What is Onomy protocol? The layer 1 blockchain network known as Onomy is intended to function as a permissionless, open, interoperable multichain decentralised exchange. 

Onomy offers minting, lending and trading cross chain. Onomy uses EntangleMint, a blockchain bridge, which functions as a decentralised exchange and aids users in obtaining chain liquidity through bridging, to facilitate this cross-chain trading of stablecoins.

The Onomy network acts as a more decentralised and transparent replica of the current financial infrastructure. The $NOM native token of the protocol is crucial to the growth of the Onomy ecosystem. The $NOM token is used for a variety of things, including as network security, stablecoin minting, governance, and generating money from exchange trading fees. As a consequence, Onomy’s design acts as a trustworthy and unchangeable system with total openness, equitable access rights distribution, and interoperability. 

Onomy protocol: Who is its creator?

In the realm of blockchain technology, the Onomy protocol is relatively new.

In December 2020, Lalo Bazzi and Charles Dusek jointly formed this layer 1 blockchain.

Bazzi, an ex-Microsoft, has four years’ worth of expertise in the blockchain industry and associate at Fidelity Investments.

Having worked in the fields of finance, machine learning, consensus systems for more than ten years, Dusek is an experienced engineer.

How to get Airdrop from Onomy Protocol? A Guide

Onomy Protocol just declared that their open testnet is operational and published instructions for joining in. We condensed the manual and provided it here for your reference. See how to be eligible for their potential next airdrops.

1: Click the link below to install the Metamask extension. With this, you may connect to the testnet.

2:Using this link mentioned below, download Keplr Wallet

3: For a Test ETH, visit Goerlifaucet.com. Click Sign up or log in, then type your address into the box, then click “Send Me ETH.”

4: Visit  Bonding-curve-testnet.onomy.io and Link the Goerli test network for Metamask.

5: Enter the amount of ETH you would like to spend to purchase bNOM, click “Buy bNOM,” and then click “Confirm.”

6: Click “Bridge bNOM to NOM” next, then “Get Started” and “Connect Keplr” before clicking “Get Started” once again.

7: Select “Max,” then “Swap bNOM for NOM,” and “Approve” for bridging and also to approve the transaction on the metamask. After the bridge has successfully completed, click “Continue.”

8: To stake NOM, select “Manage Staking/Rewards.”

9: Any validator node can be chosen. “Citadel.one” is what we have chosen. Next, select “Delegate.”

10: Put maximum tokens on the line while keeping 1 NOM for gas charges. Enter the desired amount, click “Confirm,” and then complete the transaction on Keplr.

11: Join their Discord server. then post a feedback to # testnet-feedback.

12: Remember to provide your NOM address to the # drop-nom-address channel as well

That’s it. You should now be eligible for the potential Onomy airdrop. To increase your chances, do interact with more Dapps when they are available.

Remember this guide on Onomy airdrop is #Unconfirmed. However, it is advised to follow all the steps to stay ahead of the masses.