The NFT market is booming now more than ever. From Twitter to Instagram, many people are now talking about NFTs. This massive craze around NFTs that rose exponentially in the last few years has led to more and more people becoming involved in the space.

This has also led to a spurt in new opportunities for both new and experienced users. However, while the experts have years of knowledge and honed skills to fall back upon, the new users are still looking for ways to make it big in the industry.

Many crypto investors want to learn how they can profit from the NFT rage with little to no investment.

Just by flipping NFTs by buying them before anyone else at the lowest price, or sometimes getting them for free, a lot of NFT investors made a lot of money in 2022, and early 2023. However, many missed these opportunities too.

Hence in this article, we have brought you a solution. We will take you through how you can easily find free NFTs with simple tools and earn massive profits.

What are NFTs and why are they important?

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. It is a unique and non-replaceable digital asset that works on a blockchain network. NFTs can range from a piece of artwork, music, video and a lot more.

When a person holds an NFT, it represents their ownership over that asset. More on this have been discussed in a a separate article which I highly recommend you to read: What are NFTs and how to invest in them?

The importance of NFTs lies in their ability to create new opportunities for artists, musicians, and other creators to earn a livelihood from their digital creations. They give rise to several new forms of virtual markets and economies.

Additionally, NFTs also serve as a vehicle to bring about a revolution in space. They have brought in new ways in which both individual users and big firms can purchase and collect assets. and to allow for the creation of new digital markets and economies.

NFTs have created a wave of novel ideas in the worlds of gaming and virtual reality by creating new forms of digital ownership and scarcity.

There are many unexplored tools to research on NFT projects early that helps you establish authenticity as well as a scarcity of an item. I will be making a list of top NFT tools that I use to research and find new projects before anyone else. If you wish to read my post, I highly recommend you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Where can I find free NFTs?

There are several ways to find free NFTs, including Social Media, Online Communities, Airdrops, Giveaways and Contests, free NFT marketplaces, and many more.

However, it is also important to harness the power of certain tools that can aid you in the process of finding new free NFTs. Some of these tools are:

  • FreeNFT
  • NFTrai
  • CatchMint

Let’s delve deep into each of these platforms separately



FreeNFT is one of the leading platforms today that provides users with Free NFTs. Yes, you read that correct.

The NFT marketplace works with a focus on both collectors as well as projects. On FreeNFT, collectors are shown only Free Projects.

This means that a user looking for only a free NFT doesn’t have to search for a needle in a haystack. They don’t have to waste time in sorting through all NFTs to find a free one.

In addition to this, they also promise collectors that all the mints through their interface come with a guarantee to be mintable. FreeNFT assures users that these mints are completely safe and not fraudulent.

While catering to projects, they make sure to provide a beautiful launchpad. The FreeNFT platform has a built-in distribution tool that aids in growing your community.Igor Lenterman had this to say about his platform,

FreeNFT is MUCH more than just a free mint aggregator! We are also partnering with some of the biggest projects in the NFT ecosystem to help them launch through our service. One of the hardest problems in NFTs is making sure your project gets distributed to unique people. We make it super easy to create beautiful, custom whitelist forms and distribute Free NFTs to as many unique people as possible through our website.


NFTrai is a great platform that aids you with tools “to mint & trade like a professional”. It is a Real-time NFT analytics tool that can help you spot a new Free NFT.

The platform has been developed by and provides users with features that can give them an edge over the rest. NFTrai offers 1-click purchases, free lightning mints, the option to monitor live trends and a chance of discovering the next Blue Chip NFT. They have a Minting Now list from which users can easily mint NFTs as well as see public launches.

NFTrai has a few Web3 Dapps and Developer Tools associated with it, including, Opensea, Cyberbrokers, and DTTD. The platform helps you “Capture price surges and track volume for the top traded NFTs” and “Never miss popular collections.”


Catchmint NFT site

CatchMint is a really nice and interactive tool in the industry.

It promises to serve as a place where NFT enthusiasts can discover new and exciting NFTs. They had already partnered with 50+ communities for the closed beta wave 1 & 2 in July 2022.

According to the team, CtachMint is right now focusing on building an awesome tool rather than spending our time & energy doing marketing.

They have almost everything ERC-20-related mints on the platform. While they were earlier known as “DegenMint”, they rebranded themselves in November 2022.

CatchMint has a great layout, as well as real-time minting information. They even provide an indicator of potential duplicate contracts, and the possibility for users to raise a red flag.

Under the live mints section, you can click on the “Free” filter which will they show you only the free NFTs that will be minted at the time.

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While finding free NFTs can be enticing and fun, REMEMBER that you must take extra caution in these transactions.

The world of NFTs is a little more complex for a beginner and hence there are things you must keep in mind in order to find free NFTs in a safe and efficient manner.

It’s important to follow trusted sources ONLY and avoid NFT scams. Stick to well-established marketplaces and communities, and be cautious of offers that seem too good to be true.

Remember the process does take time so you have to show patience as well. While using the tools listed in this article can make the process extremely easy, you in no scenario can skip out on doing your own research.

In my opinion, the NFT industry is growing and evolving with new projects coming up constantly. Hence with dedication, efficient tools and proper research, users can hope to benefit quite a lot from NFTs.

I will be doing a complete list of 10 such tools that I use in my everyday life to hunt for the best NFT projects early. Comment below, if you are interested to read it.