Cryptocurrencies have reshaped the financial landscape, and among them, CRO (Cronos) stands as a notable contender. As the native token of the platform, CRO has journeyed from its inception to become a central player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem., founded in 2016, embarked on a journey to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption and revolutionize payment solutions globally. Renowned for its Visa-powered cards and versatile ecosystem, aims to create seamless interactions between customers and merchants using its native CRO token.

How has the price of CRO evolved in the past? How is it going to behave in the next few years? In the realm of cryptocurrency, absolute certainty remains elusive. But let’s try to find out how CRO Will behave in the future, and whether it can bring profitability to its investors.Cronos Price Prediction

About CRO

Coin Name CRO (Cronos)
Price (as of 10 May 2024 $0.1279
Circulating Supply  CRO
market cap
Fully diluted
market cap
Total Value Locked $506.69m
Website Click here
Whitepaper Click here
ATH $0.965407
ATL $0.0121196

What is is a comprehensive cryptocurrency platform established in 2016. It offers a wide range of services designed to facilitate various aspects of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform includes features such as crypto trading, wallet services, fiat-to-crypto transactions, staking, De-Fi services, and crypto loans.

At the core of’s offerings is its native blockchain known as Chain, which ensures secure and efficient transactions among users. The platform’s native token, CRO (Cronos), plays a central role in driving its functionalities.

The platform’s primary objective is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing user-friendly solutions for both individuals and businesses. It introduces features like the Invoice/Pay Checkout, allowing businesses to accept cryptocurrency payments for goods and services. encourages user engagement through in-app missions, rewarding users for exploring its various features. With a rebranding in February 2022, the platform continues to evolve and expand its services, reflecting its commitment to innovation and cryptocurrency acceptance.

What is CRO (Cronos)?

CRO (Cronos) serves as the native token for, previously known as Coin. It’s a pivotal element in the platform’s ecosystem, offering features that span trading, payments, and financial services. CRO holders gain benefits like reduced fees, higher yields for lending, priority access, and exclusive card rewards. The token’s adaptability extends to functioning as an intermediary currency for converting crypto to fiat. Integrated into the Chain, CRO enables seamless and secure transactions.

In 2022, the rebranding to Cronos while retaining the CRO abbreviation underscores its evolution. Collaboration with Amazon Web Services and growing user adoption highlight its role in innovation. As cryptocurrencies gain mainstream recognition, the demand for tokens like CRO could rise, influencing its value. However, thorough research and caution remain essential before engaging in the market. This dynamic landscape warrants careful consideration for potential investors.

What are the Use Cases and Features of CRO?

CRO (Cronos) boasts a plethora of use cases and features that make it an integral part of the ecosystem. As the native token of the platform, CRO serves as the fuel that drives various functionalities within the ecosystem. Users can leverage CRO in the following ways:

Staking and Rewards

One of the primary use cases of CRO is staking, allowing users to lock up their tokens and earn rewards in return. Staking CRO provides users with access to benefits such as higher annual percentage yields (APY), participation in syndicate events, and more. This incentive encourages token holders to actively participate in the network while earning passive income.

Payment Method

CRO facilitates seamless transactions within the ecosystem. Users can utilize CRO to pay for goods, services, and subscriptions on the platform. This feature enhances the utility of CRO as a means of conducting day-to-day transactions, bridging the gap between traditional fiat currencies and the world of cryptocurrencies. Visa Debit Card

The Visa Debit Card is a standout feature of the ecosystem, offering various tiers with increasing benefits based on the amount of CRO staked. Users can earn cashback on purchases, receive rebates on popular subscription services like Spotify and Netflix, and even gain access to airport lounges depending on their card tier. This unique integration of CRO into a real-world spending experience further solidifies its practicality.

Discounts and Privileges

Holding and staking CRO provides users with tiered discounts on trading fees within the Exchange. The more CRO a user holds, the lower their trading fees become. This incentive encourages users to actively engage in trading activities while benefiting from reduced costs.

Network Fee Payment and Conversion

CRO serves as a versatile token beyond the platform itself. Users can utilize CRO to pay for network fees when converting other cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies like USD or EUR. This functionality adds a layer of convenience and utility to CRO, making it an essential part of the transaction process.

What is CRO’s Potential in De-Fi?

As the native token of the platform, CRO extends its functionalities beyond traditional trading and payment solutions, finding new opportunities in the world of De-Fi.

One of the key areas where CRO shines is its utility as collateral within De-Fi lending and borrowing platforms. Holders can leverage their CRO holdings to access loans, utilizing their assets without needing to liquidate them. This not only enables users to access liquidity but also facilitates efficient capital utilization.

Moreover, CRO’s integration with various De-Fi protocols opens doors to yield farming and liquidity provision. Users can participate in liquidity pools and earn rewards by providing CRO tokens as collateral. This not only enhances the liquidity of the token but also offers users the chance to earn passive income through staking and yield farming.

CRO’s potential in De-Fi is not limited to lending and liquidity provision. As the De-Fi space evolves, innovative projects and collaborations may further leverage CRO’s features for new financial products and services. Its adoption within the ecosystem positions it as a crucial asset for users seeking to explore the expanding opportunities of De-Fi.

CRO Price History and Evolution of Cronos

The journey of Cronos (CRO) commenced in 2016 with’s aspiration to advance cryptocurrency adoption. The platform launched an ICO in 2017, introducing its now-discontinued MCO token. By August 2020, the focus shifted to CRO, marking the cessation of MCO and consolidating all functionalities into CRO. The transition, though controversial, streamlined the ecosystem.

CRO’s history is marked by fluctuating prices. After its 2018 debut at $0.01977, CRO experienced varying price movements. A notable surge occurred in early 2019, reaching $0.1, only to wane by year-end at $0.03358. The subsequent year displayed stability until mid-2020, when CRO exceeded $0.20, but ended the year at around $0.06.

CRO’s 2021 performance mirrored the broader crypto market’s bullish trend, reaching an all-time high of $0.9698 in November, buoyed by listings on Coinbase Pro and Bitrue. However, 2022 witnessed a decline, In the beginning of 2023, it started trading at a base of 0.05731. Over the course of almost 10 months, it gradually climbed in value, reaching 0.09882 by the end of 2023.

Cronos, previously known as CRO, embodies’s evolution, transitioning from MCO to CRO, adapting to market trends, and exploring new dimensions in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Where can you purchase CRO?

CRO can be purchased and traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Notably, the Exchange offers a direct and convenient way to buy and trade CRO. Additionally, exchanges like Bittrex, KuCoin, and Huobi Global also support the trading of CRO. Users can explore these exchanges to acquire CRO tokens and participate in the ecosystem.

CRO Price Prediction 2024 to 2030

CRO Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
May 2024 $0.196 $0.163
June 2024 $0.215 $0.179
July 2024 $0.237 $0.197
August 2024 $0.260 $0.217
September 2024 $0.287 $0.239
October 2024 $0.289 $0.241
November 2024 $0.318 $0.265
December 2024 $0.321 $0.268

In May 2024, the maximum price for CRO is expected to reach $0.196, while the minimum price may dip to $0.163. June is projected to see an increase in both the maximum and minimum prices, with estimates of $0.215 and $0.179, respectively. By December 2024, the maximum price for CRO is anticipated to reach its peak at $0.321, while the minimum price is forecasted to be $0.268.

CRO Token Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $0.325 $0.262
February 2025 $0.295 $0.211
March 2025 $0.301 $0.243
April 2025 $0.274 $0.196
May 2025 $0.298 $0.240
June 2025 $0.327 $0.234
July 2025 $0.321 $0.259
August 2025 $0.385 $0.275
September 2025 $0.389 $0.314
October 2025 $0.354 $0.253
November 2025 $0.361 $0.291
December 2025 $0.364 $0.260

As we step into January 2025, projections suggest that the maximum price of the CRO Token will climb to $0.325, while the minimum price may stabilize around $0.262. February 2025 could witness a slight decline in both maximum and minimum prices, with estimates of $0.295 and $0.211, respectively. By December 2025, it is anticipated that the maximum price of the CRO Token will reach $0.364, with a corresponding minimum price of around $0.260.

CRO Price Prediction 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $0.382 $0.308
February 2026 $0.421 $0.300
March 2026 $0.382 $0.308
April 2026 $0.459 $0.328
May 2026 $0.505 $0.407
June 2026 $0.459 $0.328
July 2026 $0.379 $0.306
August 2026 $0.345 $0.246
September 2026 $0.431 $0.348
October 2026 $0.539 $0.385
November 2026 $0.593 $0.478
December 2026 $0.664 $0.474

CRO Price Prediction 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $0.730 $0.589
February 2027 $0.876 $0.626
March 2027 $0.796 $0.642
April 2027 $0.876 $0.626
May 2027 $0.964 $0.777
June 2027 $0.741 $0.529
July 2027 $0.593 $0.478
August 2027 $0.460 $0.328
September 2027 $0.575 $0.463
October 2027 $0.718 $0.513
November 2027 $0.790 $0.637
December 2027 $0.885 $0.632

CRO Price Prediction 2028 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $0.973 $0.785
February 2028 $0.876 $0.626
March 2028 $0.796 $0.642
April 2028 $0.876 $0.626
May 2028 $0.736 $0.593
June 2028 $0.669 $0.478
July 2028 $0.836 $0.674
August 2028 $1.079 $0.771
September 2028 $1.295 $1.044
October 2028 $1.177 $0.841
November 2028 $1.189 $0.959
December 2028 $1.331 $0.951
January 2029 $1.200 $0.968
February 2029 $1.412 $1.009
March 2029 $1.553 $1.253
April 2029 $1.849 $1.321
May 2029 $2.010 $1.621
June 2029 $2.211 $1.579
July 2029 $2.106 $1.698
August 2029 $1.755 $1.254
September 2029 $1.772 $1.429
October 2029 $2.216 $1.583
November 2029 $2.260 $1.823
December 2029 $2.305 $1.647
January 2030 $2.238 $1.805
February 2030 $2.283 $1.630
March 2030 $2.195 $1.770
April 2030 $1.829 $1.306
May 2030 $1.866 $1.504
June 2030 $1.696 $1.211
July 2030 $2.205 $1.778
August 2030 $2.227 $1.591
September 2030 $1.866 $1.504
October 2030 $2.239 $1.599
November 2030 $2.132 $1.719
December 2030 $1.938 $1.384

Expected to unfold throughout 2028, the CRO Token is anticipated to undergo notable fluctuations. By December of that year, analysts expect a peak, with the maximum price reaching $1.331. Conversely, in June, the minimum price is expected to dip to $0.478, potentially marking a period of relative stability or decline amidst the market dynamics.

Looking ahead to 2029, the trajectory of the CRO Token appears promising, with forecasts suggesting substantial growth. By December, it is expected that the maximum price will soar to an impressive $2.305, reflecting the culmination of ongoing market trends. This growth trajectory builds upon the groundwork laid in December 2028 when the minimum price was recorded at $0.951, serving as a pivotal reference point for subsequent developments.

As the journey continues into 2030, February emerges as a pivotal month, with projections indicating a peak in the maximum price at $2.283. This signifies a significant milestone in the token’s journey, highlighting its enduring potential and market demand. Meanwhile, amidst the market’s ebb and flow, June is expected to bring stability, with the minimum price projected to hover around $1.211, showcasing the token’s resilience in navigating market fluctuations.

Summary table: Cronos Price Prediction in INR from 2024 to 2030

Year WISE (in INR)
Maximum Price Minimum Price
2024 ₹26.80 ₹13.61
2025 ₹32.49 ₹16.37
2026 ₹55.45 ₹25.05
2027 ₹73.91 ₹27.39
2028 ₹111.15 ₹39.91
2029 ₹192.48 ₹80.83
2030 ₹190.66 ₹101.12

In 2024, the maximum price of CRO is expected to reach ₹26.80, with the minimum price anticipated to be ₹13.61. Moving forward to 2025, projections suggest a rise in both maximum and minimum prices, with estimates of ₹32.49 and ₹16.37, respectively. As we progress into 2026, analysts foresee a significant increase, with the maximum price expected to climb to ₹55.45, while the minimum price is projected to rise to ₹25.05. Continuing into 2027, further growth is expected, with the maximum price forecasted to reach ₹73.91, and the minimum price expected to be ₹27.39. In 2028, a substantial increase is anticipated, with the maximum price expected to soar to ₹111.15, while the minimum price is projected to rise to ₹39.91. As we venture into 2029, analysts predict continued growth, with the maximum price expected to reach ₹192.48 and the minimum price forecasted to rise to ₹80.83. Finally, in 2030, the maximum price is expected to remain relatively stable at ₹190.66, while the minimum price is projected to rise to ₹101.12.


What is CRO price prediction for 2025?

The price predictions for CRO show a generally positive trend over the course of 2025. The token’s value is projected to increase from $0.196 to $0.389.

What is Cronos price prediction for 2030?

The price predictions for CRO in 2030 reveal a fluctuating yet generally positive trend throughout the year. Prices are projected to range from $1.211 to $2.283.

What is CRO’s role in promoting De-Fi?

CRO’s role in De-Fi platforms like DeFi Swap and its collaboration with Amazon Web Services demonstrate its potential to drive innovation and De-Fi adoption.

How does CRO contribute to payment solutions?

CRO facilitates payment solutions through its Invoice/Pay Checkout feature. This empowers businesses and customers to transact using CRO, fiat, or stablecoins, providing a versatile and user-friendly method for conducting transactions within the ecosystem.

What are the Visa-Powered Cards offered by offers Visa debit cards allowing users to spend their cryptocurrencies at merchants, earn rewards, and access additional perks based on their CRO holdings.

How is CRO different from other tokens?

CRO stands out by offering a comprehensive ecosystem of services, including trading, payments, staking, and DeFi. Its integration into the platform, partnerships like Cronos Labs, and its role as an intermediary settlement layer set it apart from other tokens.

What is the utility of CRO within

CRO is vital for reduced fees, staking benefits, and access to services, driving seamless trading, payments, and financial activities.

Final Say: Does Cronos have a future?

As compared to its all time high of $0.965407, CRO currently stands at around $0.1279. Cronos is currently hovering near the $0.1504 level and appears to be engaged in an uptrend trading trend.

The token is expected to show some rise by the end of 2025 and can bring gains for the investors. It can reach around $0.389 but is expected to still remain much below its all time high.

However, in the long-run, the token can bring profits and is expected to show growth. So, prudence, patience, and strategic investment can for sure bring in gains.