With the latest airdrop held by Arbitrum and other platforms, users have reported to make huge profits. With this in mind, we also see an opportunity where the platform Rage Trade could hold an airdrop allowing users to earn significant money. In this article, we will tell you what you can do to increase your chances of getting an airdrop from Rage Trade.

Rage Trade Airdrop guide

What is Rage Trade?

Rage Trade is a very well known platform that is creating the most liquid, composable, and only omnichain ETH perp that is built on UNI v3. Their ETH perp is offering users with a leverage of 5x, an Omnichain that comes with recycled liquidity a Yield generating 80-20 Vaults.

The platform boasts of 18.80 million dollars in the overall Total Value Locked (TVL), 480.46 million dollars in Trading Volume Against Rage’s Vaults and an Average APY of more than 10.28 per cent.

Their stablecoin farm is one of the highest yielding options for risk on/off users and comes with a GLP Delta Neutral product which is one of its kind. This product helps to hedge Trader PnL and adds to the other features of the platform. Rage Trade is also coming up with a GLP v2 that is essentially responsible for creating GLP-like baskets on GMX Synthetics

Who are the Investors at Rage Trade?

Rage trade has a long list of investors that are supporting the platform. These backers are as follows:

  • CMS (Home of CMS intern)
  • 3AC (Creator of ‘Zhu-per cycle’)
  • Zee Prime (Fiskantes’ Alt)
  • Robot Ventures (Tarun Chitra and Rob Leshner)
  • Not3Lau (Lau Brothers)
  • MGNR.io (Crypto Hedge Fund)
  • TetraNode (OG DeFi Investor)
  • Tuba (CEO of PsyOps Capital)
  • Mewny (Comfy Couch)
  • DeFi Frog (DeFi Thot Leader)
  • DCF God (DeFi Thot Leader)
  • Sisyphus (Angel Investor and Trader)
  • Jawz (Olympus DAO)
  • Grug (Chief Grug at Grug Capital)
  • State (Thot Leader)
  • TT (Co-founder of Amber Group)
  • Pomp (Investor, Influencer)
  • Scott Lewis (Inventor of TVL)
  • Jai Bhavani (Founder of Rari, member of the Tribe)
  • Will Price (OG Mechanism Designer)
  • Adam Patel (Olympus DAO)
  • Nick Chong (Chief Simp Officer)
  • Santiago (Angel Investor)
  • Eden Au (Big Brain stuff at The Block)
  • ConvexMonster (Degen Trader Extraordinaire)
  • Evan SS (Investor and Poker Player)
  • Steven Doge (Shitposting at The Block)
  • Folkvang (Crypto Hedge Fund)
  • Sha Hafizi (Crypto’s favorite lawyer)
  • Kronos (Crypto Hedge Fund)
  • Apollo (Cofounder of Olympus)
  • Wartull (Olympus DAO
  • Primitive Ventures
  • BizYugo
  • GBV
  • Lemniscap
  • Dopex
  • Re7 Capital (Dopex)
  • NebulaeVentures
  • SevenX Ventures
  • BreakOrbit (BreakOrbit Venture)

Rage Trade Airdrop Guide: How to be Eligible?

The team behind Rage Trade has dropped many hints that have pointed towards a high likelihood of there being a RAGE airdrop for users. Since we still don’t have any confirmed eligibility criteria yet, interacting with the Rage Trade platform is the best option. This will not only get you closer to winning a potential $RAGE airdrop but could also get you a $ZRO airdrop since Rage Trade does work on the Layer Zero Labs Protocol. In order to do so follow the given steps

Step 1: Depositing on the platform

  1. Visit the official Rage Trade website through this link
  2. Click on Launch App
  3. In the new webpage select the connect wallet option on the top right
  4. Link your wallet of choice and switch the network to Arbitrum
  5. Next, make sure you approve the USDC token
  6. After that click on deposit and then Deposit the amount of $USDC you require in order to open positions on Rage.

Step 2: Make some trades on Rage

  1. Visit the official Rage Trade website through his link
  2. Click on Launch App
  3. In the new webpage make sure you have connected to your wallet and have enough funds deposited
  4. Next, you have to make some trades. In order to do that, fill in the required information in the left pane. You can choose between a long or short position, enter the desired amount, choose the slippage tolerance, go through the trade data and finally click on Swap
  5. Next to the trading pane, you will now see a summarised pop up of your trade. In this section select Close Position
  6. Once that is done click on confirm close and your trade would be completed
  7. I advise you to make at least 5-10 trades in 1-2 weeks. Also, each trade’s value should be no less than $100.

Step 3: Deposit $USDC, $GLP, and $ETH into the vaults

  1. Visit the official Rage Trade website through this link
  2. Click on Launch App
  3. In the new webpage make sure you have connected to your wallet and have enough funds deposited
  4. On the top menu bar select the vaults option
  5. On this page deposit some funds like $USDC, $GLP, and $ETH and then approve the transaction
  6. In my opinion, you should deposit at least $1,000-$1,100 in the vault to certainly qualify for the airdrop.

Please Note: Rage currently has two major categories of vaults. One is the Risk-on vault and the other is the Risk-Off one. The Risk-On vault provides users with a significantly greater APY but has some risks associated with it. Hence I suggest that for the purposes of getting an airdrop, depositing $USDC in the Risk-Off vault is a better idea. The only downside is that unfortunately, the Risk-Off vault has a comparatively downward deposit cap. As a result of this so you would have to wait for some time until someone who deposited in this vault withdraws their tokens. The team has come up with a Telegram bot that sends a notification across to you letting you know when you can deposit $USDC in this vault. Click on this link to join the telegram bot: http://t.me/RageTradeAlert.

Step 4: Get Guild roles

  • Visit the official Guild website through this link
  • Click on “explore guilds”
  • In the search bar type “Rage Trade” and select the result
  • Click on “Connect to a Wallet”
  • In the pop up choose the wallet of your preference. You have four options namely Meta Mask,
    Coinbase Wallet, Wallet Connect and Delegate Wallet
  • Once your wallet is linked Click on “Join Guild To Get Rewards”. In the pop up select “Join
  • Now that you are a part of the Rage Trade Guild you can scroll down to see the roles.

Airdrop value: $Rage Airdrop value could be in between 500 to 1000USD or even more. 

Now that you have completed all the steps, keep following our page. If there is any update to Rage.Trade airdrop guide, we will share it here. You may choose to bookmark this page or subscribe to our newsletter.

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