Geopoly Review

Geopoly is a geolocation economic simulation technology that allows users to rent, purchase, enhance, and advertise economic sectors. The first non-Pay2win economic monopolised tournament in which players can use Geolocation character traits to buy their preferred characteristic features. Widow Games was established in 2013 by ex-Microsoft employees.

With over 15 smartphone games by now created and 1.5 million monthly subscriptions, it established a thriving environment of VCs, Consultants, Affiliations, and Partners to ensure its latest innovations. 

In addition, Geopoly was chosen including over 1700 applicants from 37 countries to take part in the Global GOOGLE Indie Games Accelerator in the year 2019. To find out why we should invest in Geopoly, read the full article. 


Geopoly is becoming the world’s most powerful real-estate business magnate! Have an enjoyable experience with this innovative GPS geolocation company simulation software game in that you can possess millions of real estate assets, enterprises, and organizations around the world!

Is there nothing in your immediate vicinity? Don’t be alarmed! Drones allow us to discover our surroundings by allowing us to fly them anywhere we want. Would you like to start a Sushi chain of restaurants in New York, Japan, Moscow, or São Paulo? So what’s the harm? Start hiring a satellite and take trips to the world’s most intriguing cities in search of realistic alternative assets!

Users also can engage in improvements to increase its worth and afterwards sell it in a live auction to hundreds or even thousands of customers around the globe. Even so, they need not buy any real estate. Obtain good deals at online auctions, or find empty buildings in your location, and construct channels of the same segment which will give you a profit for each. Users can also create their own Local branches in any city users visit all around the world: users only have to be on the location once more to create the Division, and so you can nearly move to that place and shop as if you were physiologically there.

Geopoly Simulation Model

Geopoly Geolocation Real Estate Corporate Simulation model is a free Application software in the Web – based game & Amusement category. Geopoly Simulation software was created by Widow Games (DELKIPORT S.A.). 2.7.0 is the most recent edition released by its originator. The software has indeed been mentioned on their webpage since 2021-11-05 and it has been downloaded 1 times. We’ve by now inspected to see whether the attached file is safe, but with your own peace of mind, they recommend running an antivirus program on the downloaded platform.

Experience the world, discover a chance, rent, purchase, buy some shares, and sell inside the nation’s biggest corporatist game, where its principal goal is to maximise revenue and tremendously expand their business. Users will build the prestigious imperial power the globe has seen since from the bottom up. However, please remember that you’ll be contending against others. There is indeed a good and beneficial way to do business.

Geopoly’s Off-Chain Game Loop

Game loop consists of four major activities: Construct, Lease, Update, and Sales Business.

Everything begins with the Sections. Players will receive one section for free during their first session. That section provides them with the preliminary Management Capability (MC) to “manage” (rent) startup companies.

Even after they have exhausted the total MC available, they must invest in improvements for the rental homes that are already decided to rent (which will ultimately increase the hourly earnings of such rental homes). Each finished improvement produces XP. The earned XP raises the Establishments’ level and guarantees new sections.

On & Off-Chain Currencies 

  1. Cash: It’s the most basic and widely used off-chain game medium of exchange, generated passively by subletting out businesses. It can  be used to lease new business and make improvements.
  2. Gold: It is only accessible via in-app transactions or completion of Business Goals. It can be used to accelerate procedures such as building and updating.
  3. XP: It is produced by completing improvements on rented companies. It started to accumulate over time, thus raising the Headquarters’ Level.
  4. MC: It is automatically created by sections and can be continued to increase by improving owned Sections.

Geopoly’s On-Chain Tokens and NFTs


In the tournament, there will be  two kinds of NFTs:

  1. Special and Iconic Locations: These are preminted NFTs which can be purchased either by participant and will complacently start generating GEOS Tokens (yield farming).
  2. Ownership Certificates: On recommendation, these NFTs would be officially introduced, giving full, permanent, interchangeable, and available for purchase ownership of the chosen company. Certificates that are currently owned will also start generating additional income for such owners.


GEO$ are now the Tokens obtainable on the GEOPOLY Web + ON-Chain edition. This can be purchased with cryptocurrencies and FIAT, as well as it could be used to purchase businesses all over the world.

Geopoly’s Main Objectives

  1. We introduced a new category titled “Business Objectives” to assist gamers in learning the ins and outs of the game. 
  2. This section is divided into separate small increments (Businessman, Start-Up, SMB, Corporate entity, Worldwide Corp, and World Empire), each of which has a list of goals that players can finish to win Prizes that aid in their induction programme.
  3. It starts acting as a “Tutorial with Rewards” in the early stages, and afterward phases attract to High performers and Accomplishments.
  4. This portion is critical for educating inexperienced crypto gamers and teaching everyone the advantage of playing on this framework.

Explore the Main Features of Geopoly

  1. Researchers assume that “exercise-to-play” ought to be enjoyable but not obligatory, particularly in this Global epidemic situation.
  2. The moment lets people to lease (for a limited time) a Spacecraft to discover fascinating places around the world, where they may find businesses or companies to buy or rent, release and fly drones regionally, and even create a new division for their corporation.
  3. Geopoly lets people fly away from a particular location as well as start exploring cities across the world. 
  4. There is an option that allows users to use a Drone to know how to find new companies in their own area.

Geopoly’s Headquarters and Branches

When you first begin the match, it will begin constructing your Headquarters in the location where you installed the Software. Without any need to create your first division here too; in fact, doing so would be a bad idea because branches can be saved for multiple places. Branches allow us to find locations without physically visiting them and allow you access towards the properties for sale in the region. Immediately place a division anywhere you want, and you’ll be allowed to “travel” to it at any moment. Maintain your sections for trips to places you would still not usually go.

Geopoly’s Play to Earn Trend

So the current trend in cryptocurrency is play to earn. Most of the players who play to earn games are doing very well. Geopoly is a play to earn game. Since it is a game and is already launched. It can be played on mobile, desktop. 

However, the Play to Earn trend is a buzz term that has many fans excited about just a new gaming possibility. Blockchain tournaments should change the complicated nature of their procedures to their plotlines, concentrating on online digital graphics as well as valuable source whilst also providing competitive spirit and sense of fun, in an attempt to attract enthusiastic players.

How can I play to earn in Geopoly?

GEO$ are the exclusive Geopoly tokens. You can earn them passively by owning NFTs. There are two types of NFTs: Real Iconic Locations and Ownership Certificates. This business is for all the people all over the world. Ready to play and Earn. Visit the Geopoly’s website : A biggest capitalist metaverse in the globe.

Geopoly’s Partners and Investors

  1. Blockchain Game Alliance: The BGA is one of the proud members of the Geopoly’s team. The Blockchain Game Alliance is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting blockchain technology in the gaming industry. Their goal is to raise awareness of block chain technology and inspire their implementation by emphasising their potential to promote new ways of creating, publishing, performing, and developing strong communities around tournaments.
  2. Google Cloud for Startups: It is one of the proud members of the Geopoly’s team. Google Cloud is there to assist you in growing. They help you to get product credits, specialized training, and business support that scales as your business grows. Create a thriving, viable business by utilising intelligent, cost-effective, and time-tested innovation that allows you to move quickly.
  3. Indie Games Accelerator: It is also one of the proud members of the Geopoly’s team. The Google Play Indie Games Accelerator is a 3-month digital accelerator programme for rising indie gaming companies from particular countries. The programme is determined to introduce the best of Google’s programmes, goods, persons, and future technologies to promising indie games.

Here is the list of some of the investors and partners from which the game is backed by:

  1. Seedify
  2. TrustPad
  3. Nxtp.Labs
  4. Kent Capital
  5. FishDao
  6. ANII
  7. Wayra
  8. MSW Capital


  1. Kmanu88 : KOL leader in Crypto Gaming on Latam and Spain
  2. Juan Waehner : ASEAQ & ARGENCON Advisory Board Member and Former CEO of Telefonica Arg.
  3. Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar : CEO and Co-founder of IOVLabs and Co-founder of Bitcoin Argentina

Geopoly IDO Platforms


Seedify is a blockchain game incubator and launching pad for blockchain based games.

The play-to-earn popular uprising is ushering in a totally new epoch again for the video games industry. Previously, tournaments were only about having a bit of fun; now, video game players are beginning to make extra income from their gaming time by earning in-game product NFTs and tokens. Blockchain’s new types of benefits, such as clarity, possession, incentive designs, and NFTs, seem to be interruptive iterations for tournaments.

Geopoly will have their IDO on Seedify.

Geopoly IGO date on Seedify: 13th November and 14th November 2021.

  • Hard Cap: TBA
  • Price: 1 GEO = TBA
  • Total number of GEO tokens to be sold on Seedify IDO: TBA


TrustPad, the famous decentralised multi-chain crowdfunding framework, and NFTPad, their cross-chain NFT launching pad concentrating on Blockchain Gaming followed by incubation by TrustPad, have joined the Geopoly family.

TrustPad employs a Tiers system to quantify the number of assured allotments to which an attendee is permitted. These levels begin with 15k TPAD set in the IDO staking pool and progress to 185k TPAD. The various designated to each level helps determine how much allotment is supplied per a foundation allotment, which is determined shortly well before the start of the boost.

  • Hard Cap: $100 000
  • Price: 1 GEO = 0.02 BUSD
  • Total number of GEO tokens to be sold on Trustpad IDO: 5,000,000

Geopoly Tokenomics

  • Token: Geopoly (GEO)
  • Type: Polygon
  • Total Supply: 1 000 000 000 GEO
  • Initial Supply: 26 500 000 GEO
  • Initial market cap: $530 000
  • Token Listing date: 15th December
  • Token Listing on: Sushiswap

Geopoly’s Roadmap and Whitepaper

Is Geopoly worth investing??

Geopoly, in my opinion, has received far too much attention. The NFTs represent unique and limited business and special locations all over the world. This business generates GEO$ Tokens passively. And also the special locations will boost your in game economy based on the real life locations. So it’s preferred to buy an NFT in Geopoly.

And also we will suggest our users to participate in the IDOs and not miss it. Looking at the hype factor, IDO platforms, the I think this project will do well. Seedify which is one of the IDO platforms, is a good IDO platform and anything on Seedify does multi-X returns on listing.

Kindly let us know if you genuinely think something is lacking from this guide, or if you purely can provide feedback or discuss the above guide with those around. If you do have whatever general questions on the subject, please leave them in the comments section.

Also let us know if you will be participating in the Geopoly upcoming IDOs?