Top cryptocurrencies to buy under 1 USD

When Elon Musk said, “Cryptocurrencies are for everyone” he meant it. The world of Crypto has expanded and grown by leaps and bounds. It is no longer restricted to a particular country, region or a specific class of people. Anyone and everyone with access to the digital world can lay their hands on the virtual currency. The multiverse of crypto has more than 18k digital coins which are flourishing in the market with their constant fluctuations. But not each of these altcoins are affordable or accessible to everyone. 

For beginners who do not have enough knowledge about the market, for people who are unsure about the cryptocurrency they want to invest in, for freshers who want to invest small,  for people who are incapable of investing a large amount, or for investors who are not ready to take a huge risk, Crypto Bulls Club brings you a list of 5 affordable cryptocurrencies to invest in under 1 USD. 

5 Affordable Cryptocurrencies to invest in under 1USD 

Following is the list of 5 cryptocurrencies which are thriving in the market. Anyone who is confused or would like to invest in a crypto that’s cheaper, consider investing in these crypto to make your portfolio more colourful and less risky. 

  1. Steller (XLM) 
  2. VeChain (VET) 
  3. USD Coin (USDC) 
  4. XRP (XRP) 
  5. Cardano (ADA) 

Best Cryptocurrencies to buy under 1 USD 

Let us have a detailed look at why the above mentioned 5 cryptocurrencies are a good choice to invest in. 

Steller (XLM) 

Top cryptocurrencies to invest in under 1 USD

Steller is an excellent and much reliable choice when you have to invest in a coin that’s worth less than a dollar. For a long time, The prices of XLM have stayed below the 1 dollar mark. Steller is a Peer-To-Peer decentralised network, with real-world applications.

It is a payment network that allows all the types of financial systems to operate on the platform. XLM (Lumen) is the utility token of  The platform Steller. XLM acts as a mode of payment for operations or is used to pay transaction fees. The price of Steller has increased by 108% in 2021 and has witnessed exponential growth. 

Current Price: $0.116

Market Cap: $2,921,961,412.44

Market Rank: #28

VeChain (VET) 

Among all the blockchain projects, VeChain is a project that provides blockchain solutions to other platforms. It virtualises the real people, products, or events by connecting the blockchain with the existent information. VeChain has two utility tokens namely VET (VeChain Token) and VTHO (VeThor Token).

VeChain has acquired authentication from TUV Saarland certifying that it is the first 5-Star rated blockchain service provider in the world. It is definitely worth having in your crypto portfolio and the best part is it comes cheap so one can easily manage to buy it. VET token is used for trading and staking whereas VTHO is used to enhance smart contracts. 

Current Price: $0.03055

Market Cap: $2,240,975,798.38

Market Rank: #33 


USDC is a stablecoin that is attached and backed up by the US Dollars. The coin provides stability and reliability because it is connected with the most secure fiat currency, US Dollars. USDC is easily transferable and is equivalent to 1 dollar which provides a lower risk return to the investor.

For anyone who wants to hold a stablecoin in their portfolio, USDC is also worth considering in because it provides complete transparency in terms of prices and is a secure way of holding funds. USDC is the world’s second most used digital currency. The low-beta investment really reduces the overall risk.

You should not be investing in USDC expecting good returns. However, looking at the current fall and depegging of stablecoins, USDC could be a wise choice. This is a good investment for anyone who wants to hold stablecoin so that they could buy any coin they want when their price falls against USD.

Current Price: $1

Market Cap: $5,952,568,980

Market Rank: #4


top cryptocurrencies to invest in under 1 USD

XRP is an open source cryptocurrency and the native token of Ripple. XRP is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies to exist, it has been in the market since 2012. Hard to believe is not it? But, it’s true. The platform aims to facilitate international transfer of money. It makes cross border financial transactions simple, easy, affordable and accessible for all. The transaction process of XRP is extremely quick in comparison to the transaction cost which is absolutely low.

The native coin of Ripple can also be used to clear the transaction fees incurred on the platform. XRP does involve a huge amount of risk due to the constant fluctuations in the market, but at the same time Technical analysts believe in the potential of XRP considering it has survived in such an unpredictable market for so long. 

Current Price: $0.3758 

Market Cap: $18,173,003,536.65

Market Rank: #6 

Cardano (ADA) 

Cardano is a blockchain platform that runs on a Proof-Of-Stake mechanism and aims to achieve the goal of promoting changemakers, innovators and visionaries. Cardano acts as a support for the smart contracts running on the blockchain. ADA, the utility token is undoubtedly one of the most promising crypto. The cryptocurrency is comparatively cheaper and affordable as compared to others in the market, Cardano is known and recognised for its excellent security.

Apart from that, Cardano is the fastest blockchain network due to Hydra’s scaling. The platform allows the holders of ADA to earn tokens or get rewarded for their service if they contribute in decentralising the network. Cardano has been the most active digital asset in the past year yielding unbelievable returns. It is surely a coin worth investing in. 

Current Price : $0.5098

Market Cap : $17,201,051,992.40

Market Rank : #6 

Why did I select these 6 Altcoins?

These are some reputed cryptocurrencies that are hanging in among the top cryptocurrencies since a long time now. And my trust for these cryptocurrencies have grown over time. So, in a way, I know these cryptocurrencies may not vanish over night.

Plus, we are now in bear market and it is the best time to buy cryptocurrencies. I would prefer buying these well established coins over any other cryptocurrencies that are lesser known. Once, the market rebounds, I will start booking profits. I know we may not see an insane rise in these cryptocurrencies as the marketcap of these cryptocurrencies are already on the higher end, despite being altcoins priced under 1USD.

Understanding the Difference Between Market Cap and Token price

Just because the price of any coin is low, it does not mean, the marketcap of the coin is on the lower end. Neither it means it has a huge scope of going up.

Rather, what you should be looking at more than the price is its marketcap.

Market capitalization is the total price of a crypto based on the circulating supply of that particular asset or token or crypto. Market cap is calculated by multiplying the current price and the circulating supply. In order to decide or predict the future of a token, one should consider analysing the market cap instead of the token price. The coins under 1 USD having a huge supply can also be expensive compared to the crypto that’s 100 USD but has lesser supply. 

For example : In comparison to MATIC, the circulating supply of DOGE is 16 times more, but the price of DOGE is less than MATIC. But it is better to buy MATIC as compared to DOGE because the market cap of MATIC is comparatively lesser and is expected to grow more. A cheap coin does not guarantee growth. BTC has a circulating supply of 18 million and there are only 21 million BTC, so the market cap will start increasing as soon the BTC’s start exhausting which hints towards rising prices. 


As it’s always said “All cheap things are not good and all good things are not expensive”. Similarly all the coins under 1 USD might not yield good returns or would take a longer time to give good returns depending on the market cap. The crypto under 1 USD are penny stocks and inexpensive but they also involve a high level of volatility. If one decides to choose wisely, they can have potential growth and returns from a penny stock as well. 

NOTE : This is not investment advice. Please DYOR before investing as the coins are highly volatile and the market is unpredictable.