Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a pioneering web3 gaming guild that enables players to benefit both financially and socially as they engage with blockchain games and form communities. As a decentralized organization, YGG emphasizes web3 education and aims to foster success in the open Metaverse. The guild offers programs like Web3 Metaversity and the Guild Advancement Program (GAP) to help members boost their Metaverse credentials. Originating from the Philippines as YGG Pilipinas, the guild has since grown globally, partnering with over 80 blockchain games and projects, and is backed by a diverse group of prominent investors.

In this post, we are going to discuss more about Yield Guid Games, its token YGG, team members, funding and YGG price prediction from 2023 to 2030.

What is Yield Guild Games? What do they do?

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is like a big club for online gamers. This club buys virtual items in online games and lets its members use them. When members play games using these items, they earn rewards, and YGG shares these rewards with everyone in the club. Essentially, YGG helps people earn money by playing games and takes care of the virtual items they need to do so.

About YGG Team Members

The team behind Yield Guild Games is a blend of gaming and blockchain expertise. Founded by Gabby Dizon, who played an integral role in launching communities for notable projects like Axie Infinity and Yearn Finance, the team boasts co-founders like Beryl Li, a Cambridge-educated entrepreneur with significant crypto experience, and Owl of Moistness, a proficient blockchain developer who has contributed to numerous NFT projects. As the organization grew, Nolan Manalo, known as Nate, spearheaded the gaming operations. With over 20 dedicated members, the YGG team is poised to drive innovation in the play-to-earn gaming space.

Yield Guide Games Funding and Investors

Yield Guild Games (YGG) has successfully garnered $36.2 million across eight funding rounds, with their most recent influx of capital coming from an Initial Coin Offering on February 13, 2023. They have drawn investment from 26 key stakeholders, including notable names such as Andreessen Horowitz, Matic (Polygon), Animoca Brands, BlockTower, Flamingo DAO, IDEO CoLab, Dialectic, Emfarsis, BITKRAFT, Ascentive Assets, SevenX Ventures, and Greenfield One, among others. The esteemed venture firm, Andreessen Horowitz, and DWF Labs stand out as the most recent contributors to YGG’s financial backing.

About YGG Token

Metric Value
Rank #255
YGG Price $0.42
Market Cap $112,704,946
Fully Diluted Valuation $421,667,514
Circulating Supply 185,125,000
Total Supply 1,000,000,000
Max Supply 1,000,000,000
All-Time High
(Date & Diff)
$11.17 on Nov 20, 2021
(Down by -95.22% from ATH)
All-Time Low
(Date & Diff)
$0.125601 on Jun 10, 2023
(Up by 325.40% from ATL)
Website yieldguild.io

How to buy YGG?

To buy YGG tokens:

  1. Register on exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Kraken, Uniswap, Sushiswap, Okx, or Gate.
  2. Deposit BTC, ETH, or USDT.
  3. Navigate to the YGG trading pair.
  4. Buy the desired amount of YGG and check your wallet for the acquired tokens.

YGG Price Prediction 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
August 2023 $0.99 $0.24
September 2023 $0.70 $0.50
October 2023 $0.59 $0.50
November 2023 $0.49 $0.41
December 2023 $0.39 $0.32

YGG price prediction for August 2023 suggest YGG token to be trading in between $0.24 and $0.99. YGG token in August turned bullish. On 7th of August, the token already crossed 0.99USD in spot and fell sharply by more than 50% since then. Investors should be careful while investing in YGG token.

YGG’s price surged to $0.99 before plummeting over 50%, while contract funding rates hit extremes of -1600% and -2737.5% on Binance, highlighting the volatile nature of the crypto market.

YGG price forecast for 2023 suggest the token could be trading in between $0.125 and $0.99.

As of 7th August, 2023, YGG token is trading at $0.42 with a marketcap of 112.7 Million USD.

In August, 12.22 million YGG tokens were unlocked and were added to the total circulating supply.

YGG token Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 $0.33 $0.28
February 2024 $0.37 $0.31
March 2024 $0.26 $0.22
April 2024 $0.20 $0.17
May 2024 $0.17 $0.14
June 2024 $0.14 $0.12
July 2024 $0.17 $0.14
August 2024 $0.19 $0.16
September 2024 $0.21 $0.17
October 2024 $0.24 $0.20
November 2024 $0.30 $0.25
December 2024 $0.39 $0.30

YGG in 2024 is expected to trade in between $0.12 and $0.39. The minimum price is expected to reach in June 2024 while December 2024 seems to be month where YGG would be trading at the highest price of $0.39.

YGG Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 $0.40 $0.32
February 2025 $0.42 $0.30
March 2025 $0.52 $0.42
April 2025 $0.62 $0.44
May 2025 $0.68 $0.55
June 2025 $0.81 $0.58
July 2025 $0.80 $0.64
August 2025 $0.96 $0.68
September 2025 $1.19 $0.96
October 2025 $1.49 $1.07
November 2025 $1.63 $1.31
December 2025 $1.99 $1.28

YGG in 2025 is expected to be most bullish. YGG price prediction for 2025 suggest the token could be trading in between $0.30 and $1.79, thereby rising by more than 600%.

YGG token Price Target 2026

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2026 $2.15 $1.73
February 2026 $1.72 $1.23
March 2026 $1.32 $1.07
April 2026 $0.99 $0.71
May 2026 $0.73 $0.59
June 2026 $0.56 $0.40
July 2026 $0.45 $0.36
August 2026 $0.35 $0.25
September 2026 $0.44 $0.35
October 2026 $0.55 $0.39
November 2026 $0.60 $0.49
December 2026 $0.67 $0.48

YGG in 2026 is expected to be a bearish year. Investors could lose more than 75% of their token value in 2026. YGG’s maximum and minimum token price is expected to be $2.15 and $0.25 respectively. Maximum is expected in the month of January 2026, whereas the minimum price is expected to be in the month of August 2026.

YGG Price Forecast 2027

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2027 $0.81 $0.65
February 2027 $0.65 $0.46
March 2027 $0.50 $0.40
April 2027 $0.42 $0.30
May 2027 $0.36 $0.29
June 2027 $0.27 $0.20
July 2027 $0.22 $0.18
August 2027 $0.17 $0.12
September 2027 $0.21 $0.17
October 2027 $0.26 $0.19
November 2027 $0.29 $0.23
December 2027 $0.33 $0.23

YGG token Price Prediction 2028 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2028 $0.39 $0.32
February 2028 $0.31 $0.22
March 2028 $0.28 $0.23
April 2028 $0.24 $0.17
May 2028 $0.20 $0.16
June 2028 $0.18 $0.13
July 2028 $0.23 $0.19
August 2028 $0.30 $0.21
September 2028 $0.37 $0.30
October 2028 $0.47 $0.33
November 2028 $0.51 $0.41
December 2028 $0.57 $0.41
January 2029 $0.40 $0.32
February 2029 $0.47 $0.33
March 2029 $0.58 $0.47
April 2029 $0.69 $0.49
May 2029 $0.75 $0.61
June 2029 $0.90 $0.65
July 2029 $0.86 $0.69
August 2029 $0.72 $0.51
September 2029 $0.90 $0.72
October 2029 $1.12 $0.80
November 2029 $1.23 $0.99
December 2029 $1.38 $0.99
January 2030 $1.34 $1.08
February 2030 $1.61 $1.15
March 2030 $1.54 $1.24
April 2030 $1.28 $0.91
May 2030 $1.60 $1.29
June 2030 $2.00 $1.43
July 2030 $2.20 $1.78
August 2030 $2.47 $1.76
September 2030 $2.40 $1.94
October 2030 $2.88 $2.06
November 2030 $2.74 $2.21
December 2030 $2.29 $1.63

How does Yield Guild Games generate revenue?

YGG’s primary source of income stems from using their NFT assets, either directly or through a rental system. In this system, guild members utilize the assets in return for a share of in-game rewards, which then go directly to YGG. Additionally, economic activities conducted on YGG-owned in-game assets like land can also produce revenue for third parties.

How does Yield Guild Games ensure the security of its network?

YGG has established a subDAO to manage specific game assets and functions. These assets, owned and managed by the YGG treasury, are secured via a multisignature (multisig) hardware wallet. This approach guarantees optimal security, while players can engage with assets through smart contracts.


What is Yield Guild Games (YGG)?

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) focused on investing in virtual world non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Their mission is to cultivate the world’s most extensive virtual economy, optimize its assets for utmost utility, and distribute revenues among its stakeholders. The platform has grown notably due to the rising interest in play-to-earn games, especially during the pandemic.

Who founded Yield Guild Games?

Yield Guild Games is a venture by a Manila-based game studio initiated by Gabby Dizon, who was also a part of teams that introduced Axie Infinity and Yearn Finance Communities. The co-founders include Beryl Li, a Cambridge University alumnus and entrepreneur, and Owl of Moistness, a seasoned blockchain developer with expertise in NFTs.

What sets Yield Guild Games apart from other games?

Yield Guild Games is unique due to its model that capitalizes on NFT assets. Owners of NFTs can benefit from the escalation in the economic value of the in-game asset, which gets mirrored in the worth of its NFT in the open market. Furthermore, YGG incorporates a play-to-earn mechanism where participants earn native tokens for their in-game actions.

How has the pandemic influenced the growth of Yield Guild Games?

The pandemic intensified interest in play-to-earn games as people looked for alternative income sources and entertainment while staying at home. This surge in interest substantially contributed to the platform’s growth, making Yield Guild Games more popular among players and investors.

What roles do the co-founders Beryl Li and Owl of Moistness play in Yield Guild Games?

Beryl Li, an entrepreneur with a background from Cambridge University and a history in the cryptocurrency sector, co-founded CapchainX and has been a licensed financial consultant. Owl of Moistness is a proficient blockchain developer responsible for building algorithms for various bots and NFTs, including the well-known Axie Infinity.

What is the importance of the subDAO structure in Yield Guild Games?

The subDAO structure in YGG is designed to manage specific game assets and activities. By allocating assets to the subDAO and securing them through the YGG treasury via a multisignature hardware wallet, YGG can maintain high security levels. Furthermore, this structure allows the player community to actively utilize assets within a controlled environment, facilitated by smart contracts.

What is YGG Price Prediction for 2025?

As per our prediction, YGG price in 2025 is expected to be in the range of $0.30 and $1.79. Average YGG predicted price for 2025 is $1.045.

What is YGG Price Prediction for 2030?

Maximum and minimum price forecast of YGG token for 2030 is $2.29 and $0.91 respectively. Average YGG predicted price for 2030 is $1.6.

Will YGG reach 1USD?

As per our analysis YGG token is expected to reach 1USD in September 2025.

Conclusion: Should you buy YGG token in 2023?

While I like the usecase of Yield Guild Games of letting players play crypto blockchain games for free without needing to make any investment, I am not sure if the market is matured enough to need such a project today.

There’s not many addictive and popular P2E games, expect a few ones like Axie Infinity, whose popularity is down as well.

The YGG token, on the other hand offers a wide range of utilities, from staking for exclusive rewards, accessing unique content, to voting within the DAO and even purchasing exclusive merchandise. All these utilities will be very useful when we have 10-20 popular blockchain games with atleast 100k players per month atleast.

While I recognize its diverse use-cases and its prominence in the growing play-to-earn niche, I personally would not be adding YGG to my long-term portfolio given the alternative altcoins I currently hold.

However, observing its trend in August 2023, there’s undeniable short-term potential. I’m considering a brief dive into trading YGG, aiming for a swift 30-40% gain.