Non Fungible tokens have been prevalent in the digital asset market for almost a decade now. However, it was only in 2021 that this industry saw a massive boom. There was a tremendous influx of users who become more and more interested in the world of NFTs and the curiosity amongst the masses grew substantially. This led to a never seen before rising in the popularity of the sector, with every single person trying to get on the train of profitability of NFTs.

Now whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, one thing every user must do is keep up with the ongoing trends. It is extremely vital for you to be aware of the new updates in the industry as well as have knowledge about the new and upcoming NFT Mints. But if you are confused about where to get started, do not worry.

We have curated for you an extensive list of the top upcoming NFT mints that you absolutely cannot miss out on. We discuss all the projects in detail so that you can stay notified of the new developments in the market and make the best use of your funds.

upcoming NFT mints

What are the top 5 NFT Mints?

In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of the top 5 NFT mints that you should look out for in the near future. Users can in fact participate in the whitelisting of these mints as well. The main point here is, that if you manage to get whitelisted for any of these NFT mintings, you could stand a chance of benefiting from its growth. An added advantage is that some of the options given below are free mints, which can help you make profits without a large investment.

The projects that we will be discussing can prove to be extremely useful for you in the future. However do remember that getting whitelisted is not always very easy, especially with the more popular mints that have already attracted a significant crowd. Hence we will also facilitate you with some essential tips that can aid the process and help you increase your chances of getting whitelisted.

According to me, the top 5 upcoming NFT projects are:

  • Dimensionals
  • Overworld
  • Lost Realms
  • Zen Academy
  • Crazy Dolls

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Dimensionals is a growing gaming platform that is powered by Mino Games Inc. The platform enables users with an impressive game multiverse that is integrated with multiple dimensions. Each dimension in the game is filled with a bunch of heroes that users can collect. Dimensionals is quite a popular company and has also raised an investment round of around ten million dollars. This project currently is coming up with one of the most hyped and anticipated NFT mints. The best part about the Dimensionals NFT is that it is a Free Mint, so you don’t need to have a huge capital to take part in it. However, due to this aspect, it is also very popular right now with a lot of people wanting to mint it.

The Dimensional Mint will be launched very soon, with the suspected time frame being somewhere around the second week of march. You can join the discord server of Dimensionals which will help you in the entire process, which is anyway quite simple and not complicated. There you can learn what are the steps to be followed that will get you whitelisted. You can also get to know what is its mint price and how you can participate.

The competition has already started and a lot of people have already been whitelisted. Additionally joining their Twitter is never a bad idea, since most platforms spread the news of the developments on their products through Twitter itself.

  • Visit their Discord here
  • Visit their Twitter here


The second platform whose NFT mint you need to look out for is Overworld. Overworld is a really good multiplayer Role-playing Video Game that functions as a cross-chain protocol. It has been founded by Jeremy Horn, who is also responsible for bringing us other platforms like Xterio Games.

Overworld is a player driven platform that lets you do many things including Exploring the platform, Conquering many quests, Crafting new things and also Owning several segments in the game. Their Twitter account is very active and constantly keeps updating users about new development and free NFT giveaways. Hence you can simply follow the Overworld Twitter account and stay updated on it to gain more insight.

  • Visit their Twitter here

Lost Realms

The third really exciting project you must keep an eye on is Lost Realms. Lost realism is an interactive gaming world that is built by a team of experienced individuals who have previously worked at LucasArts, MachineZone, EA, Microsoft, and Y-Combinator. It has an NFT mint coming soon that is absolutely free and also doesn’t have any stealth limits. However, it is important to note that the date of launch is yet to be announced.

Much like other free months, even Lost Realms has great popularity and competition as a lot of people would want to mint the NFT. You can track their Twitter and Disocrd to receive constant updates on the project.

  • Visit their Discord here
  • Visit their Twitter here

Zen Academy

The fourth project that we will be discussing today is Zen Academy. It is an amazing platform that aids users in learning more about the space of Non-Funglible Tokens and Web3. The credit for launching the Zen Academy goes to Zeneca, who is also the founder of The 333 Club, a premier association of 333 builders, creators, and innovators within the Academy. They aim to form a conglomerate of talented minds in the metaverse and cultivate curiosity towards learning as well as a passion for education. The platform is great for everyone, including artists, developers, inventors, and even degens.

Zen Academy is very soon going to launch a PFP collection as well and the artist credited with this PFP goes by the name of “Pondering”. Zeneca has quite an impressive following on Twitter with a very strong influence. Hence we can expect great traction on this mint as well.

  • Visit their Discord here
  • Visit their Twitter here

Crazy Dolls

The final reject we will be discussing is Crazy Dolls. This is a sister project to AKCB and Their collection has many dolls each of which is in fact drawn by hand. These dolls are not only unique but also have a powerful and defined personalities along with beautiful colours and traits. Crazy Dolls has created a vibrant and colourful interface for its users. One thing to note here is that this NFT mint won’t be free and will have some minting price attached to it. If you manage to get this NFT, you can easily make five to six times your profits. Much like all the other projects, it is advisable to join their discord and follow them on Twitter as well.

  • Visit their Discord here
  • Visit their Twitter here

Tips on How to get whitelisted in these upcoming NFT Sales

Most whitelisting approvals take place on the basis of how much you support a project. A huge chunk of people assumes that a simple effort in such NFT mints is sufficient. However, remember that this is not true. The more creative output you have, the higher your chances are of getting the mint

Only when you work within the conditions set for the mint with a lot of determination, will you be able to get whitelisted.

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If you are an artist, you have an edge over most users. You can easily utilize your form of art, whether it is dancing, singing, writing, painting, designing, or content creation, and integrate the project into it. Association with any kind of performing or creative art substantially increases your chances of getting whitelisted.

On the off chance that you have no artistic talent and lack a creative bend of mind, it is most advisable to take help from others. You can collaborate with your near and dear ones like friends and family, who can aid you in providing creative output.

Another option you have is to employ help. You can go on multiple platforms like Fiverr, to hire artists who can help you out with this work. There are many freelancers available who will be able to lend you their creative talents and assist you with your requirements.

A tip you must keep in mind is that this is a high effort high reward kind of task. By giving your bare minimum, the chances of success are very low. You can’t just enter a few prompts on AI tools and use the output as your entry.