We are back with a new airdrop guide. Last week we published 3 major guides on upcoming Solana airdrop opportunities. However, today’s airdrop guide is not on the Solana chain, but on a new layer 2 blockchain ~ Manta Pacific (New Paradigm) by Manta.Network.

This new layer 2 blockchain is unique for its secure transactions using Zero-Knowledge technology and is the only platform of its kind offering native yield for ETH and stablecoins. With Manta.Network’s New Paradigm blockchain is now active, and there’s an exciting chance to earn $MANTA tokens.

The team has announced an allocation of 50,00,000 $Manta tokens for the stakers. This makes it a valuable opportunity for users to increase their earnings. We’ll walk you through how you can participate in this airdrop and potentially earn $Manta tokens.

50M Manta tokens

$Manta Token Airdrop Guide: Step-by-Step Process

As the only Ethereum L2 platform to offer native yield on both ETH and stablecoins, Manta.Network presents a compelling opportunity for users to enhance their earning potential. With its blockchain now operational, participants have the chance to earn $MANTA tokens as rewards.

Here is how you can earn Manta.Network token, step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Accessing New Paradigm

Begin your journey by visiting Newparadigm.manta.network. This is your gateway to bridge and deposit funds into Manta.Network. Currently, the platform accepts two types of assets: USDC and ETH.

Step 2: Deciding Between ETH and USDC

You have a choice to make based on your preference for gas fees:

  • For Higher Gas Fees: Opt to deposit ETH directly.
  • For Lower Gas Fees: Go with a USDC deposit.

Step 3: Bridging ETH to Manta.Network

Use a cross-chain bridge like Orbital.finance to transfer ETH from a Layer 2 blockchain to Manta.Network.

Step 4: Depositing USDC into New Paradigm

For Users with USDC on the ETH Network

Simply incur a gas fee of around $5 to deposit your USDC into the Paradigm network.

For Users Needing to Deposit USDC on the ETH network

Step 1: Utilize a centralized exchange with low withdrawal fees to withdraw USDC into the ETH network. You will need to incur a gas fee of around 15USDC if you are sending it via Binance

Step 2: Click on the deposit button to transfer your USDC from the ETH network to the New Paradigm network by Manta. This will cost you approximately USD 5 as mentioned in step 4.

If you do not mind paying gas fees in the range of 50USD to 100USD, you can directly deposit ETH into the New Paradigm blockchain. This will save you a lot of time.

Oh, I forgot to mention you will need invite codes and unfortunately, this is a must.

Manta network Invite code

I only have 8 New Paradigm by Manta.Network invite codes to help you get started. These are mentioned below:

  • S798W
  • UGCE6
  • EGO8Q
  • V0APS

Whenever you sign up, you will also be getting invite codes. If you have got more invite codes to share, comment down below to help other users. I will approve your comment or add your invite codes to the blog post.

Why should you participate in the New Paradigm by Manta.Network Staking?

Objective: Stake your deposited funds to earn staking rewards and participate in the Manta Airdrop.

Joining the New Paradigm staking program by Manta.Network can be a great move if you’re looking to grow your cryptocurrency investments. By staking your money in this program, you have the chance to earn $MANTA tokens, gather points for staking, and even get special Manta Drops. These benefits could boost your investment.

The program also offers something called native yield, which means you might get a steady and possibly higher return on the money you stake. But remember, once you put your money in, you can’t take it out until January 2024. So, while it’s a commitment, if you’re okay with waiting, this program could help grow your crypto holdings over time.

Benefits of Locking USDC or ETH in New Paradigm by Manta.Network

When you lock your USDC or ETH in the New Paradigm blockchain by Manta.Network, here’s what you can gain:

  • Earn More with Your Money: Your USDC or ETH isn’t just sitting there. It’s working to earn you more (native yield), that grows over time.
  • Get MANTA Tokens and More: By participating, you can earn your share from the 50M $MANTA tokens, which are like rewards or bonuses for being part of the program.
  • Enjoy Different Types of Earnings: Not just one, but multiple ways to earn. This includes fixed returns on your ETH or USDC, special NFTs (digital collectibles – more on that later), and more earnings by being involved in various financial (DeFi), gaming (GameFi), and social (SocialFi) projects.
  • Be Part of a Growing Ecosystem and future airdrops: Manta.Network is always adding new projects. By locking your assets, you become part of an expanding network with over 200 projects. Many such projects may announce future airdrops based on the amount staked.
  • Immediate Use of Your Tokens: Although you can’t withdraw your locked assets for 69 days, you can still use them in the Manta.Network for different activities.
  • Special Rewards for Inviting Friends: If your friends join because of you, you get extra benefits – like a thank-you gift for bringing them aboard.

Benefits of Lucky Boxes for the Manta Pacific Depositors

  1. Earn by Referring Friends: If you invite friends or they join through someone else’s invitation, both you and they get pieces as a reward.
  2. Receive NFTs from Boxes: When you open a Lucky Box, you’ll find NFTs inside.
  3. Complete the NFT Collection: If you gather all 6 different NFTs, you can exchange them for a special “First Modular L2” NFT.
  4. Unlock Rewards and Privileges with NFTs: By collecting these NFTs, you can claim various Manta rewards and gain access to exclusive benefits.
  5. Trade NFTs on Marketplaces: The NFTs you acquire can be sold or traded on various NFT marketplaces.

Manta.Network Deposit to Rewards: Timeline

The Manta.Network rewards program unfolds in a structured timeline divided into three distinct phases, each offering unique opportunities and actions for participants:

Deposit and Earn (Until January 2024)

  • Activity: Users start by bridging and depositing either ETH or USDC.
  • Rewards: Through this process, participants earn both yield on their deposits and Manta Box Pieces, which are part of the rewards system.
  • Duration: This initial phase is ongoing and will remain open for deposits until January 2024.

Receiving and Farming Tokens (Until January 2024)

  • Token Receipt: Within 24 hours of depositing, participants receive STONE and wUSDM, which are special tokens within the Manta Pacific L2 ecosystem.
  • Farming and Claims: These tokens can then be used for farming activities within Manta Pacific L2. Additionally, participants can claim MANTA token rewards using the NFTs they have collected.
  • Timeframe: This phase runs concurrently with Phase 1 and will also conclude in January 2024.

Withdrawal Post-Rewards Distribution (69 Days After Reward Distribution)

  • Withdrawal Window: After 69 days from the distribution of MANTA token rewards, participants gain the ability to withdraw their initial deposits.
  • Process: Withdrawals involve converting the STONE and wUSDM tokens back to ETH and USDC, respectively.

Looking Ahead: Future Developments

  • Ongoing Updates: The New Paradigm by Manta.Network is set to expand its utility and offerings in the future.
  • Stay Informed: Participants and interested parties are encouraged to stay updated with the latest information as Manta.Network continues to evolve in the Layer 2 blockchain space.

Manta.Network Funding and Investors

Manta.Network has attracted investments from prominent players in the web3 and blockchain investment arena. Notable names include Binance Labs and Polychain Capital, both well-respected and influential in the cryptocurrency investment world. Their involvement lends credibility and financial backing to Manta.Network’s initiatives.

Manta.Network Angel Investors

The project has also received support from various institutions. This includes participation in leading web3 accelerators like Alliance DAO and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator, which provide not just funding but also mentorship, networking opportunities, and resources crucial for growth and development in the blockchain sector.

Manta.Network Investors

Is Staking in Manta.Network for the Airdrop Worth it?

Deciding whether to put your money into the Manta.Network staking program for their airdrop is a bit tricky. It’s hard to say for sure if you’ll make a lot of money from it, but if you’ve got some extra cash you’re okay with experimenting with, it could be worth a shot. Just remember, like with all investments, there’s a risk involved, especially with the technology behind these contracts. So, it’s wise to only invest what you’re okay with potentially losing. I decided to stake my USDC with Manta Pacific layer 2 blockchain because the rewards looked good and they have support from some big investors. But don’t just go by what I say. Do your research and think carefully before you decide to invest.