Finding early alphas in the crypto market has been popularly considered to be the top trading secret. Many experienced users have employed these useful alphas to their favour and made huge profits. Alphas are essential insights or knowledgeable pieces of information associated with the industry that can help traders and crypto users make extremely informed investment decisions. However, do you need to be an expert in order to find and analyse these Alphas? Absolutely not. There are many tools in the market right now, designed for beginners, that can help you with key analytics and mitigate the need to dig for information all day. One of the best Alpha analyst tools in my opinion is Tweet Scout.

In this article, we will discuss a little about the platform and how you can use it to your benefit.

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What is TweetScout?

Tweetscout tool

TweetScout is a cutting-edge crypto analytical instrument for the alphas and other project activities. It delivers an exhaustive rundown of activities and top followers, among other things, which provides a clear indication of a Twitter account’s popularity within the crypto domain by offering a TweetScout Score as a benchmark for crypto-centric Twitter accounts. This rating system considers various aspects, such as the number and clout of established crypto personalities, protocols, and venture capital and investment company staff who follow the account. As a result, accounts with greater influence get a much greater score.

While the basic version offers some functionality, the complete list and advanced features are only available in the premium version. The basic version provides Twitter Score, influencer count, VC involvement, and project details, but not the complete set of information. Analyzing the followers of VCs can often offer insights into forthcoming funding in a particular project. Following by a VC or their staff is usually a positive sign. Keep in mind that a 5-day Premium Trial is available for you to experience the full force of the tool, after which you can decide whether or not to purchase the service.

Tweetscout dashboard

Information on TweetScout undergoes multiple updates daily, with continuous initiatives aimed at hastening the process to eventually offer real-time updates. TweetScout is a worthwhile tool for individuals with an interest in the world of cryptocurrency. It aids in the discovery of new projects and the avoidance of fraudulent schemes enables NFT traders to monitor genuine community attention, assists DeFi users in identifying optimistic projects, assists protocol founders in monitoring growth on social media and evaluating contenders, and enables collaboration managers to find and figure out what projects are in their early stages and can be used for possible partnerships.

TweetScout has now been optimized for use on mobile devices also. It can currently be accessed through any browser on your mobile wallet or Trust wallet. The upcoming Walletconnect feature will make it even more convenient to use. While it isn’t fully optimized for mobile use just yet, a new and improved version of the website is in development. During its inaugural month, TweetScout gained over 1,700 followers on Twitter, 36 of whom were influencers. There were over 200 active users on the platform every day, with 1,500+ connected wallets and more than 50 purchased months of subscriptions. Over 10,000 searches were made through TweetScout in just one month of its launch.

Top Features of TweetScout

Early Projects Menu

There’s a feature on TweetScout that I absolutely love, it’s the “Early Projects Menu” section. This is where the system gathers the newest and lesser-known crypto projects that have the potential to shine. In case you don’t have the time to check them yourself, the TweetScout team sends you regular “Project Reports” where they handpick the most promising projects for you. What makes this tool so effective is that it’s powered by cutting-edge technology that employs advanced machine learning and data analytics to identify budding crypto projects that are still flying under the radar. This helps you remain aware of the constantly changing crypto terrain to identify upcoming projects.

Checking for Bots

The subsequent remarkable feature is the bot checker in TweetScout that analysis the account authenticity. Through this feature, you no longer have to launch multiple individual applications for this function. Checking for bots is a great step in ensuring that the epoch of rug NFT projects is over. By scrutinizing an account’s TweetScout Score and follower count, you can measure the level of interest from significant figures in the crypto world. If an account has a meagre score in spite of a massive follower count, it could be indicative of dying interest in the project or a likely bot manipulation. For their authenticity-checking feature, they examine several parameters for each follower, including Avatar, banner, description, account creation date, activity level of tweets and retweets, and number of followers, among others.

Events Search

If you are looking for a way to boost your profits and stay up-to-date with the latest opportunities in the crypto space, then you can use TweetScout’s event search feature! With this powerful tool, you can easily discover reward based events such as airdrops, testnets, and giveaways. This can be easily executed by searching for suitable keywords in tweets. Simply separate the keywords with commas, and include at least one period to refine your search. The Twitter messages are organized according to the project’s ranking system and refreshed on a daily basis, keeping you up to date with the latest developments. Additionally, you will soon be able to set up customized search presets for frequently searched keywords, streamlining and enhancing the effectiveness of your searches.

Description Search

With the Description Search function, you can quickly and easily locate Twitter accounts that include specific keywords. This feature is particularly helpful for staying up-to-date with new developments in the space and finding like-minded individuals to collaborate with. You can use it to search for anything from AI-related projects to collaboration managers, or anything in between. Plus, as you browse through the search results, you may discover new and exciting projects that you otherwise would have missed. The Description Search feature is a valuable tool for expanding your network and staying on top of the latest products in the space.

Member identification

And finally, to add to the arsenal of features, there’s yet another highly effective function of Member identification. In just a single click, you can easily discover and identify the members who make up the team of a particular project. This specific attribute happens to be one of the most significant ones, in my opinion, and as its development continues, the program has the potential to become an absolutely game-altering tool. When considering an investment, it’s of utmost importance to thoroughly scrutinize not just the project’s Twitter profile but also the social media accounts of its team members and the most dedicated supporters within its community.

Activities and Watchlist

Activity tracking gives you the sum of the total number of interactions, including likes, retweets, and comments, an account receives on its posts in the period of seven days. It’s an excellent feature for a prompt and comprehensive review of especially NFT projects. Additionally, the small graphs provide a daily update on the number of interactions with tweets. The Watchlist Dashboard is a highly efficient section where you can keep tabs on the accounts you’ve included and track their movement. You can quickly check the remaining number of days left you to have on your subscription. In case you are a free user, you can use the referral program to get a week of premium by inviting others to join the platform using your unique referral link. It’s an excellent way to maximize your experience on the platform and gain access to exclusive features.

Payment Options

WhopIO has recently introduced an option to pay for your Tweetscout subscription with WETH, allowing you to enjoy the convenience of automatic renewals. With Coinbase Payments integrated into Whop, you can also pay using a wider range of currencies for one-time buys. Until the end of this month, i.e April 2023, premium subscription prices on TweetScout have been reduced. For recurring payments, you can subscribe for 1 month at 50 dollars per month, 6 months at 45 dollars per month, or 12 months at 40 dollars per month. For one-time payments, you can subscribe for 1 month at 60 dollars per month, 6 months at 55 dollars per month, or 12 months at 50 dollars per month.

To summarise:

We are huge supporters of viable tools that can help newbies in the industry gain some deep insights and as a result benefit greatly. TweetScout is one such tool that can help you do so. Even though they are a new platform, they are constantly developing and catering to all your needs. They have detailed and precise information available that can make a huge difference in your crypto game. With projects like these, it is always better to get an early start. We highly recommended you to not just sit on this protocol and go check TweetScout now to gain the most advantages. However, do remember that the platform is only to provide you with some knowledgeable analytics. It by no means should solely dictate your investment decisions. You must do holistic research before making any choices in the industry in order to minimize your losses and amplify your gains.

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