Very recently, BLUR had an airdrop of worth almost 1500 US dollars. But if you missed this fantastic opportunity, do not worry. You still stand a chance to get the next Airdrop of BLUR Season 2. In this article we will be discussing how you can prepare yourself for future airdrops from BLUR NFT marketplace.

Blur season 2 airdrop guide

This is only for those who trade NFTs. If you do not know how to trade NFTs, but still interested in getting the Blur season 2 airdrop, I recommend you to first learn NFT basics and on how you can buy and sell NFTs.

If you already know about NFTs, move on to the next section.

What is BLUR?

Blur is a one-of-a-kind NFT marketplace and aggregator that boasts superior design, cutting-edge analytics and advanced portfolio management features. This digital marketplace offers a suite of powerful tools and features to enhance the trading experience.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a top-tier platform that provides a unique advantage for traders, with unparalleled speed and the ability to compare NFTs across multiple marketplaces. What sets Blur apart is its commitment to usability, with a streamlined user interface that makes it easy for traders to manage their NFT portfolios.

Traders can view their digital assets through Blur’s portfolio tab, which offers a wealth of information on rarity, price, gains, losses, and other metrics.

Blur provides a range of tools and capabilities to optimize traders’ profits and create better trading experiences. The platform enables users to compare NFTs across multiple marketplaces and perform NFT sweeps and snipes with great speed and efficiency, making it the top choice for professional NFT traders.

In addition to its exceptional speed, Blur offers real-time price feeds, intuitive sorting functions based on price, a user-friendly interface and zero trading fees for NFT sales.

As an aggregator, Blur connects with a range of leading platforms, including X2Y2, OpenSea, and LooksRare, providing an all-encompassing NFT trading experience that is second to none.

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Blur Previous Airdrops

Blur has revealed its plans for Season 2 of airdrops, following the successful completion of its Airdrop 3 and two previous airdrops. The company’s first airdrop, Airdrop 1, rewarded users who had traded NFTs on the platform six months before the airdrop with a Care Package containing a certain amount of $BLUR tokens.

Blur’s second airdrop, which was announced on October 20, 2022, was even more successful than the first, with users collectively receiving ten times more $BLUR tokens than Airdrop 1 participants.

For Airdrop 2, users who had listed an NFT on the Blur platform through November 2022 were eligible to receive tokens.

BLUR Season 2

This is what the BLUR team had to say about the next one, “Season 1 was just the beginning. There’s a lot more coming. Season 2 rewards have not been revealed yet, but for the next 30 days, all bidding and listing points have been doubled. All bidding and listing points are doubled until 04/01.

On their official page, you can view the details on the bid points, the listing points and the listing loyalty percentage for the season 2 airdrop. However, the exact formula for the values is not yet described.

Hence the idea is very simple, you have to collect points in order to stand a chance of getting the airdrop.

How to get the BLUR Airdrop Season 2?

As we discussed above, collecting enough points is the key requirement for this upcoming airdrop. To earn these points you have to go to the collections page of BLUR and focus on the top five collections. Currently, these collections include

You can place bids on any of these collections however you must keep one thing in mind. The closer your bid will be to the floor price of the NFT, the more points will be awarded to you. These are the Bid points that will determine how much you will eventually get in terms of Bidding rewards.

If you have the NFTs of some top collections, you can list them on BLUR and get Listing points. The team has said that “Rewards for Listing Points will be as big as rewards for Bidding Points. The exact formula has not been publicized but if you list naturally with high loyalty you’ll be ahead of the curve!” However, you must try to keep your listing price as close as possible to the floor price to increase your chances.

To perform bids and other functions on BLUR is quite simple.

You just need to connect your wallet, add funds to the pool and then using those funds you can complete the required positions. Once your funds are deposited, no gas fees will be levied since it is applied only one time during depositing the fees.

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