NFTs have taken over the art and gaming worlds. Regardless of the fact that they’re a passing fad or a fantastic new opportunity for artists, they keep making news when they are sold for huge amounts of money. Non-fungible tokens enable creators to release their art electronically without the fear of fakes and duplicates.

NFTs are Ethereum blockchain-based tokens that are used to verify virtual possession of whatever asset is associated with the token. The blockchain of Ethereum can be compared to a common database and virtual machine. NFTs can be thought of as a form of digital products and ownership authentication. These NFTs are like regular cryptocurrencies but each one has a unique value and is thus non-fungible.

NFTs are just getting started. The future of NFTs is still up for debate, but many believe that with the emergence of Facebook’s metaverse, they will be here to stay. We believe NFTs are the future, they are going to be the fashion statement. They’re flying off the shelves on the internet, and while NFTs can be pricey, you’re getting far more than a Digital image.

You can sell your NFTs and the originality can be verified in the blockchain, which provides you rights of ownership to the item you receive. If you want to get into this market, these NFTs will cost you less than 1 ETH, to begin with.

Why should you buy NFTs?

NFTs are like digital fashion. Some of the NFTs are like ROLEX watches. It shows you the same time, but the hefty price you pay is for the brand value. It not only shows you time, but also makes a statement that you are rich. NFTs are similar, but digital. You can’t make anything out of the NFTs but these NFTs are the style statement. Not everyone can have Cryptopunk. The NFT collections that have a good community, or trying to build one, their value is bound to rise. You should buy these NFTs where they are not very costly. If bought at the right price, you can make a lot of money. But having said, there is no guarantee that NFTs will make you money, as they are not very liquid. However, give then current market, NFTs are selling like hot cakes.

Best NFTs you can buy under 1 ETH

Here are some of the top NFTs you can buy under 1 ETH.


Deadfellaz NFT is the most recent to introduce their entry into the metaverse, announcing that they will be relocating to Decentraland and The Sandbox. Every holder has exclusive access to the most current advancements in the NFT technology sphere, as well as to the art, lifestyle, and community. The first general mint was confirmed a week after the project began in early August. DeadFellaz, like many associative picture collections, has a number of characteristics that distinguish each NFT.

Over 300 randomly generated traits, as well as over 50 different outfits, are available in DeadFellaz. The base of these NFTs is divided into several categories. The Golf Vest, Pilot Jacket, and Pink Puffer are three of the most notable. DeadFellaz is selling at a floor price of 0.66 ETH, with a total market value of around 7,275.69 ETH and 9997 NFTs issued by 4985 unique owners.

Head DAO

The Head DAO is a newly launched NFT.  Their team has put together a stunning portfolio that has some high-value blue-chip NFTs, which provide holders with the opportunity to generate long-term value. This also allowed them to form strategic alliances with some of the most prominent members of the NFT community, as well as brands. These HEAD tokens represent some shares of NFTs held in the community locker and are distributed to Head DAO members. Members also have access to the DAO’s community and voting rights over its assets. Head DAO has a floor price of 0.33 ETH and is a good investment.

Robotos Official

Robotos was created by Pablo Stanley. Robotos is a set of robot characters created by Pablo Stanley and issued as Ethereum NFTs. Each NFT is created using an algorithm that combines 170+ unique traits of varying rareness across categories. Every Roboto comes with the ability to make and sell derivatives. Different and unique outfits, accessories, top bits, faces, bags, arms, and colours will be used to make the first generation of droids. Robotos come in a variety of body types, some of which are rarer than others. Robotos, for example, are a common type; Helmetos, a less common type; Cyborgos, a rare type; and Computos, a super rare type. Robotos currently has a Floor price of 0.48 ETH and is an excellent choice for someone who is just getting started with their collection.

The Wicker Cranium

Wicked Craniums is an algorithmically generated NFT project based on Ethereum which was released on June 20, 2021. Within the first 30 minutes of the release, all items were sold out. The Wicked Craniums are an illustration of 10,762 Craniums who live on Osseous Island. Each of these exquisitely presented Craniums is detailed with over 180 distinct features and comes with a ticket to The Cradle, a members-only social platform. Holders must have The Wicked Cranium in their wallets to gain access to The Cradle.

Wicked Cranium adds to the fact that art and its value are always in the minds of the public. A Cranium has a base rate of 0.185 ETH. Wicked Craniums contributes to the evolution of what art is in the NFT space by creating nearly 11,000 pieces of virtual NFT art, each with a special artistic feature.

Curio Cards

Curio Cards is a cryptocurrency-based art gallery. Ethereum is the foundation of the platform. It predates even CryptoPunks and CryptoKitties as the earliest known art-related NFT platform. You can look at NFT artwork from seven different artists on Curio Cards. There are 30 one-of-a-kind and historic works of art to appreciate. The collection, which debuted in May 2017, features everything from everyday objects to recreated company logos to complex black-and-white drawings. Curio Cards has a floor price of 0.346 ETH and is expected to rise in the future, making it a viable option to consider.

MoonCats Rescue

MoonCat Rescue was created by Ponderware in 2017; however, the NFT Social media world discovered it was collecting dust in mid-March this year. All of the Vintage items were gone in a couple of hours. Mooncat is the second-oldest NFT on Ethereum in terms of age, making it a promising treasure in the eyes of NFT collectors and enthusiasts. After all, the value of NFTs is determined by factors such as historical significance and scarcity. The number of pieces is limited to 25600, and they are randomly distributed based on a bunch of criteria. Because there are so many different colors and patterns to choose from, each cat is one-of-a-kind.

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Buyers didn’t know what kind of cat they’d get at first because the technology would only create their NFT item after the transaction was recorded. MoonCats are thought to have a high value due to the project’s age. Because of the publicity surrounding their discovery, an NFT that is priced around 0.02 ETH to mint now sells for an estimate of 0.8 ETH.

The NFT market is booming now and can get you really good profits. However, the biggest risk when buying NFTs is their unpredictable nature. There is no harm in starting with small investments and playing safe but it is still advisable to get a professional opinion before you make the purchase.