Cryptocurrency arbitrage attracts the attention of both novice and experienced traders because of the potential profits that can be made from the price difference between digital assets. However, manually tracking transactions suitable for arbitrage trading is extremely tedious and time-consuming. This is where specialized services such as ArbitrageScanner come in. Such scanners allow you to track potentially profitable situations and trade bundles in which a trader can make money.

In this article, CryptoBullsClub experts have analyzed the capabilities of, the configuration of its tools, as well as the pros and cons of the service.

We have already mentioned ArbitrageScanner in our ranking of arbitrage bots, where we placed it in 1st place. In this article, we will give you a detailed review of the project, its advantages, and tools to help you understand it better.

Pros and cons of ArbitrageScanner

Pros Cons
4 tariffs with different tools, including scanner, screener, wallet analysis, and insider information search Limitations on the number of coins tracked (up to 30 at maximum rates)
No access to user’s funds by the bot Short trial period
Large number of tracked CEX (60+) and DEX (50+) exchanges No mobile app
Multiple functions: scanner, screener, address tracking, and analysis service
20+ blockchains supported
Crypto arbitrage lessons
Personal Manager (starting from Business plan)
Trial period (1 day)
Possibility to connect any DEX for a fee
Referral program and opportunity to buy a franchise

Let’s talk about the advantages of ArbitrageScanner

  • 4 tariffs with different toolsThere are 4 plans available for scanner users. The minimum Test plan costs $69/month, the maximum enterprise plan costs $799/month. Monthly, bi-annual and annual payments are available;
  • The bot has no access to the user’s funds. ArbitrageScanner is a manual arbitrage bot, i.e. the service does not have access to the user’s funds and does not use external connections to exchanges. This approach ensures high security of the user’s funds;
  • A large number of monitored CEX and DEX. In the Expert plan and above, users of the service have access to 60+ CEX and 50+ DEX exchanges;
  • Diverse functionality. Service users have access to several tools: a scanner (to track potential transactions on different exchanges), a screener (to track the behavior of individual coins), an address tracking and analysis service, and a signal bot in Telegram;
  • 20+ blockchains. The scanner allows you to work with a large number of networks, including quite rare ones such as Boba, Harmony, Telos, Metis.
  • Crypto arbitrage lessons. Arbitrage lessons from the ArbitrageScanner team are available to the user from the trial version;
  • Personal Manager. Starting from the Business plan, the user has access to a personal manager;
  • Trial period. To get acquainted with the basic features of the scanner, a daily Trial period is available, which allows you to configure data collection on 3 trading pairs on SEX exchanges and send notifications to the Telegram channel;
  • Possibility to connect additional DEX exchanges. At the user’s request, for an additional fee, it is possible to connect to a DEX exchange not included in the standard list of sites;
  • Referral program. The platform pays 50% of the cost of the tariffs subscribed by the user’s referrals every month. – Tools Review

Year of Creation 2022
Service Type Manual Arbitration Scanner
Tariffs Test – $69/month, Business – $199/month, Platinum – $399/month, Enterprise – $799/month
Features Scanner, Screener, Wallet Analysis, Search Service, Signal Bot in Telegram
Number of Exchanges 75+ CEX (Binance, OKX, Gate, Kucoin, MEXC, etc.) and 300+ DEX (Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Curve, Balancer, KyberSwap, etc.)
Available Blockchains 20+ Blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum

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The functional part of ArbitrageScanner consists of several key services: a scanner, a screener, a crypto wallet analysis service and a Telegram messenger scanner. Let’s take a closer look at each tool.

Crypto wallet analysis with ArbitrageScanner

The cryptocurrency wallet analysis service consists of three tools: Wallet analysis, mass wallet search, and AI-based analysis

  • For example, if you find a wallet through a Mass Wallet Search, analyze it with the Mass Wallet Analysis tool.
    Within seconds, you can identify the leading tokens that the biggest players in the market are betting on, and identify the same prospects as insiders. By keeping an eye on key transactions, you will realize that you can already use his strategies or simply repeat his transactions, which will help you make successful trades yourself.
  • And after that, look for more similar wallets with AI based analysis to increase your profits.

This means that by understanding which wallets belong to the same owner or follow similar trading patterns, you can adapt their successful strategies for your investments, or identifying insider wallets can give you early signals of future market movements, especially when these wallets start actively buying or selling certain tokens.

You can even use all the tools in an integrated way:

  • By analyzing wallets you see that someone has bought a coin.
  • You analyze it through the TG scanner tool, and see what people are writing about it in chat rooms.
  • You repeat the transaction and put the wallet on track to see when the wallet sells the coin.
  • You add it to the screener and scanner and a separate channel and track arbitrage on that coin.

Let’s look at each of the tools in more detail:

Wallet Analysis

Allows you to analyze the specified blockchain address by several parameters, for example, balance, transaction history, portfolio, PnL (profit and loss), rate (number of transactions with profit), etc. It supports working with 5 blockchains: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Base. Analyzed wallets can be added to the tracking list.

Search for similar wallets with AI

The tool allows you to find addresses with similar profits or total profits within a specified period. Filters can be set by revenue, profit, wallet creation time, and addresses of smart contracts the wallet interacted with (e.g. DEX exchanges). Only addresses on the Ethereum network are supported.

Search for wallets using specified parameters

The tool allows you to start analyzing the activity in wallets by specified parameters. As filters you can use the ticker of the token being bought or sold, the period in which the transaction was made (up to 7 days), minimum profit and transaction volume, ROI (Return on Investments, profit as a percentage of transaction volume), and wallet win rate. Supports working with 5 blockchains: Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon, Optimism, Base.


ArbitrageScanner is used for arbitrage between cryptocurrency exchanges. The service allows you to customize the values of commissions on currency pairs and set the tracking of currency pairs for potential arbitrage on different exchanges. When the set conditions are met, a notification is sent to the user’s telegram channel.

The service is configured in 4 steps:

  1. In the –°urrency Pairs section you can manually set the commissions for a trading pair on different CEX and DEX exchanges;
  2. In the Exchange Pairs section you can set the exchanges on which the price difference for the trade pair from point 1 will be tracked;
  3. In the Telegram Channel section you can specify a telegram channel (depending on the tariff the number of available channels changes) to receive notifications about trading situations for the above-mentioned pairs;
  4. In the Notification Presets section, you can set the appearance, composition, and amount of data in notifications for the channel.


Unlike the scanner, which tracks cross-exchange bundles, the screener is designed to track spreads and other data on a specific cryptocurrency. Works in two versions: web and Telegram (the chosen version depends on where the user receives notifications). Allows evaluating a wide range of parameters: volumes of transactions in the stack, spreads (the difference between the best buy and sell prices in the exchange stack) and the time of their existence, exchanges to buy and sell, etc.

TG Scanner (ArbitrageScanner Message)

ArbitrageScanner Message or TG-scanner is a monitoring service for X(Twitter) and Telegram. It allows you to receive notifications based on specified queries, such as cryptocurrency tickers and keywords. Information is updated every 4 seconds. Works in two modes: by old and new mentions of the query. Allows you to create a white list and a black list of queries.

Step-by-step instructions for using tools

To use the ArbitrageScanner tools, they must first be configured. The instructions for setting up the ArbitrageScanner are described below.

Go to the ArbitrageScanner section, select currency pairs, and click Add.

In the window that appears, specify the currency pair you want to track on the exchange. To do this, specify the type of exchange in the Type field (for example, CEX), the name of the exchange in the Exchange field (for example, Binance), the cryptocurrencies that make up the cryptocurrency pair in the Currency 1 and Currency 2 fields (for example, PEPE/USDT, PEPE is entered in the Currency 1 field, USDT – in Currency 2), the commission rate on the exchange in the Fee rate field (for example, 0.01%) and click Save.

Repeat the steps in step 2 for all exchanges on which you want to track cryptocurrency pairs.

Select Exchange Pairs and click the Add button.

In the Currency pair 1 and 2 fields, select the cryptocurrency pairs (we specified them in Step 2) to track the potential arbitrage bundle between exchanges and click Save.

Repeat step 5 for all the exchanges you want to track cryptocurrency pairs on.

Go to ArbitrageScanner, select Telegram channels, and click Add.

Go to Telegram and create a channel to receive notifications. Add the scanner bot @arbitragescannerio_bot to the administrators of the created channel. The bot will automatically send a message with an identifier. Copy the ID and paste it in the Telegram channel ID field. Click on Save.

After that, the bot will start sending notifications to the created channel.

Detailed instructions on how to use ArbitrageScanner tools can be found on the service’s YouTube channel.

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Cases where you can make money with ArbitrageScanner

Let’s consider several situations in which using ArbitrageScanner tools will allow you to make money on arbitrage.

Buying on the inside

An ArbitrageScanner user was able to make money by monitoring the price of the CYBER token using the TG Scanner tool. By monitoring topic channels, he learned that the token was popular on Korean exchanges and had reason to rise in price. The user bought the token, and while the information was spreading, he managed to make a 400% profit.

Price differences on different blockchains

The same coin issued on different blockchains can have a significant price difference. A common scheme is to buy a coin on a blockchain where it is cheaper and resell it on a blockchain where it is more expensive.

For example, by tracking USDC/BUSD with ArbitrageScanner, one could get notifications about the price difference on different platforms. If the difference was more than 0.1%, you had to make sure it existed between different blockchains. If it existed, it was possible to sell USDC for BUSD on the Polygon network via cross-chain exchanges (up to 2% profit), then sell the resulting BUSD for USDC (e.g. on Binance), and then withdraw the stablecoin back to the Polygon network. The cycle duration was up to 10 minutes, and the net profit without commissions was about 1.7% per cycle.

Unlocking Airdrop Token

A case study of the Metaplex project coin. TG scanner and platform scanner from ArbitrageScanner tools were used. In this case, we managed to take advantage of the developers’ mistake: during the airdrop, large amounts of tokens appeared on the market, and coin holders started to sell them on CEX, where the token was traded at that moment.

In addition to CEX, the token could be bought on 2 DEX exchanges, but there was not much liquidity on them, and the price on DEX fell much faster. So you could buy the token on DEX, where the price was lower, and sell it on CEX, where it was yours. Each such transaction brought up to 3-5% profit.

Decoupling of Stablecoins

In the case of decoupling of stablecoins from the 1:1 ratio to USD (most often), users can make money either by buying back the stablecoin in the fall to sell it when the ratio recovers or by trying to make money at the moment when the price of the stablecoin recovers due to the difference in the speed of recovery of its rate on different exchanges. Such situations occurred, for example, with USDC, USDT, and DAI. You can use ArbitrageScanner to search for such situations.

Conversion to PolyPad coins

To get PolyPad Launchpad coins, it was necessary to burn tokens of other Lunchpads from the project developers. The burning was done through a special bridge with support for 3 blockchains.

ArbitrageScanner and two trading pairs were used to track the price difference: KCC/USDT and POLY/USDT. A spread of 20% was tracked. The profit was 3% over several trading cycles.

Support Service

The support service of the service works through a telegram channel. Users with paid tariffs can also contact a personal manager with any questions. The personal manager is available when paying for access to the platform starting from the Business tariff.

Additional features of ArbitrageScanner

In addition to the basic tools, ArbitrageScanner has several additional useful features: a trial period for services, a white label (ArbitrageScanner franchise), and a referral program. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Trial period

You can get access to the limited functionality of the platform for 1 day by sending a request to the team. In the trial period, you can set up data collection for 2-3 trading pairs on several SEX exchanges and send notifications to your Telegram channel.


WhiteLabel is ArbitrageScanner’s franchise program. Potential customers are offered to purchase a ready-made business solution from $10 thousand with the ability to work on the company’s servers, software support and a team of specialists to customize the necessary functionality to meet the needs of the franchisee. Details of franchise acquisition can be found on request to the sales department or the page of Scanner’s website.

Referral Program

Users with a base of subscribers can participate in ArbitrageScanner’s referral program. Scanner pays 50% of the cost of each course purchased by a user’s referral. Referral program members receive payments from referrals every month as long as the referrals renew their plans. To learn more about the terms and conditions of the Referral Program, please visit Scanner’s website.


ArbitrageScanner is the best service for cryptocurrency arbitrage and blockchain analysis. You can also read our ranking of the scanner in this article. In addition to the scanner itself, the platform’s list of tools includes a cryptocurrency wallet analysis service, a signal bot, and a screener for tracking individual cryptocurrencies. It supports up to 5 blockchains on CEX and 20+ networks on DEX platforms. Users have access to 4 plans with different features and a special one-year VIP plan. To familiarize yourself with the scanner tools, you can request a one-day trial. To test all the tools and how they work together, we recommend subscribing to the Business or Platinum tariff.

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