Looking for the top Solana NFTs to buy in 2023? Since its inception, Solana has quickly gone on to become one of the flagship blockchain that NFT projects are released on. A lot of these projects have garnered massive success in the world of crypto and NFTs. Solana NFTs started their domination int he crypto NFT space ever since the Degenerate Ape Academy NFTs were released.

It was also then ETH gas fees were going off the roof and a large chunk of crowd shifted to Solana.

Solana became the most popular blockchain in the crypto space after Ethereum, for artists to release their NFT collection and for collectors to mint and collect their favorite NFTs.

And even now in 2023, Solana is still the most popular blockchain for NFTs, after Ethereum.

In this post we are going to discuss the top bluechip Solana NFTs (according to marketcap):

Top Solana NFTs to buy in 2023

Let’s take a look at some of these top tier projects on Solana for 2023 and what makes them stand out from the rest.

Most Popular Solana NFTs (Last 30 Days)

Rank Solana NFT Collection Floor Price Volume
1 y00ts 125.1899 SOL 387.9K
2 DeGods 502 SOL 289.9K
3 ABC 69.69 SOL 202.8K
4 Okay Bears 38.86 SOL 125.8K
5 Claynosaurz 33.18 SOL 104.7K
6 Solana Monkey Business 199.7 SOL 88.4K
7 Entreprenerdz 1.88 SOL 85.7K
8 DUELBOTS 61.9999 SOL 78K
9 Smyths 54.7683 SOL 77.4K
10 JellyRascals 74.9989 SOL 62.9K
11 Famous Fox Federation 49.169 SOL 59.2K
12 Thesmophoria 0.9999 SOL 58.9K

Top Solana NFT Collections 2023

Today’s list includes yoots mint toob, DeGodsABC, Okay Bears, Degenerate Ape Academy, GGSG and Kikiverse.

Yoots Mint Toob

Yoots mint toob is the best Solana NFT collection created by the founders of the hyper successful DeGods NFT project. This had made it one of the most hyped collection at the time of launch. Yoots were originally called duppies and there are a total of 15,000 of them in circulation. The mint price of a yoot was at $375DUST which is a little over a thousand American dollars. Instead of a usual raffle process to whitelist buyers the creators of yoots took a different approach.

If you already had a DeadGod then you were automatically whitelisted and if not then you could take part in the scholarship which would determine those who seem fit enough to own a yoot. Once passing this test that person would be publicly announced on the official twitter handle of yoots mint toob.

Here are the key facts about y00ts NFT Collection:

  • Floor price: 125.1899
  • Total volume: 3.4M
  • Number of owners: 6,210
  • Number of listings: 443
  • Total supply: 13.1K
  • Number of watches on Magic Eden: 1.7K


DeGods is currently officially the biggest NFT project on the Solana blockchain. It is innovative, community centered, gives back to its holders in new ways all the time, has celebrities involved such as IceCube and so much more. All of these qualities have helped DeGods to become the success story it is today. The floor price of a DeGod at the time of writing this is 408 $SOL. This project has indeed gone to become a blue chip NFT collection and if it keeps rising at the same right it might become the biggest NFT collection in the world.

Here are the key facts about DeGods:

  • Floor price: 502
  • Total volume: 4.2M
  • Number of owners: 4,273
  • Number of listings: 187
  • Total supply: 10,000
  • Number of watches on Magic Eden: 11.3K

Okay Bears

Okay Bears describe themselves as a culture shift. A 10,000 piece clean NFT collection of diverse bears aiming to build a virtuous community that will transcend the internet into the real world. The tagline for this project is ‘we are going to be okay.’ What makes Okay Bears an outstanding collection is their blueprint. While most NFT projects have roadmaps Okay Bears goes deeper and provides a complete blueprint. This includes 7 different parts namely the park, workshop, gallery, boutique, studio, platform and bear market.

Here are the key facts about Okay Bears:

  • Floor price: 38.86
  • Total volume: 2.9M
  • Number of owners: 4,919
  • Number of listings: 971
  • Total supply: 10K
  • Number of watches on Magic Eden: 9.4K

ABC (AbarakaDabra)

This collection is like no other on the list because it has no team, no mints, no royalties, no roadmap or even a dedicated website or social media at launch. It is truly fascinating how art and a community can take a project to such heights. The creator of this 10,000 NFT collection is none other than the biggest whale on Solana himself, HGE.SOL. He states that this project was a way for him to bring back the simpler times that people experienced during their childhood. The project was never meant to be traded at such high values as hge.sol himself told people in a tweet that this is not to be looked at as an investment and that he will not do anything to pump the collection as well.

Here are the key facts about ABC:

  • Floor price: 69.99
  • Total volume: 1.9M
  • Number of owners: 1,764
  • Number of listings: 166
  • Total supply: 10K
  • Number of watches on Magic Eden: 1.8K

Degenerate Ape Academy

After spending a few minutes on Degenerate Ape Academy’s website one can easily understand why they are so popular among the NFT space. Their mission is simple, gather ten thousand of the smoothest brain students, put them in one place and let them f**k s**t up! It is kind of hard to deny such a pure and open ended mission. The first impression anybody can have of the collection is that is looks and sounds cool and fun which is exactly what has caught the attention of so many others. Of all the collection mentioned in this article none of them have generated the hype that this project has.

Although this was #1 spot in the list of top Solana NFTs in 2022, it now stands at #5. I like the art, but the there’s not much volume and activity compared to other Solana NFT collections.

Here are the key facts about ABC:

  • Floor price: 69.99
  • Total volume: 1.9M
  • Number of owners: 1,764
  • Number of listings: 166
  • Total supply: 10K
  • Number of watches on Magic Eden: 1.8K

Mid Size Solana NFT Collection: GGSG

GGSG or Galactic Gecko Space Garage is another big time NFT project and collection on the Solana blockchain. It is a NFT Social Adventure Club that has 10,000 warrior turned space racing geckos. The website outlines how you can ‘sponsor’ a Gecko by owning its NFT and take part in the most elite, fierce and thrill-seeking club in the universe. You can also choose one or mutliple factions which can have ‘cosmic consequences.’ The website also features the lore for the same in detail. The floor price for a GGSG now is 40.9SOL. The total volume of Galactic Geckos traded is 535,000 ETH. Additionally, there are 1.6K watches on this MagicEden, indicating high interest from the community.

Best Solana NFT Collection

NFT Collection Website
Yoots Mint Toob Click Here
DeGods Click Here
Okay Bears Click Here
ABC (AbarakaDabra) Click Here
Degenerate Ape Academy Click Here
GalasticGeckos Click here

My Pick: Best Solana NFT Project 2023: MACKS

Well, although the above mentioned NFT collections are my all time favorite ones, because of the high floor price, I would not be investing in those NFT projects now in 2023. I would rather buy multiple NFT collection with a lower floor price and would sit on it till I get a good ROI. One such project is MACKS NFT collection, I recently purchased in 2023.

Here is some information on Macks NFT Collection:

  • Floor price: 0.5681SOL
  • Total volume: 6,106.67SOL
  • Average sale in the last 24 hours: 0.76SOL
  • Number of owners: 1,681
  • Number of listings: 923
  • Total supply: 9.1K
  • Number of unwatched NFTs: 241

MACKS is a digital collective of 10,000 NFTs. I like the art. Given the low floor price and relatively low number of listings, it is likely that the project is designed to be accessible and inclusive, appealing to a broad range of collectors and enthusiasts. MACKS NFT collection features a diverse range of styles, techniques, and subject matter, reflecting the eclectic and collaborative nature of the collective.

Where to buy these Solana NFTs?

You can buy these and other Solana NFTs on NFT marketplaces like Opensea, MagicEden, Solsea, Solanart etc.

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Which Solana NFT should you buy?

Before we even write anything more, I should first of all tell you that none of what we have written in this article – Top Solana NFTs of 2023 is a financial advice and this is not a sponsored post. The list for the top NFT projects on the Solana blockchain for the year 2023 was curated based on their merits and is our personal opinion.

Okay, now that I have shared the disclaimer, understand that most of these collections are fairly young and still have a lot of hidden potential if executed well. It also shows that the Solana blockchain is continuing to grow at a massive rate day by day hour by hour. The prices could also plummet and not all the NFTs we mentioned in this list is going go be successful.

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Now to answer your question on which Solana NFT should you be buying, if you have funds and would like to invest some of it into NFTs, I would say it is better to invest in a mix of NFT collections – with high floor price and a comparatively lower one. For example, you can buy DeGod, yOOts and OkayBears on, and along with it, you could also buy MACKS (recently launched NFT collection). Yoots is another great NFT collection you can invest in.

Whichever Solana NFTs you would be buying, know that these Solana NFTs are not as liquid as tokens, and you may need to wait till you find a buyer while selling these art pieces.