NIM is a highly-adoptable AI Gaming chain that is specifically designed for the development and operation of video games that use Web3 technologies (like cryptocurrency and NFTs) and integrate artificial intelligence (AI). It is one of the first major rollapp built on Dymension.

NIM Network has recently announced that it will be distributing 9% of its tokens through airdrops: 5% to DYM stakers and another 4% to various groups, including gaming communities like Today the Game, AI Arena, Pirate Nation, and Parallel, as well as NFT communities like Pudgy Penguins. This marks the first major airdrop for all DYM stakers.

NIM network logo

What exactly is NIM Network trying to achieve?

NIM uses mainly two buzzwords: AI and Gaming. This makes the project a perfect one to play with the current trend.

However, NIM protocol indeed plans to solve multiple problems with the current P2E games and models.

To discuss a few: there are mainly two problems:

Superficial On-chain Elements: Many Web3 games simply tack on blockchain features without truly leveraging the potential of blockchain technology. This results in games that are neither innovative nor competitive with traditional Web2 games.

Limited Infrastructure: Games with truly ambitious visions for integrating blockchain and AI features struggle because existing blockchain infrastructure can’t handle their demands.

NIM Network positions itself as the solution to these problems. It aims to be an AI Gaming chain, which suggests it will be a blockchain specifically designed to address the needs of AI-powered Web3 games.

This likely means it will offer features like:

Scalability: The ability to handle the large amount of data and complex computations required by AI without sacrificing speed or transaction times.

Security: A secure platform for in-game economies, NFT ownership, and other Web3 functionalities.

Developer Tools: Tools and resources specifically designed to make it easier for developers to build and integrate AI features into their games.

NIM Airdrop Details: 9% of the tokens to be Airdropped

Nim Network has officially announced its inaugural genesis distribution of NIM tokens, signifying a pivotal moment in its mission to dominate the AI gaming ecosystem. The distribution allocates 90 million NIM, equivalent to 9% of the total supply, coinciding with the platform’s mainnet launch.

NIM token airdrop

NIM Token Utility: The NIM token is designated for transaction fees, governance participation, and as the driving force behind the platform’s economic model. It is uniquely positioned as an IBC token on the EVM chain, ensuring fluidity and broad usability within the ecosystem.

Eligibility Criteria and Restrictions: The airdrop is notably exclusive, disallowing participation from U.S. persons or entities in compliance with specific regulatory standards. Eligible participants are encouraged to secure their NIM tokens through the designated claiming process, attentively avoiding phishing attempts.

Community Engagement: This genesis distribution aims to commend and reward the foundational communities and contributors who align with Nim’s vision. It celebrates the involvement of key technology enablers, leaders in AI gaming, and influential NFT communities, acknowledging their pivotal roles in the platform’s development and future.

Dymension’s Role: Nim’s launch and subsequent airdrop are facilitated by its integration with Dymension, the architect behind the innovative ‘Internet of RollApps.’ Dymension stakers, receiving a substantial portion of the airdrop, are honored for their contribution, underscoring the collaborative and inclusive ethos of the Nim ecosystem.

Which communities are getting the NIM airdrop?

  • DYM stakers
  • Gaming Sector: A salute to AI and on-chain gaming communities for pioneering new frontiers in the space.
  • Infrastructure and Funding Initiatives: Recognition of contributions from entities like Ocean Protocol, Gitcoin, and Olas Network towards building a robust infrastructure for AI gaming.
  • NFT Communities: A nod to groups like Pudgy Penguins, 9dcc, and WolvesDAO for their trailblazing efforts and support of the crypto culture.

NIM community eligibile

NIM token Eligibility Criteria Check and Last Claim Date

You can check your eligibility by going to this link

No need to connect any wallet. Just copy the wallet address from your Metamask, and paste it to see if you qualify.

NIM rolldrop claim

After entering the address if you see the message ‘your claim is being processed!’, you should be good.

NIM airdrop claim

Please note: You need to claim all your NIM tokens before April 02, 2024.

Keep yourself safe from scams. The tokens will be sent directly to your wallet and need not be claimed. Do not click on any phishing link. Verify links from the official website/socials only.

NIM Tokenomics and Listing Date

The full NIM tokenomics is not out yet, but is expected to be announced before TGE. I am expecting NIM to list in April 2024. The NIM listing price is expected to be between 0.5 to 1USD.

This is the first major win for the DYM stakers, and I am expecting many more airdrops to come. Staking DYM could be a good idea to get more airdrops, building on Dymension.

If you are interested in airdrops, I highly recommend you to join our Discord.