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DYDX Exchange is a decentralised leverage trading platform that utilizes StarKWare’s Layer 2 to replace the need for centralized exchanges. To move quickly, DYDX gives traders off-chain order books that settle on-chain and allow them to short-sell tokens, increase exposure by hedging with leverage, or collect interest on deposited tokens.

In June 2024, dYdX Exchange has recently introduced dYdX chain about which you can read here.

Note: Recently the founder of dYdX platform has resigned from its CEO position, and has taken a new role as President and Chairman. Ivo Crnkovic-Rubsamen is the new CEO. Source

dYdX has its native token, dYdX, about which we are going to discuss in today’s article. Take a look at the DYDX price predictions presented by our analysts. 

dydx price prediction

What Is DYDX.Exchange?

DYDX.exchange is a decentralized trading platform, where you can leverage trade top cryptocurrencies upto 20x. You do not need to KYC with dYdX to start trading. The best part of DYDX exchange is your assets stay in your non custodial wallet, and hence there is no chance of losing your cryptocurrency to exchanges.

dYdX.exchange is built on Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain that allows users to trade directly with one another. dYdX is the governance token for the eponymous decentralized, non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange’s Layer 2 system.

It improves layer 2 functionality and allows traders, liquidity providers, and partners to engage in determining the protocol’s shared destiny.

DYDX.Exchange is an open-source platform with smart contract capabilities that enables crypto asset lending, borrowing, and trading.

Although DYDX supports spot trading, the platform’s major concentration is on derivatives and leveraged trading.

Website dydx.community
Token Ticker $DYDX
Total Supply 770,911,981 DYDX
Circulating Supply 606,068,271 DYDX
Founder Antonio Juliano & Zhuoxun Yin
Release Date September 2021
Fully Diluted Valuation $994,250,656
Consensus Mechanism Tendermint
Current Rank #92
Market cap $781,650,553 

Stats as on July 9, 2024

Where Can I Buy DYDX token?

You can buy $DYDX on any of the following platforms:

Price History of DYDX from 2021-2022

Looking at DYDX’s pricing history will assist you in evaluating its profitability. 

Price History of DYDX in 2021

The DYDX was initially established in 2021 and had already reached $26.76 by October of that year. Since then, we’ve seen prices progressively decline, with December being the month where they plummeted to their lowest point of the year, $7.83.

 Price History of DYDX in 2022

The year 2022 began with a price of $8.71, the highest amount observed thus far. The DYDX struck a new all-time low of $1.06 in June this year. DYDX on December 31, 2022 was trading at 1.10USD. Throughout the year, it stayed bearish.

Price History of DYDX in 2023

In the beginning of 2023, dYdX price stood at 1.2346. However, throughout the middle of the year, there were numerous fluctuations in prices. By the end of 2023, the price had reached 3.3085.

Price History of DYDX in 2024

2024 has not been a great year for dYdX token holders, as the price as on July 9 2024 has plummeted to $1.29.

Price Predictions of DYDX 2024-2030 (in USD)

DYDX Price Prediction 2024 (in USD)

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
July 2024 $1.684 $0.986
August 2024 $1.722 $1.185
September 2024 $1.884 $1.204
October 2024 $1.913 $1.428
November 2024 $2.204 $1.470
December 2024 $2.836 $1.97

In 2024, DYDX’s price projections for each month are as follows:

For July, the dYdX prices are expected to range between a maximum of $1.684 and a minimum of $0.986. In August, the maximum price is forecasted to be $1.722 and the minimum $1.185.

September 2024’s prices for dYdX are anticipated to reach a maximum of $1.884 and a minimum of $1.204. In October, the maximum price is expected to be $1.913 and the minimum $1.428. For November, the prices are projected to range from $2.204 to $1.470. By December, DYDX’s prices are expected to peak at $2.836 with a minimum of $1.97.

DYDX Price Prediction 2025 in USD

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $3.265 $2.440
February 2025 $3.608 $3.077
March 2025 $4.352 $3.509
April 2025 $3.481 $2.487
May 2025 $3.784 $3.052
June 2025 $4.541 $3.243
July 2025 $4.452 $3.590
August 2025 $5.342 $3.816
September 2025 $5.395 $4.351
October 2025 $4.905 $3.504
November 2025 $5.003 $4.035
December 2025 $5.053 $3.609

The max dYdX price for 2025 is expected to be approximately $5.395, which could happen by September 2025.

The minimum dYdX price for 2025 is $2.440.

The average price for dYdX in 2025 is predicted to be $3.91.

DYDX Price Prediction in INR: 2026 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 $5.104 $0.895
2027 $2.896 $0.977
2028 $5.997 $1.898
2029 $12.498 $4.318
2030 $13.115 $7.729

In 2026, DYDX is projected to reach a maximum price of $5.104 and a minimum price of $0.895. Moving into 2027, the maximum price is anticipated to decrease to $2.896, while the minimum price may reach $0.977.

However, by 2028, both the maximum and minimum prices are expected to rise, with DYDX reaching $5.997 at its peak and $1.898 at its lowest.

Looking ahead to 2029, DYDX’s value is forecasted to surge significantly, with a maximum price of $12.498 and a minimum of $4.318.

Finally, in 2030, DYDX is projected to maintain its upward trajectory, reaching a maximum price of $13.115 and a minimum price of $7.729.

DYDX Price Prediction in INR: 2026 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 ₹425.13 ₹74.55
2027 ₹241.22 ₹81.38
2028 ₹499.51 ₹158.09
2029 ₹1,041.00 ₹359.66
2030 ₹1,092.39 ₹643.77

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the price prediction of DYDX 2025?

DYDX is expected to trade in between $2.487 to $5.395 in 2025.

What is the price prediction of DYDX 2030?

DYDX is projected to reach $13.115 by the end of 2030.

What is the current Marketcap of DYDX?

As of 9th July 2024, the current marketcap of DYDX is $781,650,553.

Can DYDX reach 10USD?

DYDX could reach 10USD by 2029.

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Final Conclusion

Given that DYDX is one of the major decentralized derivative exchanges that is being loved by Whales and top crypto traders, its governance token has a good possibility of reversing the current price trajectory after it touched the local bottom in the previous few months.

However, for long-term holders, my advice would be exactly the opposite. As DYDX tokens in circulation are fewer in numbers, and when the next batch releases, the price could drop significantly. So, I would not hold DYDX for a long duration.

Though our DYDX price prediction for 2029 suggests the token could reach a maximum of $12.498. I would still not be holding DYDX for the long term.

For those who are planning to invest in DYDX, it is wise to invest only a very small amount and book profits when it reaches your price target.

Last updated: 9th July 2024