The Cryptocurrency market in 2022 saw a prolonged bear run, as the result of a subsequent global recession and other factors relating to the ecosystem. The arrival of a new year has sparked discussions relating to investment avenues and revenue-generating opportunities in the crypto market.

The obvious question has been what cryptos and altcoins, should one put their money into, that could turn out to be a profit-minting decision.

Before figuring out which crypto is dependable, it is important to know, What makes crypto dependable?

Apart from its past performance a crypto’s worth can be deciphered from the kind of projects and future activities, the organization, blockchain, or institution it is linked to, is involved in. 

They directly impact the overall functioning, economic inflexibility factors, and respective goodwill of the company and resultantly the coin itself. 

We are easily seeing a new bull run happening in 2023 and here is a countdown of the top 10 altcoins you should consider investing in 2023.

altcoins 2023

Polygon (Matic)

This is an obvious entry to anyone who has been even mildly following the crypto trends in the last couple of years. Polygon (Matic) has been promising not just as a cryptocurrency, but also as a company. 

Polygon has made its development-centric blockchain its USP. Polygon’s blockchain and related technology are even being used by governmental institutions to make public work more efficient and effective. Polygon has partnered with global brands like Nothing, Adidas, Adobe, Meta, Disney, the National Football league, Reddit, and so on. 

Even during a dump that Polygon faced in 2022, the coin’s overall performance was not as bad as its counterparts. With several new projects and developments on their way, Polygon (Matic) becomes a dependable and stable crypto option for one to put their money into.


Aptos, use a layer 1, proof-of-Stake blockchain, and as an organization, they have been focusing on solving the issues that have daunted the crypto ecosystem for a while. Aptos has been invested in finding resolves to the issues of slow transactions, security failures, lack of full decentralization, and so on. 

Aptos was referred to as the Solana killer in the market, and to mention it Solana itself was called the Ethereum killer. Aptos’s system has been outperforming Solana, e.g., Solana can process 65,000 transactions per second, while Aptos can process 160,000 transactions per second. 

The growing Aptos ecosystem has tended its coin more opportunity and stability in the future, again, with a lot of investors moving from Solana to Aptos. 

Aptos survey is a coin that makes promises for the coming future. 


Well, of course! Often referred to as a direct competitor to Bitcoin itself, Ethereum is a dependable option. 

Putting aside its obvious track record, Ethereum’s ecosystem has been growing and expanding rapidly. With the upcoming upgrades that will bring down the gas fees or user fees, there will be an influx of developers and investors onto the platform, making Ethereum a more functional and dependable choice than it is already. 

While it is being competition with Bitcoin is debatable, Ethereum’s upcoming upgrades and track record make it an appealing option for investors and traders.

And for any cryptocurrency investor, old or new, Ethereum is a must hold in your portfolio.

Our of all altcoin to buy in 2023, ETH should be 30 to 50%.


Arweave’s market cap stands at $316 million, and it has been emerging as a promising participant in developing the crypto ecosystem. 

It has been concentrated on solving issues, majorly data loss; which often happens through broken links. 

Arweave has approached solving data storage complexities, by connecting users with people with storage facilities and creating a cooperative data storage structure. The benefit of this, being the data stored can be secured forever. 

Currently, Solana stores all its data on Arweave, making it a directly proportional relationship, where Solana’s growth is directly linked to Arweave also growing to be its partner. 

Arweave ecosystem enables growth and revenue and investment return through various channels. So even if this year doesn’t have a significant bull run, the upcoming projects and parallel growth of the Arweave project have overall stable returns.


Polkadot stands at rank 12 in market capitalization among all the cryptocurrencies. Despite the depressed market of 2022, Polkadot stayed an overall dependable coin last year. In the coming years, Polkadot is set to emerge as a remarkable long-term investment. 

Apart from that Polkadot has been emerging as a vibrant crypto ecosystem, it even offers an 18% reward to its investors who help them secure their network. 

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XDC or XDC Network has been working on the 3rd generation problems of the crypto ecosystem, including speed and scalability, through their platform. With a market cap of $353 million, XDC has been growing its impact by assisting the international money market. 

It is one of the first ISO 2022 eligible coins, which is an international that aims at implementing swift payment systems and is working towards creating a universal standard for high-value payment systems. 


What started as a possible internet fad, has now turned into a stable and dependable crypto option. Even when its price fell, Dogecoin was able to find investors and buyers. Even during the times of omnipresent dip in the crypto market, DogeCoin was able to maintain a certain level of stability. 

Apart from its scalability, being a coin that is backed by Elon Musk and with the report of a possible tie-up with Twitter coming up. Doge Coin is an obvious risk worth taking. 

Shiba Inu

Another meme coin in the list, Shiba Inu has grown from being just an experiment to a coin that has found an entire community that is backing it up. Being a community project now, Shiba, at least for the recent foreseeable future seems to be holding its ground. 

In addition to this, Shiba Inu has multiple projects coming up, i.e., Shiba Swap 2.0, and a blockchain and metaverse. With all this going in favor of Shiba, it seems to be a coin with prospective profit. 

Not just that, Shiba Inu recently announced the launch of a layer 2 blockchain which could be released anytime this year. This is massive update from the Shiba Inu team.

Now, this is not just a crypto meme coin, but one with real use case.


Fantom or FTM runs 9 validators, and delegates its funds, creating multiple parallel income sources for their organization. The positive cash flow, and are expanding their ecosystem. 

Fantom has a low-transaction fee and is contextually a token going stable and strong, with impressive profitmaking avenues. 

The return of Cronje makes me really bullish for Fantom this year. 


Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain platform, and claims to be one of the first to employ, “peer-reviewed research and developed through evidence-based methods”. With batting issues like product counterfeiting, Cardano is predicted to have steady growth in the coming years. 

Given its relatively cheap prices, Cardano is an option for anyone who looking to buy or even stake altcoins. 

The stated cryptos are selected keeping in mind, various factors, which may deflect in the future, so make sure you follow the update and track the market’s and your buying and selling trends, to assure yourself a safe crypto trading and investment experience.