There is insane hype around SEI NFTs, and crypto investors want to get into these hyped SEI NFT Collections but do not know which NFT Collections should go with. To give you an idea, this is like the 2021 era of Ethereum NFTs, and then the Solana NFTs. People are ready to buy anything that is being built on SEI.  If you’re new to the SEI NFT craze, check out this guide on SEI NFTs to learn what they are and how to buy them. If you’re interested and want to snag some SEI NFTs, watch this page for updates.

In this article, we will also be discussing upcoming NFTs on other chains, other than SEI, but all that will happen at a later stage. For now, let’s just focus on SEI NFTs.

Here are a few top upcoming SEI NFTs as of February 4, 2024:

  • Daydreams by SOLD1.
  • 6oblin
  • The Rabbit
  • CappysNFT

Bookmark this page for future updates on how to get your hands on these NFTs, including possible free opportunities.

How can you get these SEI NFTs?

There are two ways:

A. Get them before they officially launch.

B. Buy them from others on the secondary market.

How to get these SEI NFTs for free?

The top way is through whitelists.

Here’s the deal: work your way up on their Discord by being active and leveling up. Also, invite a specific number of folks to the Discord (numbers vary by project). This grind will get you SEI NFTs for free or at a sweet deal. Later, you can sell them for a nice profit in the secondary market – Pallet.Exchange

Upcoming SEI NFTs, Mint Dates, and their Discord

Daydreams by SOLD1 Twitter TBA
6oblin Click Here TBA
The Rabbit Project Click here TBA
CappysNFT Join here TBA

All these projects are hyped and are going to be a paid mint.

Last updated: 4th February, 2024

Daydreams by SOLD1: My favorite upcoming NFT collection

Out of all the upcoming SEI NFT projects I have mentioned above, Daydreams by SOLD1 is my favorite. I first found out about this project on the Colony’s Discord server.

I fell in love instantly with the art.

Sold1 by Daydreamz

If you wish to learn more about the project, I highly recommend you to listen to this Twitter space:

The best part? There will only be 531 NFTs. Mint should be in February, date yet to be announced.

SEI NFT Minting Calender

What are we minting today, tomorrow, and this week?


How to buy these SEI NFTs?

If you find getting on the whitelist too time-consuming or short on time, buying these NFTs from the secondary market is an option. It might cost you more but it saves you time.

However, there are risks involved with SEI NFTs. Trading NFTs can be dicey – values may drop, and there’s a risk of hacks and more.

If you are looking into getting started with Aptos NFTs, I highly recommend you to read this article.

If you know of other NFTs I missed, let me know below. And if you want to join our NFT group, hop into our Telegram group: @Cryptobullsclub, and just say, “I enjoyed reading your guide on upcoming SEI NFTs.”

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