase in value over time relative to SOL, offering users an attractive way to optimize their staking rewards while participating in the broader DeFi ecosystem.


Type: Bridge

PortalBridge stands out as a prominent protocol in the Solana ecosystem, particularly noted for its upcoming Solana airdrop opportunities. This multichain bridge facilitates the seamless movement of cryptocurrencies between various blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana.

Users can easily use this bridge to transfer funds to the Solana blockchain and vice versa, enhancing the flexibility and reach of their digital assets. The process involves locking the original asset on the source network and minting equivalent tokens on the target network, a procedure that typically completes within 8 to 10 minutes.

With a current Total Value Locked (TVL) of 735M, PortalBridge is a key player in the decentralized finance space, offering users a secure and efficient way to participate in the dynamic Solana ecosystem.

Drift Protocol

Type: Dex

Drift Finance

Drift Protocol is a decentralized exchange built on the Solana blockchain, offering a range of DeFi tools including perpetual swaps with up to 10x leverage, borrowing and lending at variable rates, liquidity provision, and spot token swapping.

It utilizes a cross-margined risk engine for capital efficiency and risk protection, allowing for functionalities like cross-collateral on futures and efficient margin trading on spot assets. The protocol features a unique Keeper Network, incentivizing agents and market-makers to ensure optimal order execution and liquidity.

Drift overcomes common on-chain exchange limitations like slow fills and low liquidity by integrating Just-in-Time Auction, a decentralized Limit Orderbook, and AMM Liquidity mechanisms. The platform, supported by notable backers like Jump Capital and Polychain Capital, offers low slippage, minimal price impact, and incentivizes market maker participation.

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Kamino Finance

Type: LendFi Protocol

Kamino Finance is a DeFi protocol on the Solana blockchain that integrates lending, liquidity provision, and leverage into a comprehensive and secure suite of financial products. It simplifies the process of providing liquidity on Solana, offering users automated, auto-compounding strategies for concentrated liquidity DEXs. Users can earn yield by depositing assets into Kamino’s liquidity vaults, which are then deployed into underlying DEX pools to generate fees from trading volume. The platform addresses the complexities and risks of concentrated liquidity market makers (CLMMs) by automating position rebalancing, compounding trading fees, and facilitating single-sided deposits and withdrawals. Kamino enhances the DeFi experience with its user-friendly interface, transparent analytics, and the issuance of kTokens as receipts for deposits, which can be used within the DeFi ecosystem.

Phantom Wallet

Type: Wallet

Phantom is the most widely used Solana wallet, which raised more than 118M USD in two rounds from top investors including Paradigm. There is a high chance Phantom could launch a token and based on the retroactivity, the project could airdrop tokens to its users.


Tensor is a leading marketplace for trading NFTs on the Solana blockchain, known for its extensive collection of over 10,000 NFTs. In other words, Tensor is a BLUR alternative for the Solana ecosystem. It offers a user-friendly platform with two modes: a simpler version for casual traders and a more advanced one for professionals, complete with real-time updates and analytics tools.

For creators, Tensor provides a centralized space to manage and showcase their NFT collections and also allows experimentation with Solana’s compressed NFTs. The platform, supported by major investors including a Solana co-founder, charges a low fee for transactions and incentivizes users with unique rewards.

To be eligible for the upcoming Tensor token airdrop, one needs to trade on Tensor NFT marketplace. Also, those who hold Tensor NFTs will be given extra preference or higher allocation. If you do not trade Solana NFTs, you can skip this.

Zeta Markets

Zeta Markets is a decentralized trading platform on the Solana blockchain, aiming to be the top decentralized derivatives exchange (DEX). Launched in 2021, it blends the efficiency of centralized exchanges with the security and transparency of a decentralized system. Key features include perpetual swaps trading in various cryptocurrencies, full self-custody of assets with USDC margined trades, and up to 10x leverage for capital efficiency. Zeta utilizes a fully on-chain limit order book (CLOB) for fair and transparent price discovery. It caters to institutional traders through programmatic connectivity via SDK/CPI programs and adds gamification aspects like leaderboards and trading rewards to enhance user engagement.


Meteora is a cutting-edge liquidity protocol on the Solana network, specializing in efficient and dynamic investment strategies. It features unique systems like Dynamic Vaults and Pools, which smartly shift funds among various lending opportunities to maximize returns and reduce risks.

The platform stands out in the Solana ecosystem for its effective management of stablecoin liquidity, crucial for maintaining market stability. With a strong focus on security, evidenced by thorough audits and real-world testing, Meteora also emphasizes community engagement in its governance and development processes. This approach, combined with its technical excellence, positions Meteora as a significant player in the decentralized finance (DeFi) space.

How much Money Can you Make with these Upcoming Solana Airdrop Opportunities?

There is no limit on how much money you can make from these forthcoming Solana airdrop opportunities.

You can make somewhere between 100 to 500 USD on average from each project with little or very little investment (< 1000 USD). However, if you are hyperactive, have funds, and can risk them, you could even earn 4-5 digits per project. I have seen crypto whales farming airdrops make 50,000 to 100,000 USD from each project.


In summary, the Solana network is offering some exciting chances to get involved and possibly receive free tokens through airdrops. We’ve looked at eight upcoming projects: Parcl, MarginFi Lending, Blazestake, PortalBridge, Phantom Wallet, Drift Protocol, Meteora, Tensor, and Kamino Finance. Each of these has its special way of working with the Solana system, like lending money, staking, or trading.

These opportunities are not just about trying to get free tokens. They’re also a way to be part of the growing Solana community and to help make the system better and more secure. It’s important for those interested to keep up with these projects and be active in them.

Whether you’re new to crypto or have been around for a while, these upcoming airdrops in the Solana ecosystem are a chance to join an exciting and evolving area of technology. It’s a way to be part of a community that’s working on innovative and potentially rewarding projects.