Jumper Exchange has become my go to tool for anything related to cross chain swapping or bridging. Earlier I started to use Jumper Exchange for farming the upcoming LiFI (Linked Finance) or Jumper token, but the more I used, the more addicted I became to the tool. It has saved me a lot of time and fees too, as it aggregates the best rate and price offered by 25+ chains, and puts multiple options in place.

It measures, compares and calculates everything relevant to liquidity, fees, speed, and the gas efficiency of the aggregated protocols to calculate the best possible swap, every time.

Jumper exchange review

What is Jumper Exchange?

Jumper Exchange is an aggregator that lets you bridge, swap multiple cryptocurrencies between multiple chains by providing you with the best price. Jumper Exchange is one of the products build upon and by Li.Fi.

As of July 8, 2024, Jumper Finance supports 25 blockchains and 35 number of DEXs. A total of more than 10B USD has been transferred using Jumper exchange, and a total 5M total transfers have taken place already.

Jumper exchange stats

What can you bridge with Jumper Exchange?

You can bridge ETH, USDT, USDC, and a lot other assets in between multiple chains like ETH, BNB, Arbitrum, Polygon and more.

Jumper exchange

If you are farming Linea, Scroll or any LSTs/LRTs like Etherfi/Mitosis, you would definitely like Jumper. It makes moving crypto assets in between chains easy, and fast. For example, if you wish to withdraw ETH from platforms like Etherfi, it will take you multiple days, as there’s a waiting time. However, if you need quick liquidity, you can simply swap on Jumper exchange, and swap it in less than a minute.

Jumper Exchange Funding and Investors

Jumper Exchange and has raised a total of 17.5M USD in its Series A round from investors led by Confound and Superscript. Other investors include Dragonfly Capital, Coinbase, Circle, Lattice etc.

Jumper exchange investors

The project is also supported by popular names including Mudit Gupta, David and Ryan from Bankless, Sunny Aggarwal, Jason Chai and more.

My experience of Using Jumper.Exchange So far

As previously stated, Jumper Exchange is my go to platform for anything bridging/cross chains swapping. I have had saved a lot of time, and hopefully some fees, because if I had to manually look for the best exchange, I would have ended up not choosing the cheapest option, as there are multiple blockchains and it is nearly impossible to remember the names of each native or supporting bridges.

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With Jumper, I am able to use most of the EVM based blockchains. It also has integrated Solana but then their support is limited to USDC only. This is one of the drawbacks. For moving my funds from Solana to EVM based chains, I then go to Debridge. I would want Jumper to solve the Solana and other non EVM based blockchains and be the true all in one bridge that every user today needs.

Will Jumper Exchange Have an Airdrop?

Currently, there is no official information regarding the issuance of a LiFi or Jumper token, but it seems inevitable that an airdrop will occur.

My Opinion on the Jumper Airdrop: I believe there will be an airdrop either from Jumper Exchange or LiFi. Season 1 and Season 2 snapshots have already been taken, and a loyalty pass is being issued to all early supporters. However, the token may not be issued very soon.

Even though the snapshots for Season 1 and Season 2 have been taken and no more seasons are planned, this does not mean you cannot participate further or will be ineligible for the token. There are sufficient indications that participants from Season 1 and Season 2 will receive 25% and 15% boosts, respectively. Post Season 2, XP calculations have not stopped and are still ongoing in the backend. This means that transactions made today will still be considered, will there be an airdrop in the future.

The boosts discussed are not for the Jumper airdrop but for other perks such as using LRT and LST platforms. It’s advisable to start using Jumper with a long-term approach, not just because of the upcoming Jumper airdrop.

While the exact details and timing of a potential Jumper Exchange or LiFi token airdrop are still unconfirmed, the signals are strong that early participants and ongoing users will be rewarded. Therefore, it’s beneficial to engage with Jumper Exchange with a broader perspective beyond just the airdrop anticipation.