On Twitter, ZetaLabs just released a statement about their Zetachain Testnets. They say that Zetachain is thrilled to formally announce the debut of ZetaLabs, which was developed on the Athens Testnet, and that there are over 100,000 signups in the queue.

ZetaChain: What is it?

ZetaChain is the only decentralized blockchain system and smart contract platform designed for interoperability across multiple chains. The sort of scalability which ZetaChain seeks to deliver to all users makes it an ideal solution for handling large quantities of transactions without overloading during periods of high demand.

In a newly published whitepaper, ZetaChain proposes an alternative approach to addressing the issues of blockchain interoperability: the creation of a public L1 blockchain that is primarily intended to agnostically combine blockchains. It does so to enable interoperability, and it is accompanied by a general smart contract for such L1 blockchain that can handle and manage various assets on other blockchains.

For how long will the testnet be active?

Developers may create and test dApps on the ZetaChain Athens Testnet before putting them live on the Mainnet. As the ZetaChain is actively developed, there will be sporadic downtimes. Even after the Mainnet is released, the Testnet will continue to be used as a testing environment for ZetaChain and dApp development, despite any changes brought on by blockchain updates. This is the perfect opportunity for you to get your hands on their upcoming airdrops. 

Zetachain Airdrop Guide

1: Click the link to install the Metamask extension. With this, you may connect to the testnet. 

2: We can utilise the Goerli testnet, Polygon Mumbai, or BSC testnets in this beta test, therefore grab each gas token from the sites below:-

Goerli ETH: Faucet link

MATIC: Faucet link

3: Click here: Zetachain

Then click “Verify with Twitter” when the pop-up for Twitter verification displays. Your Twitter profile must be at least one month.

4: MetaMask or Coinbase Wallet are the options available for the connecting wallet. We strongly advise you to create a MetaMask account ahead of time in order to connect to our other airdrops as well.

5: Link your wallet and choose the Switch Network option.

6: When the wallet is successfully linked, click “Request Assets” to claim Testnet ZETA..

7: If a problem arises and you are unable to get ZETA, please visit the ZetaChain discord server here

You may also get the faucet from there.

8: To qualify as a test user, go to the Leaderboard page and click “Confirm Wallet.”

9: We’re off to swap now. Change one asset for another. You may view the gif below.

Please Note: Make sure to use ZetaChain Swap many times. Make it a habit to carry out these transactions on a regular basis. As a result, you have a good probability of being chosen for airdrops. Please keep in mind that interacting with Testnet and, sometimes, mainnet might be risky. If the dapps with which you are interacting contain problems, you risk losing your bitcoin. As a result, only connect with a wallet that has a little amount of bitcoin, so that even if you lose it, it will not be a problem.

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