The big Crypto enthusiast DappPunk, an NFT Collector has quit his job for NFTs! Quitting from a well-settled full-time job and getting into something that can be as volatile as crypto isn’t a simple matter. Here’s what he has to say to enthusiasts and newbies at crypto:

Now, for a better understanding, NFT stands for Non-Fungible Tokens. NFT is slowly making its way up to the top of the crypto and blockchain industry. You might have seen avatars and quirky artworks in the form of NFTs. To break it down, NFTs can be anything, starting from an artwork, a music snippet to even a piece of literature! NFT is not only ensuring security for investors by smart contracts but also empowering creators and artists like never before.

When the news hit Twitter, that an NFT Collector has quit his job for NFTs, crypto enthusiasts from all over the world sharted shooting questions for his opinion on all things NFT. Starting from individuals just venturing out on NFTs, to pro collectors, had so much to as DappPunk!

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One of the most important questions DappPunk addressed was, why would someone spend $500k on digital art when they could have had the same design made by a graphic designer for under $50. To this DappPunk just simply stated that they are not really the same thing. For example, even a DaVinci art could be easily copied with high fidelity, but collectors would prefer having the original even at a higher rate.

NFT Collector has quit his job for NFTs

Another question even I was waiting desperately to be answered for is, what is he going to do next? Well, DappPunk plans on building an NFT Community for photographers, explorers, and travelers, and other investors seeking a more natural connection to the real world.

DappPunk was also asked how his experience was on managing a 9-to-5 and doing NFTs before quitting. Juggling full-time employment and the fast-paced NFT Market was not easy for him. He’s answered very frankly that he had to grind for months alongside making decisions on the NFTs. Alongside helping out the newbies at NFTs, DappPunk has also emphasized the importance of the community.

NFT Collector has quit his job for NFTs