The NFT Market has been down for a while now. Whenever there is a rise in ETH prices, NFTs tend to slow down a bit. Here are a few mid-tier and high-tier NFT projects you can buy when they dip!

NFT Market has taken a serious hit with the rise of Ethereum price. Most top NFT Collections such a Bored Ape Yacht Club just hit under 30ETH  for their floor price. Similarly, there are a few other high-end tiers and mid-tier NFT collections that seem promising.

Mid-Tier NFT Projects

1. CyberKongsVX

CyberKongz VX Collection: 13.9K items

Floor Price: 1.45 ETH

Volume traded: 16.9k ETH

CyberKongz VX is one of the most promising mid-tier NFT Projects you can buy when they dip. This collection is the voxelized version of CyberKong’s ecosystem. CyberKongz have been extremely popular with their genesis pieces, as well as their baby kongz.

This collection is the third iteration of that collection in the voxelized form of those kongs. Now, apart from the quirky art style and NFT perks, these voxelized kongs will be also utilized in the game called The Sandbox. These voxelized kongs are seen all over the blockchain gaming platform as popular avatars. CyberKongz VX has been very prominent in the game. They have purchased a lot of lands and have made a big commitment to The Sandbox.

Their roadmap also contains a Banana shop, where you can use the BANANA Token to purchase assets to the voxelized kongs. These are also the avatars that users are actually going to use within Sandbox.

2. Mutant Cats

Mutant Cats Collection: 10K items

Floor Price: 1.45 ETH

Volume traded: 13.1k ETH

This is a collection of 9,999 cats that have been mutated by an unknown disease across the Ethereum Blockchain, and each of these NFTs grants accesses to the exclusive DAO Community and voting rights.

Mutant Cat’s main holding is CoolCats, which is doing extremely great in the NFT MArketplace. CoolCats have been diversifying their vault, and they have added a CryptoPunk, Bored Ape, and Fidenza. It is commendable that they are trying to diversify their vault and not focus on one particular project. Mutant Cats have also been making their way in the rank list with what they have added to the vault, thus adding popularity to the overall concept.

3. Doodles

Doodles Collection: 10K items

Floor Price: 1.67 ETH

Volume traded: 12.6k ETH

Doodles are one of the most recently released NFT projects you can buy when they dip. The art-stye of Doodles is extremely simple and minimalistic. That is something that appeals to almost every art enthusiast. Many high-end and prominent people are adopting these minimalistic  Doodle NFTs as their profile picture. 

Although it is pretty early in the stage to predict any trait in this project, Doodles seems to have the potential in the long-term NFT Marketplace. 

4. DeadFellaz

DeadFellaz Collection: 10K items

Floor Price: 0.87 ETH

Volume traded: 6.9k ETH

DeadFellaz is a collection of 10,000 un-dead Non-Fungible Tokens of Ethereum Blockchain. This budding project has been building a very strong and well-communicated community very organically.

For any project in a marketplace as risky as NFT, it is very important to have a support of a strong community backing up that project. DeadFellaz is a project backed up by a strong and close-knit community. 

5. World of Women

WoW Collection: 10K items

Floor Price: 2.24 ETH

Volume traded: 23.3k ETH

World of Women was one of the most prominent names in the NFT market when it launched. Since then, it has been having a very fluctuating presence in the market. Fluctuating in the sense that you don’t get to hear about this particular project for a while, but then when you do, it is pretty loud.

NFT Market is mostly male-dominated. World of Women is taking on that fact and standing up as a front of the women empowerment sector in the NFT ecosystem. World of Women had previously made headlines when different Hollywood stars were joining the community to support their objective of bringing in equality in the NFT demographics alongside supporting local artists in the community.


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High-end Tier NFT Projects

Moving on from these mid-tier projects, here are a few high-end tier NFT Projects you can definitely try to invest in. Even if you are new to the NFT ecosystem, these are a few names you must have seen around. These projects have been doing extremely well and some of these projects have also been diversifying their vaults by not focussing on one particular NFT Collection.


1. Mutant Ape Yacht Club

Mutant Ape Yacht Club Collection: 16.4K items

Floor Price: 3.8 ETH

Volume traded: 90.8k ETH

The Mutant Ape Yacht Club is a collection of 20k Mutant Apes that can only be made by minting a Mutant Ape in a public sale or by exposing a Bored Ape to a MUTANT SERUM vial.


The main holding of this collection is the Bored Ape Yacht Club which has done a commendable job building its brand. The overall stats and roadmap of the projects portray a long-term potential.

2. CoolCats

CoolCats Collection: 9.9K items

Floor Price: 8.009 ETH

Volume traded: 51.2k ETH

CoolCats is another one of those NFT Collections that has been the hype for a long time. CoolCats has emerged to be one of the most ginormous brands. The blue cat version appeals to everyone with the detailings and an overall quirky art style.

3. Chromie Squiggles

Chromie Squiggles: 9.2K items

Floor Price: 10.9 ETH

Volume traded: 1.9k ETH

Chromie Squiggles from Art Blocks is another one of those budding NFT Projects that have the potential to take the NFT Market to the next level. About the style of Chromie Squiggles, although generative art is very subjective and open to interpretation, this generative art style is here to stay.

Just like Doodles, these simplistic and minimal art styles have a different appeal to everyone and that makes the overall project a one with great potential. 


While the NFT Market has taken a hit, these projects seem to have the potential to grow in the future. Although it is very early in stage for a few NFT Collections mentioned above, and it is really difficult to predict any trend as of now, the overall stats and outlook of these projects are sure to impress any NFT enthusiast. As risky as the NFT marketplace, it is advisory to do proper prior research before going ahead with any investment.