Solana has yet again seen another NFT collection go through the roof in terms of popularity and price. The ABC or AbrakaDabra NFT collection has shown crypto and NFT enthusiasts around the world that you do not need a flashy launch or even have a dedicated social media page to generate enough hype around your project. That is right the ABC project has no team, no roadmap, no social media and no royalties as well. It is truly a fascinating project that has caught the eye of a lot of people. To top it all of the creator of this project, HGE.Sol (twitter handle) launched the entire 10,000 piece collection all at once, no mints, nothing. This move even ended up breaking down the site the collection was released on.

Pricing And Intent Behind ABC NFT Collection

The mint price of this collecting was at 1.23 $SOL ,as stated by hge.sol in his tweet where he introduces the collection, and at the time of writing this article the floor price of the collection has reached 53 $SOL. This alone shows how successful the project has been. However, it is important to note that this was never meant to be a project that people would see as an investment. The creator actually discouraged people to buy the collection if they thought that the floor price might go up in the future or that hge.sol himself might do something to ‘pump the collection’. It was as he said a way for him to bring back the simple and fun times from his childhood and create art that would resonate with that sentiment.

Contents Of AbrakaDabra NFT Collection

The collection features 14 different types of entities, each occupying a certain percentage in the collection. All NFTs are truly immutable and have zero royalties at the time of launch. One can also ask why they were not free, hge.sol does provide an answer for this in the same twitter thread by explaining that the “Mint funds are around the cost of bringing the collection to life. I prepaid all costs upfront.” There are 100 NFTs from this collection named ‘1/1’ which were reserved for contributos in the past and future and make up 1% of the total making them unofficially the rarest of all the NFTs present. Also none of the NFTs have any official rarity ratings as well.

Future Of ABC NFT Collection And Message To Other Creators

As of now it looks like the collection is going to continue to increase in value as the trading of ABC NFTs is not looking to slow down anytime soon. The current volume for this collection is sitting at a comfortable 323.2k SOL which is a little short of $12.5 million. It has only been a mere 20 days since the collection became live on the blockchain at the time of writing this review; in this short amount of time the rate of growth has been unprecented for a project that had virtually none of the qualities or backings of traditional one. What ABC has show is the power of the community in the NFT space and that it does not matter if your project has a hundred people or just one individual behind it. It all depends on the sentiment and message that you are trying to convey through your art. All in all this is fantastic news for individual creators that fear about the success of their own projects and collections.

ABC NFT Collection: FAQ

Q) What was the mint price of AbrakaDabra ABC NFTs?

A) The mint price of ABC NFT was 1.23$SOL

Q) What is the current floor price of ABC NFTs?

A) The current floor price of the collection is 53$SOL

Q) How to buy AbrakaDa NFTs?

A) You can buy the ABC NFTS on platforms like OpenSea

Q) When was ABC NFTs launched?

A) The collection was launched on 23rd Aug 2022

Q) Who is the creator of ABC NFT project?

A) The creator of ABC NFT project is HGE.SOL