$PEPE is a meme-coin with a supply of 420,690,000,000,000 tokens, and 100% of its tokens are in circulation. This meme coin is now the talk of the town as it has given alarming returns of more than 1000X in less than a week. This frog-based meme token was launched on the Ethereum blockchain and started trading on April 14, 2023.

There are many rags-to-riches stories associated with this frog-faced memetoken, and many are wondering if it is still early to get into this memetoken or if it’s too late. On the 5th of May, 2023, PEPE crossed 1 Billion USD in market cap and entered the top 40 cryptocurrencies by market cap. Binance has announced listing $PEPE under the innovation zone. Since then PEPE token has been on a correction.

Recently, the PepeCoin project recently reported a theft of 16 trillion tokens, equivalent to $15 million, from its multi-sig wallet. Three former team members are implicated in the illicit transfer, with the tokens being moved to major exchanges and sold off.

This is why the PEPE token fell heavily.

As of 8th November 2023, there are more than a total of 153,984 onchain PEPE token holders, out of which 140,882 are on $ETH chain, 10,577 are on on $BNB chain, and 2,525 are on the ARB chain.

In this article, we will explore more about $PEPE, PEPE price prediction from 2023 to 2023, and whether investing in Pepecoin is still profitable.

Pepecoin Details

Coin Name Pepe Price
Symbol PEPE
Rank 83
Market Cap $488,005,968
24h Volume $109,473,933
Fully Diluted Valuation $487,272,728
Circulating Supply 420,690,000,000,000
Total Supply 420,690,000,000,000
Max Supply 420,690,000,000,000
Tax 0%
Contract 0x6982508145454ce325ddbe47a25d4ec3d2311933
Website pepe.vip
Explorers Etherscan
Community Twitter

What is Pepecoin?

Pepecoin is just another memecoin with no intrinsic value, no roadmap, no utility. It was created just for fun and maybe to make money. PEPE is a meme token much like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin, but the only difference is that the other meme tokens were dog-based and this one is frog-based.

Anyone who is into crypto, must have seen the picture of a green-colored smart-looking frog used in many charts and memes, but there was no token. Pepe.vip is using the same and a few derivative images on its website.


How to buy Pepecoin?

Initially, Pepe coin was launched only on a dex, Uniswap. The liquidity was low. And anyone who wanted to buy PEPE had to pay a very high gas fee since it was launched on Ethereum blockchain. A few days later, PEPE was listed on smaller centralized crypto exchanges like MEXC and a couple of top-tier crypto exchanges like Huobi and Gate.io

If you want to buy PEPE, I recommend using centralized exchanges over a decentralized exchange. In doing so, you can skip the high gas fee.

You can now buy PEPE on Binance.com

You can also stake PEPE-USDT and earn $CAKE as rewards.

$PEPE price prediction 2023

As of November 8 2023, PEPE is trading at $0.00000117.

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
November 2023 $0.0000014 $0.0000008
December 2023 $0.0000015 $0.0000009

According to the price prediction for $PEPE in 2023, it seems that the frog-based memecoin could experience some high volatility in the remaining months, with prices ranging from a minimum of 0.00000065USD to a maximum of 0.0000015USD.

We anticipate a positive rally in November because of the overall bullish sentiments in Bitcoin due to possible spot Bitcoin ETF approval. Also, we can see there has been a small relief rally in most major altcoins, and PEPE could follow the same trend.

PEPE price prediction for November 2023 suggests this new meme token could be trading between $0.0000014 and $0.0000008.

December 2023 could be the best month for PEPE, as this meme coin is expected to reach $0.0000015

However, it is worth noting that the token is 80% down from its ATH and there is currently no use case for $PEPE, which means that its value is largely based on speculation and hype.

If you are wondering if $PEPE could reach 1 cent, let us clarify that we do not think it is possible for PEPE coin to reach 1 cent in 2023.

Ultimately, investing in $PEPE comes with a high level of risk due to its speculative nature. It’s essential to conduct thorough research and only invest a very small amount. Investing a lot can either make you reach or you may risk losing all your capital in no time. Memecoins like PEPE are not for investment. All one should be doing is investing a very small amount, and if it goes higher, you make a good amount of money, else you lose very little.

Please DYOR and make informed decisions before investing in any cryptocurrency, including $PEPE.

PEPE price prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 0.000001785123967 0.000001373172282
February 2024 0.000001963636364 0.00000151048951
March 2024 0.000002061818182 0.000001586013986
April 2024 0.000001874380165 0.000001441830896
May 2024 0.000002258181818 0.000001737062937
June 2024 0.000002484 0.000001910769231
July 2024 0.000001910769231 0.000001469822485
August 2024 0.000002350246154 0.000001807881657
September 2024 0.00000216 0.000001661538462
October 2024 0.0000018 0.000001384615385
November 2024 0.000001714285714 0.000001318681319
December 2024 0.000002108571429 0.000001621978022

According to our price prediction, $PEPE is expected to experience a bullish trend in 2024. The price is predicted to range between 0.000001318681319 USD to 0.000002350246154 USD throughout the year.

Moreover, $PEPE may see an increase in its market cap, which may potentially reach around 870 million USD. This may be due to the listing of $PEPE on more exchanges and an increase in its Twitter followers. Additionally, if influential people like Elon Musk tweet about $PEPE, it may attract more attention and cause the price to surge.

If things go well, $PEPE may enter the top 30 cryptocurrencies in terms of market cap. However, it’s important to keep in mind that meme coins are highly volatile, and the predictions should be taken with a grain of salt.

PEPE price prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 0.000002319428571 0.0000007731428571
February 2025 0.000002783314286 0.0000009277714286
March 2025 0.000003479142857 0.000001159714286
April 2025 0.000002551371429 0.0000008504571429
May 2025 0.000003061645714 0.000001020548571
June 2025 0.000003827057143 0.000001275685714
July 2025 0.000003061645714 0.000001020548571
August 2025 0.000003673974857 0.000001224658286
September 2025 0.000004592468571 0.000001530822857
October 2025 0.000003980139429 0.000001326713143
November 2025 0.000004776167314 0.000001592055771
December 2025 0.000007164250971 0.000002388083657

In 2025, PEPE is expected to continue its bullish trend with a predicted maximum price of $0.000007164250971 and a minimum price of $0.0000007731428571 by the end of the year. This is a remarkable 900% growth from its current value. PEPE is likely to benefit from the overall positive sentiment in the cryptocurrency market and an increase in its Twitter followers.

As it continues to gain popularity, it could potentially be listed on more exchanges, including top crypto exchanges like Binance. This could drive up demand for the meme-based token, leading to further price appreciation. With a predicted market cap of 1 Billion dollars, PEPE could be among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by 2025.

Positive movements in Bitcoin could also impact PEPE’s price positively. Investors are likely to view PEPE as a better investment than Dogecoin due to its strong growth potential and increasing popularity.

PEPE price prediction 2026 to 2030

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
2026 0.00001936349548 0.00001075749749
2027 0.00001549079638 0.000008605997989
2028 0.00002013803529 0.00001118779739
2029 0.00006041410588 0.00003356339216
2030 0.0001208282118 0.00008055214118

Can Pepecoin reach 1 USD?

It is impossible for Pepecoin to reach 1 USD. If you look at the tokenomics, you will see that the maximum supply is 420,690,000,000,000, and if PEPE were to reach 1USD, then the market cap of PEPE would be 420,690,000,000,000USD, which is highly unlikely. Therefore, do not buy $PEPE with the hope that the token may reach 1 USD in the future and make you rich.

Can Pepe reach 1cent?

For the same reason above, I think it is not possible for PEPE to reach 1cent. At 1cent, the market cap of PEPE would be 4,206,900,000,000 USD. This is much higher than the current market cap of the entire cryptocurrency. Hence, I do not think PEPE can ever reach 1 cent.


Can you buy PEPE on Coinbase or Binance?

Coinbase has not listed PEPE but Binance has listed PEPE tokens under the innovation zone. Today, you can buy PEPE on Binance.

What is the PEPE price prediction for 2025?

PEPE price prediction for 2025 suggests it could reach a maximum of 0.000007164250971. The minimum price prediction for PEPE is 0.0000007731428571USD.

What is the PEPE price prediction for 2030?

PEPE price prediction for 2030 suggests it could be trading in between 0.0001208282118USD to 0.00008055214118USD.

What is the PEPE price prediction for 2050?

PEPE price prediction for 2050 suggests it could reach 0.0005214 USD by 2050.

Is Pepe a scam token?

So far, there is no indication that PEPE is a scam token. It is a meme token, with no utility. Of course, the team is anonymous like that of any other crypto meme token.

What is $PEPE price prediction for 2025 in INR?

In INR, PEPE is expected to trade in between 0.006paisa and 0.0616paisa.

Is PEPE a pump and dump token?

It is too early to make any predictions at this point. So far, there has been a good pump in the $PEPE token, but the token has yet to experience a major crash. Additionally, top-tier exchanges like Huobi and GATE (and now Binance) have listed PEPE, so I don’t believe it is a PND token. However, since it is a meme token, there will be a lot of volatility.

Where to store PEPE coins?

You can store $PEPE on crypto wallets like Metamask and Ledger.

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Conclusion: Is Pepe a good investment in 2023?

PEPE is a memecoin, and one should not look into memecoin as an investment. You are advised to buy $PEPE with a small portion of your investment. If I had 100k USD in crypto, I would not put more than 100 USD in $PEPE. You can make your investment accordingly. I would simply buy and forget about PEPE unless it increases in price by 4-5 times from my buying price.

As of November 8, 2023, the token has already been corrected by more than 80%. It could be a good time to add some to your portfolio if you want to.

PEPE price today

The reason I am bullish for these memecoin in particular among all memecoins is because PEPE is the king of from memecoins, and is a trend starter. If any new meme-coin can reach the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap, this has to be PEPECOIN.

However, a lot of patience may be required.

I understand there is a lot of FUD surrounding PEPE tokens, and I believe this is the best time to buy PEPE.

My personal opinion is, in the next bull run, whenever it begins, PEPE is going to stand out, among all other meme-coins. I have personally taken a small position on the 23rd of October 2023.

Disclaimer: The forecast mentioned in this article ”PEPE Price Prediction 2023 to 2030” does not guarantee that the memecoin will reach the targets mentioned. Please DYOR before investing in PEPE or any other memecoin. This is not a suggestion or financial advice. 

Lsat updated: 8th of November, 2023