Various uses for cryptocurrencies, including the most well-known Bitcoin, have been reported. We’d like to introduce you to GameFi, often known as “play-to-earn” crypto gaming, which is the newest area of online cryptocurrency entertainment.

Players of these services have the chance to engage in blockchain gaming and profit from it using money that is entirely safe thanks to cutting-edge security measures.

But as a developer, if you are working on a blockchain game, which blockchain should you choose? Which is the most widely used blockchain platform for gamers? We will answer all these questions in this post.

best gaming blockchains

Here are the top five gaming blockchain platforms in 2023

1. Polygon

Polygon should rejoice because 2022 served as an illustration of a fruitful tactical alliance. Their breakthrough occurred once Ryan Wyatt (Fwiz), the former leader of YouTube Gaming, got recruited as the CEO of the famed Polygon Studios. He has since developed connections with many significant businesses.

A series of grants as well as partnerships have made Polygon a significant player in web3 gaming. Polygon has a significant edge in developing a GameFi ecosystem thanks to its EVM compatibility and affordable prices. There are 80 GameFi initiatives on Polygon altogether.

Without any second thought, Polygon is the best blockchain platform for gaming in 2023. Whether you are a developer, or a gamer, Polygon blockchain should be your choice.

Polygon also gives grant to those who are building on their platform. As a gamer, you do not need to pay hefty fee purchasing/selling NFTs and performing all onchain activities while gaming.

2. Immutable X

Immutable X is a well-known name in the world of web3 gaming. They absolutely destroyed it in 2022, and that is an understatement. Gamestop developed a whole web3 strategy as well as product for their company, Gamestop NFT, when Immutable X exposed them to the realm of NFTs.

In terms of TVL on L2, Immutable X is the greatest NFT marketplace.

Immutable X maintains its position as a top participant in terms of trading volume despite the recent news of Loopring’s partnership with Gamestop and the fact that other L2s’ NFT solutions have yet to acquire traction.

3. Solana

The Solana Ventures team already backed several games, and it has fascinating games being developed on its platform, but they need to do more in 2023.

Solana must excel at something. Perhaps that something is gaming. Solana is the ideal choice for GameFi due to its fast throughput and affordable prices.

Because Solana scales horizontally while keeping a shared state, it was designed for interoperability. Super-low transaction costs are provided by the Solana blockchain, which also features a developing metaverse featuring decentralized marketplaces, cross-game products, and entirely on-chain components.

Solana in 2023 is our number 3 choice, which could well have been number 2, but the halting on their blockchain multiple times in 2022, and then developers moving out of Solana after FTX debacle is why we have listed it after Polygon and Immutable X.

4. Arbitrum

Layer-2 Rollup Arbitrum has gotten better and has remained popular throughout the past year. This accomplishment can be largely attributed to Treasure DAO, a decentralized gaming network that has been raising the benchmark. Several web3 aficionados, programmers, as well as players support Arbitrum. They have played a significant role in their organic development, and they will continue to do so in 2023.

5. BNB Smart Chain (Binance)

The Binance Smart Chain features a ton of fantastic games where you can simultaneously win money and have fun. The Binance Smart Chain’s dual-chain architecture intend to empower users to create their decentralized applications and virtual assets on a single blockchain. Anyone can benefit from the exchange’s speedy trading thanks to this. According to Binance, BNB accounts for 36.6% among all blockchain-based games.

Despite having impressive Gamefi numbers, Binance continues to have a long way ahead of them before they can influence the Western gaming industry.