STEPN is #1 Move to Earn cryptocurrency in 2022. In this article we will discuss fundamental analysis of GMT, StepN’s native token, and what are the price prediction of GMT and if it makes a good investment in 2022? So let’s start.

Running is beneficial for both your physical and financial wellness. This is due to the fact that you may now earn cryptocurrency for every run, walk, or jog you take. This is achievable thanks to the move-to-earn Web3 platform STEPN, which offers financial incentives for every workout.

The augmented reality game and play-to-earn gameplay are two ideas that have been gaining popularity for a number of years. StepN is the progression of these two ideas. In most AR games, a virtual world is superimposed over the real one. With Pokemon Go, which dispersed digital Pokemon across a real-world map of the world and allowed users to track and gather them using GPS, the idea really took off in 2015.

What exactly is STEPN?

A virtual environment was superimposed on the real world in a number of augmented reality games from the past. Play-to-earn games appeared on the market a short time later. For reaching in-game milestones, these platforms gave users cryptocurrency rewards.

Combining these two ideas results in STEPN. The app uses the Solana blockchain and is a move-to-earn platform. To compensate users for every calorie they burn, it makes use of ideas from augmented reality and play-to-earn gaming. Users get points for their accomplishments based on the running distance they complete, which is monitored by GPS, and are subsequently rewarded with cryptocurrency tokens.

By strolling, jogging, or running, you can make money. You receive Green Satoshi Tokens in the form of prizes in your wallet. GST is the STEPN app’s default cryptocurrency. The program enables you construct a wallet, or you can export your GST data to an external wallet. After that, exchanging these tokens for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies is simple.


How does StepN function?

In order to comprehend how StepN functions, two features are essential.

The first is the shoe, which greatly influences how much cash a player may make and illustrates why a few of these NFTs fetch such exorbitant prices.

In StepN, you can upgrade your shoe to enhance one or more of 5 distinct attributes, similar to how you might update your armor to withstand particular attacks in a conventional role-playing game: Resilience, which reduces wear and tear, Luck, which raises the possibility of winning random prizes during a session, Comfort, which boosts the consumption of a different type of token called GMT, which has to do with governance, and Efficiency, which raises the GST earned per unit of energy used.

This brings up another important aspect: Energy. On StepN, a player is allotted a certain amount of Energy, which is equal to five minutes during a move-to-earn session. New players are only given ten minutes each day to earn GST since each player only has two energy units to begin with, and those units replenish once every 24 hours.

Players must skill fully balance the cost of purchasing more energy slots with the possible rewards from having longer earning sessions because purchasing more sneakers is the only way to access more energy.

But there’s a chance for a successful combination: Many games start at under $5, but there have been reports of players making $400 every day.

By using STEPN, how do you make money?

The STEPN app first, of course.

Buy a virtual pair of sneakers, which are nothing more than in-game NFTs, as your second action. There you go.

STEPN’s motion sensor and GPS technology will track your trip distance each time you leave the house and give you tokens in exchange. Within the app, you may use these tokens to, for instance, purchase better running shoes.

Alternatively, you might exchange them for local money. A unit of time on STEPN is energy. Two energy units are supplied to you as you start the game. Every move-to-earn session ends with a replenishment of all units, which stand for a total of 10 minutes. One energy each day, though, is the maximum you can utilize.

This suggests that the most amount of exercise you may have in each day and still get GST is 10 minutes. You should also make very sure that you are moving at the proper pace for the type of shoes you are wearing. Once you have accumulated enough GST to switch to a new sneaker, you can unlock any of the four mentioned qualities and level up your play.

The footwear might also be traded, just like any other cryptocurrency. NFT sneakers can sell for as much as $100,000, or anywhere between $400 and that amount.


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What is the token of StepN?

To master StepN, you need three tokens: GMT, StepN’s governance token, which gives holders the right to vote on the platform’s future; SOL, the native coin of the Solana network, that is utilized to buy new shoes; GST, the coin earned through walking, jogging, or running and used to buy new upgrades. Unlike GMT, which has a supply cap of 6 billion and is only given to customers who have updated their footwear past level 30, GST has a limitless supply.

STEPN Price History 2022

Since its debut on March 9th, 2022, GMT has progressively increased in value. It was priced at $0.13 during the launch. It experienced a significant increase and surpassed the $3 threshold on April 1st, 2022, with a value of $3.0929. After that, it dropped below the $3 level before climbing to its ATH of $4.0338 on April 28. Later, as a result of the market meltdown, it also saw a sharp decline and, as of May 27, had a value of 0.8395. Before crossing the $1 threshold on June 26th, it remained below the $1 level for a month.

On September 2, at the time of writing, the price is $0.6885 at the moment.

GMT Price Today

Current price of GMT (STEPN) is:

GMT Trading Analysis: Buy, Sell or Hold?

We have so far discussed the fundamental analysis of GMT. If we see GMT USD chart, we will see the coin trading downwards, since its ATH. The current price action suggests, GMT could keep going down and should be a sell. If you were to believe the sentiments, GMT is a sell at this point.

GMT Price Prediction for Today and Tomorrow

GMT is expected to be bearish today, and bullish tomorrow. GMT price could drop by 1-2% today, while gaining 2-3% by tomorrow.

Price Prediction for STEPN for this Month: September 2022

The maximum and minimum GMT prices for September 2022 are projected to be $0.77 and $0.593, respectively, based on crypto specialists’ price prediction of STEPN.

StepN Price Prediction  2022

Month, 2022 Min Price Max Price
September 2022 0.77 0.593
October 2022 0.8779 0.68011
November 2022 1.26906 0.82154
December 2022 1.7523968 1.27715712

For the rest of 2022, STEPN is predicted to range in between 0.63USD to 1.7523USD. StepN has entered into the top 100 cryptocurrencies by marketcap in its very first year, with just 10% of the circulating supply. At 1.75USD, the marketcap would be over 1Billion USD. We think STEPN could reach a Billion dollar in marketcap by the end of 2022. The release of the next big update where one can breed the sneakers is due and once that is up, it could overcome the #1 play to earn game – Axie Infinity.

StepN Price Prediction 2023

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2023 2.190496 1.89136
February 2023 2.73812 2.4892
March 2023 3.650826667 3.018933333
April 2023 3.318933333 2.817212121
May 2023 2.765777778 2.514343434
June 2023 3.318933333 3.017212121
July 2023 3.98272 3.620654545
August 2023 4.380992 3.98272
September 2023 4.6000416 4.181856
October 2023 4.380992 3.98272
November 2023 4.8190912 4.380992
December 2023 5.397382144 4.90671104

There is a very good chance that the Sneaker breeding update could be announced in 2023. Post that, the real adoption for the game may begin. We are expecting the native token of STEPN, GMT, to trade in between 1.89USD to 5.39USD.

StepN Price Prediction 2024

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2024 6.349861346 5.772601224
February 2024 7.937326682 7.215751529
March 2024 10.58310224 9.621002039
April 2024 9.621002039 8.74636549
May 2024 8.017501699 7.288637908
June 2024 9.621002039 8.74636549
July 2024 11.54520245 10.49563859
August 2024 12.69972269 11.54520245
September 2024 13.33470883 12.12246257
October 2024 12.69972269 11.54520245
November 2024 13.96969496 12.69972269
December 2024 15.64605836 14.22368941

2014 could a bull run in crypto, if history is to be repeated. 2014 will see Bitcoin halving, and along with BTC, many cryptocurrencies are expected to do well. StepN in 2024 could trade between 5.77USD to 15.64USD.

StepN Price Prediction 2025

When Maximum Price Minimum Price
January 2025 18.40712748 16.73375225
February 2025 23.00890935 20.91719032
March 2025 30.6785458 27.88958709
April 2025 27.88958709 25.35417008
May 2025 23.24132257 21.12847507
June 2025 27.88958709 25.35417008
July 2025 33.46750451 30.4250041
August 2025 36.81425496 33.46750451
September 2025 38.6549677 35.14087973
October 2025 36.81425496 33.46750451
November 2025 40.49568045 36.81425496
December 2025 45.35516211 41.23196555

Minimum STEPN price prediction for 2025 is 16.73USD, while maximum STEPN price prediction is 45.35USD. StepN could see more than 50X growth by 2025 end. However, for this to happen, STEPN needs to reach its goal and complete its roadmap.

StepN Price Prediction in USD

Here is a STEPN Price forecast in USD from 2022 to 2030.

Year WISE (in USD) Maximum Price Minimum Price
2022 1.7523968 0.63
2023 5.397382144 1.99136
2024 15.64605836 5.772601224
2025 45.35516211 16.73375225
2026 30.23677474 11.15583484
2027 90.71032421 33.46750451
2028 62.55884428 23.08103759
2029 75.07061314 27.69724511
2030 113.7433532 41.96552289

StepN Price Prediction in INR

Here is a STEPN Price forecast in INR from 2022 to 2030.

Year WISE (in INR) Maximum Price Minimum Price
2022 140.191744 50.4
2023 431.7905715 159.3088
2024 1251.684669 461.8080979
2025 3628.412968 1338.70018
2026 2418.941979 892.4667868
2027 7256.825937 2677.40036
2028 5004.707543 1846.483007
2029 6005.649051 2215.779609
2030 9099.468259 3357.241831

Max and minimum price predicted for StepN in 2022 in INR is Rs. 140 and Rs. 50.4

STEPN in 2023 could trade in between 159INR to 431INR.

Maximum price predicted for STEPN in 2024 is 1251INR, while the minimum is 461.8INR

StepN price prediction for 2025 in INR suggests, it could cross reach 3628 INR at its peak, whereas the minimum price could be 1338INR.

StepN in INR prediction for 2030 is 3357 to 9099INR.

FAQs regarding STEPN Price Forecast: All your Questions Answered

Is investing in StepN a wise choice?

Everything hinges on how successful the project may be in the long run. It is up to you as the investor to determine whether or not to invest, thus you should educate yourself on the technical details and foundations of the platform.

How much do you think the price of STEPN will be in 2030?

42-113USD is the anticipated price for STEPN in 2030. In INR, STEPN could trade between 3357INR to 9099INR.

The token is anticipated to trade between 0.63 to 1.75 USD, then by rising by 300% by 2023, climbing to $5.39, then increasing to $45 in 2025. Investing in STEPN in 2022, could yield good returns by 2030. However, for this to be validated, the project should run as per the roadmap, and should include new things that come by.

How much do you think the price of STEPN will be in 2040?

In 2040, $380 is projected to be the highest price for GMT Coin.

Can GMT reach 1000INR?

GMT is expected to reach 1000 INR by 2024. For anyone investing in GMT, one should have a patience and risk appetite. However, if the roadmap is not met, and the the crypto market does not grow overall, it may take more time to reach 1000INR.

Can GMT reach 10USD?

GMT may reach 10USD in the year 2024. So from 2 years of now, GMT could give you 15x returns from the current price.

Is STEPN a good investment to make in 2022?

Despite having a tremendously successful start, StepN encountered difficulties in China after the instability in the cryptocurrency market in 2022. Due to the slump in the entire business and Chinese data rules that forbid the storing of GPS data for its inhabitants, StepN was compelled to block Chinese users as a result of the regulators in that nation becoming increasingly incensed. Other nations might adopt a similar approach, depending on their own data privacy legislation and views on cryptocurrencies.

In the months after its debut, the platform has also been subjected to a number of distributed denial-of-service assaults, prompting StepN to inform users that workouts might not be accurately recorded while maintenance is being performed on it.

Move-to-earn could flourish as a sector of the cryptocurrency market if StepN can get beyond these initial obstacles

And if its financial incentives motivate a few individuals to put on their running shoes and get off their couches, that’s unquestionably a good thing.

Regarding if STEPN is a good investment choice in 2022, I would say like other cryptocurrencies, you can invest a very small part of your portfolio, not exceeding 0.5%. STEPN could give great returns if Move2Earn continues to trend well in future.

My personal opinion regarding STEPN: Currently, I am not invested in STEPN, and not put any part of my portfolio in this cryptocurrency, as I am already diversified.

Disclosure: Future prices mentioned in this article – STEPN Price Prediction 2022 to 2030 is created using AI. This may or may not follow the actual STEPN price in future. Please DYOR before investing. This, by any means, is not a financial advice.

Do not forget to share with us on what you think STEPN price prediction for 2025 in INR and USD should be?