SpacePort is a play to earn NFT game that aims to introduce and bring the charm of classic arcade games to the blockchain space. The game is paired with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) through the native SpacePort Coin (SPC). It is known for its simplicity and easy usage unlike other popular NFT games. I have been playing Spaceport Blockchain game and have earned more than 13 USD in more than 7 days.

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It is a play to earn game which allows its player an opportunity to earn up to 5% of their holdings on a daily basis.

What is SpacePort Play to Earn Game?

SpacePort is inspired by the traditional arcade shooter game, where the player is mainly required to battle against the enemies and defeat them. Players in the game are assigned with a spaceship which needs to be controlled and used to shoot down the enemies.

How to play Spaceport Game?

Spaceport game is very simple. It is a shooting game where you as a player is required to shoot the planes, and objects in the space that comes your way. Players must shoot down multiple enemies, consecutively in a row to increase their combo, which will then result in the multiplication of the player’s score. If you miss shooting them, you lose points that we call score. If your shooting plane crashes with any other object, it crashes and the game ends.

The number of SPC tokens that can be earned by the players is dependent on their current score.

Pro tip: Make use of the laser beam that gets activated once your score touches 100000. Use space button to fire. You can kill a lot of foe at one go.

Spaceport SPC Token Chart

SPC token

Currently, only 8,480 wallet addresses can be found that hold at least one or more SPC tokens on the Binance Smart Chain, which indicates that SpacePort has a greater advantage, in terms of market penetration, as numerous play-to-earn games on BSC have gained popularity, during the past few weeks. The number of holders are increasing day by day. The game is very new.

The token’s value has been increasing steadily at an remarkable rate. It means that the players are highly interested in the earning mechanism of SpacePort. The token was released in mid July, 2021 and has shot up nearly 10x times its launch price. The game’s tokenomics claims that the players must hold SPC tokens only as much as they can  afford to, ensuring that they do not risk losing an unnecessary amount and at the same time promotes active game-play.


Tax is now 20%: 8% liquidity, 8% prize pool and 4% reflection. Slippage for buying is around 21-23%. Put “.000” at the end of SPC token amount.

How to earn on SpacePort?

Players need a minimum of SPC worth $1 USD in their wallet to begin earning while playing on SpacePort. The greater the number of SPC coins, the more the player can earn. However, do note that the maximum earnings per day are set to 5% of the player’s holdings, upto 100USD.

All rewards are paid out from the 10% prize pool which SpacePort levies on transactions. As a result, the game will maintain a filled reward pool filled, as long as active players join and play the game.

What is unique about this model is that anyone can earn SPC coins. The quantity does not matter whether its is $5 USD or $500 USD worth of SPC, everyone benefits.

Download Metamask or any other suitable wallet, add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to the wallet, and then visit PancakeSwap to purchase your preferred quantity of SPC tokens.

In a nutshell, keep shooting your enemies and keep scoring higher.

Prerequisite to play Spaceport Game

After installing Metamask, follow these steps:

  • Click on Metamask, navigate to the Network drop-down menu, then tap on “add Custom RPC”.
  • Fill in the following details:
  • The player is allowed to now choose “Binance Smart Chain (BSC)”  from the network drop-down menu.
  • The player is then required to visit PancakeSwap, and swap BNB (Binance Coins) for the custom SPC token.
  • Contract address: 0x21ea8618b9168eb8936c3e02f0809bbe901282ac
  • Now, the user can swap their BNB tokens for SPC. The player is all set to start earning on SpacePort.

As soon as BSC is added to the player’s wallet, they can visit the official SpacePort website, tap on the “START” button visible on the top-right, fill in the required details such as username.

Then click on “SUBMIT”. Go back to the main page via the top-left button to begin playing on SpacePort.

After playing a couple of rounds, the player can tap on the “START” button again, and and choose the “CHECK” option to view their accumulated earnings. Remember that these every day earnings are a maximum 10% of the player’s holdings.

Do you need SPC tokens to play the game?

SpacePort NFT Game

A gamer does not need to hold SPC tokens to play “SpacePort.” Non-SPC holders are allowed to play the game and have a chance to win the daily jackpot as well. But note that, non-SPC holders can only win the jackpot, if they have attained the highest score on that particular day.

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How much can you earn playing Spaceport play to earn game?

I have made 13.67 USD in about a week playing 10-15 minutes a day. I hold around 40 USD worth of tokens. I do not play a lot. Else, I could have made more. If you hold 100 USD worth of SPC tokens, you can expect to get your ROI in about 2 to 3 weeks.

Spaceport Play-to-earn Earning Report August 2021

21st August Spaceport Earning Report Update: I earned 5.20USD today, and today is the first day I played for more than 20 games. And I completed 100 percent quota and earned 5.20 USD, which is 10 percent of my current holding. I will keep updating my earning report. Do not forget to save this page if you want to follow my earnings.

23rd August Spaceport Earning Report Update: 35.47 USD


24th August Spaceport Earning Report Update: 51.90 USD. There is an increase in the earning because of the price change. The price of SPC tokens increased 50 percent over last 24 hours.

If you are very good at playing the game, you may also win a jackpot amount. SPC holders benefit more as they can also earn NFTs, if they obtain high scores in that game.

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Disclaimer: Do not put a lot of money in new play to earn NFT games. Risk only what you can afford to lose.