Join the Exclusive Crypto Side Event in Dubai, 17-18 April! Organized by – the best tools for crypto analysis and crypto arbitrage.

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In April, Dubai will host two of the largest conferences in the crypto industry – Blockchain Life and Token 2049. The two events will bring together over 15,000 attendees from around the world to network with industry leaders.

On the same days, attendees will be able to attend one of the world’s most famous side events from the – best crypto tools for cryptocurrency arbitrage and on-chain analysis. Now the service is the best among its competitors, and hundreds of positive reviews from its clients only prove it. Last year, the team organized 3 major events in Dubai, Istanbul and Bangkok where crypto leaders from all over the world, ArbitrageScanner clients and other web3 industry influencers gathered.

This year, the team is kicking off the event series in Dubai on April 17th and 18th.

The main objective of the event is to gather the largest community of market leaders and discuss the most relevant topics – including practical knowledge and strategies to make money. This will be a closed side event, open only to ArbitrageScanner clients, owners of billion dollar crypto companies, traders with more than $5 million in capital and other industry leaders. The number of seats is limited, so we recommend subscribing to the service and booking your ticket in advance.

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ArbitrageScanner Event – why you should definitely be at the event?

  • This is an exclusive private event where only invited VIP guests and ArbitrageScanner clients can attend. The advantage is that here you will be able to communicate with industry leaders, learn about new strategies on the market from the clients of the service who are constantly earning hundreds of thousands of dollars. You will become a part of the strongest community where you will gain new useful acquaintances, practical knowledge from the best traders and important insider information.
  • You will analyze profitable cases of making money on the market, including those using blockchain analysis. The team and clients of the service will share practical knowledge that will help you competently evaluate the market, find profitable wallets and make money on it.
  • You will spend 2 days of intensive networking in an informal atmosphere. Discussions on current topics, with the opportunity to relax in one of the largest villas in Dubai, enjoying drinks and hookahs.
  • You will gain knowledge on the most relevant topics in the crypto market: how to make money from cryptocurrency arbitrage and blockchain anomalies, how to find projects for investment and how to promote them in 2024.
  • You will become part of the ArbitrageScanner community, you will be able to make money with the best tools on the market and you will have access to all future events around the world.

How can you become a participant of the ArbitrageScanner event in Dubai?

If you have a valid subscription to the ArbitrageScanner service (starting from the Test plan) – you are already a guest of the event and can attend the event on day 2. Book early to be sure of getting into the villa, as there are limited places available.

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If you would like to attend the event for two days (April 17 & 18), we recommend booking the Business Plan (or higher). This is the most cost effective option as you will get full access and be able to participate in the pool networking party, key discussions with crypto leaders and the final after party). The VIP ticket price is $200 (prices will go up closer to the event) and the benefit of the knowledge gained will be many times higher. 

If you are a representative of the media industry (media, influencers), the entrance is free. To get a ticket, you need to contact the ArbitrageScanner team to confirm your request.

Arbitrage scanner event

ArbitrageScanner events are always highly publicized and people from all over the world want to attend. For example, last year they had over +1000 people at their side events that were held as part of major conferences.

Arbitrage Scanner

Below are some pictures of what it was:

Cases and reviews from ArbitrageScanner clients

Now ArbitrageScanner is the leader in blockchain analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage tools. If you do a project research, you can find a lot of positive reviews about ArbitrageScanner tools on the Internet: 

  • Customers emphasize the broad functionality tools for wallet analysis and cryptocurrency arbitrage
  • Training and practical cases that you receive immediately after subscribing to the program.
  • Closed chat of clients, where you can get insider information about coins, wallets and start earning immediately 
  • The opportunity to recoup the cost of the bot with the help of the ArbitrageScanner affiliate program, which multiplies your profit by 2, as you earn with the help of tools and by promoting your referral link, where you get 50% of each sale. For example, if someone buys a subscription to the bot for 200USD, you will immediately receive 100USD on your account. You can withdraw money at any time with no restrictions and no commissions. You can also find more information about the referral program on the website:
  • ArbitrageScanner’s WhiteLabel will be of interest to anyone who has ever thought about starting their own business. You can buy the product’s ready-made IT solutions to implement them immediately into your turnkey business. The cost is from $19999$ for months of your saved time and effort that you would have spent on creating a similar service. 

The project team often shares their clients’ cases so you can replicate the same strategies and increase your profits. In the ArbitrageScanner Telegram channel or in the blog you can already learn how to earn +300% in a few months by tracking a Tier-3 fund wallet. Or how to earn +9000$ on Meme coin in 1 day also using ArbitrageScanner wallet analysis tools. After subscribing, the team will send you a pool of working cases as well as detailed training on how to use each tool, so you can pay off your subscription to the service in the first few days.

At the event, you will receive insider information from market practitioners that you can immediately apply to your arbitrage or wallet search/analysis.

Advantages of ArbitrageScanner

  • The only Arbitrage scanner that tracks spreads between different blockchains (Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Optimism, etc.).
  • Supports over 60 exchanges (international, local in each country).
  • The only Arbitrage scanner that tracks blockchain lifespan, network matching and coin withdrawal ability.
  • Security. is a manual bot that works without API request, which means it has no access to users’ money.
  • Transaction notifications are sent every 4 seconds, so you are always aware of changes on the exchange.
  • Real-time web version or Telegram version with notifications available
  • Arbitrage screener is available, which looks for bundles between exchanges and sends notifications about the difference. You can earn up to 80% per day without buying tokens. 
  • Arbitrage Message is available – a tool that allows you to be the first to know the news before it is released to the media and earn on insights. 
  • Available Arbitrage Wallets, for mass searching and analyzing wallets. You can find the wallet of a market insider, top trader and study their investment strategies. Thanks to AI, a user can find absolutely any wallet, even if it was created a few minutes ago. 
  • Personal curator who will help you customize the bot and answer any questions (if you buy Platinum plan and higher).
  • Free training and working cases for clients of the service, access to a closed community with сlients.

How to make money on ArbitrageScanner with arbitrage tools, blockchain analysis and many other topics you can discuss at the Arbitrage Scanner side event. Work with the best trading tools by 

Date and Place: April 17-18, Dubai 

This will be an exclusive event and the number of seats will be limited to ensure that all participants are comfortable in the villa. So make sure you book your seats early so you don’t miss out on the chance to meet industry leaders!

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