The eagerly anticipated Aptos network debuted its mainnet on October 17 after over three years in the making.

Given the project’s connections to Meta and the well-known figures supporting the layer-1 network, there was a lot of excitement around the event.

The Aptos group also declared an airdrop on October 19 that will provide APT tokens to its initial testnet users. 20 million APT tokens total were given out to about 1,10,235 qualified participants.

Those who obtained the airdrop may see considerable price growth in the future given the anticipation and enthusiasm around the endeavor.

However, individuals who missed the airdrop could be experiencing severe FOMO.

But don’t worry, Aptos has recently announced that the APTIN, a Defi Lending protocol on Aptos network, which has launched its final community test version on Aptos Testnet, is ready for the mainnet upgrade.

This makes it a potential candidate for APTIN potential airdrop. In this article, we will discuss how you can get APTIN tokens for free.

How to get APTIN Airdrop (Potential)?

To be eligible for Aptin tokens airdrop, users need to participate in Aptin’s decentralized non-custodial liquidity exchange architecture either as deposits or lenders.

While depositors provide liquidity to the market in return for passive income, borrowers might choose to borrow using an overcollateralized or undercollateralized strategy.

Here are step by step guide on how to be eligible for APTIN airdrop

1: Join the discord channel at this link:

2: Install the Marian Wallet using the extension in the link below: Chrome Extension Link

3: Visit the website listed below to take the Test APT: Faucet Link

4: Using this website, add a custom token to your martian wallet: Check LINK

5: To obtain the test token, open:

Then connect to Martian Wallet, and click “Faucet” in the top-right corner.

6:Now, in order to lend a token, click “Supply.” Add any amount, choose “Supply (token-name),” and then confirm the transaction on your wallet. Next, supply or lend every token.

7: To borrow a token, click “Borrow.” Check your borrowing capacity by entering any amount below your balance, clicking “Borrow” and then approving the transaction on your wallet.

8: We should now stake APN. To stake APN, open: APTIN STAKING LINK

9: Choose any value and click Stake. Take a screenshot of the problem and note it on the feedback page if your APN balance is not appearing.

10: Take some tokens out of your dashboard and return them: LINK

11: Fill out the feedback form at the following link. finish the mission on Twitter, Be active on their discord until the role is given, and you must provide thoughtful comments to be considered for the position. Doc link


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How to APTIN tokens can I get?

Though Aptin has not confirmed the airdrop, so it is unclear how many tokens can you expect to potentially receive. However, if airdropped, I think the amount should be more than 100USD.