Sidus NFT Heroes is a NFT project that is currently trading at OpenSea. It currently has 5000 items listed on Opensea. Currently the floor price is 0.489 Ether and has more than 1100 holders. Current volume traded is 388 Ether. This collection features 4,000 NFT Heroes out of which 1000 are Rare Heroes and 500 are Legendary Heroes & 500 partnership NFT Heroes.

You can buy the Sidus NFT Heroes here.

Now, they are launching a Play2Earn RPG game, and there is a tremendous hype factor around Sidus NFT Heroes project.

The gaming project will have dual tokens – SIDUS and Senate. All that to be discussed later.

The overall trend in the NFT market at the moment has been the search for NFTs that provide actual consumer price; those that generate additional income for their holders and are supported by other investments or cash flow.

This is the main reason it has drawn attention towards the projects like SIDUS NFT Heroes, which thrive in the face of growing competition by providing its group with multiple tools to earn profits while, most importantly, being able to enjoy the NFT art.

Here’s a quick rundown of the project (though the project is not launched yet), as well as a breakup of all the earning opportunities, its features, release date, plots and gameplay that went into the NFT Heroes collection.

Sidus NFT Heroes Review

Sidus Website Details

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About Sidus NFT Heroes

SIDUS NFT Heroes is a one-of-a-kind NFT project that begins as a gathering of NFT avatars and evolves into an NFT world with a range of goods and services. Aside from Galaxy Staking, the project offers its users a variety of other ways to earn money, such as royalties, an NFT wrapping feature, and, eventually, a gaming DAO Metaverse. Thus every NFT Hero can eventually be converted into a gaming personality in the SIDUS play-to-earn contest. The origin story of NFT Heroes leaves more room for fantasy and future gaming circumstances.

Sidus NFT Heroes, on the other hand, is a multiplayer game in a huge universe for each gamer. SIDUS is a beneficial game, an accessible realm in which a player can examine new elements and experience a complete immersive experience in its digital space without wanting to prevent.

Each player does have the chance not only to appreciate becoming deeply invested in the game environment, but also to earn actual money and build friendships who might just later become their partners on the road to success. Work, college, and the entertainment world are collaborating to build a hybrid system.

Sidus NFT Heroes Project’s Team

NFT Heroes is a conceptual collection of art comprising 6,000 interesting personalities – NFT Heroes. The limited supply of the actors varies – Original, Exceptional, Iconic, Collaboration, and the exclusive. These classes determine the size of the incentives and other rewards that owners receive.

The largest partnership in the NFT environment is NFT Heroes. Three teams worked on the project: Playdisplay, NFT STARS and NFT256. NFT STARS is a multi-chain NFT marketplace initiated in Australia in July 2021. The team is in charge of all technical problems related to the collection’s release and future growth.

NFT256 is the largest global combination of contemporary artists who work in a wide range of forms of art, from online to conventional. This partnership includes over 400 artists and is led by Maxim Vavaev, Lead VX Artist and NFT Coders.

The NFT Heroes team should ensure that every personality seems to be totally special by trying to bring in a large group of artists. Over 10,000 features have been generated by the coalition of artists involved in the project, as well as the final performance of each character is moulded using an AI-powered generator.

Main Objectives of the Sidus NFT Heroes Project

  1. Sidus NFT Heroes would be the first AAA-level RPG game focused on cryptocurrency philosophy to be set to release.
  2. Accessible realm in the world with 12 tech-based race groups that represent various blockchain applications and are already well-known inside the community – Bitcoione, Etheredus, Avalanya, Polkacyon, and many others. The participant can combine with all living creatures and become one with them.
  3. The project allows players to join troops and communicate with one another in order to complete difficult missions.
  4. The NFT game global market is selling a catalogue of 6,000 conceptual characters portrayed by NFT STARS and the global collaborative of younger artists NFT256 on Opensea. 

Special Selling points and Features of Sidus NFT Heroes Project

Battle Arena

Within Battle Arena, a gamer can keep challenging numerous different gamers to shootouts or strengthen trying to fight massed ranks and attempt to make it to the top. Players trying to enter the PvP field of battle and trying to fight each other is the most interesting and important activity in the Multiverse.

Advancement and Persona Development

In their free time among both tasks and battles with other clan members, the characters work on developing their identifiers, that will afterward be included with the battlefield against a strong foe. Gamers participate in the levelling of their Hero’s character traits as well as the selection of the best firearms and clothing. Each character can be enhanced and gain new abilities and skills.

Become a Contractor

  1. Heroes with an inventive leanings can collaborate as contractors and farmers, transforming their very own edge of the multiverse into a grove in the midst of the chaos.
  2. Each solar system and centre has 3 kinds of land: basic, challenged, and residential. Basic  land cannot be procured and yet no one owns it. The challenged land is awarded as a game trophy and remains the player’s property until the next tourney. Residential  land can be fixed-priced, sold to a gamer, sold at auction off by the scheme, or bought on the marketplace.

Participation in Political World

  1. Leaders of the players can take part in the political career of Sidus City. They can run for office, representing their interests and campaigning for their causes.
  2. The game features a complex political scheme with groups, gatherings, and members of the council. Elections are indeed held in a truthful and accountable manner, all of which impact the game’s advancement and the adaptation of important decisions inside the structure of the emerging multiverse.


Exchange and start trading your in-game objects at the inter-galaxy market square, in which you can find anything at all from skilled militants to artefacts from faraway planets.

Sidus NFT Heroes Project: Dual Token and Tokenomics

Sidus NFT will have Dual tokens – Sidus and Senate. Senate is a governance token, which Sidus is a gaming token.

SIDUS is indeed an ERC-721 token which allows the user to influence the Sidus NFT Heroes universe’s life. $SIDUS is a Metaverse tournament token that endorses the game’s development and progress.

SIDUS: Sidus native token is yet to be launched, and there is no exchange where it can be traded at this point, but gamers can pre-order the game’s NFT products through the OpenSea Global market.

  • Token name: Sidus NFT Heroes (NFT item)
  • Ticker: SIDUS
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Token standard: ERC-721
  • Total supply: 30,000,000,000
  • Intial Circulating supply: Not updated yet

SENATE: Senate native token is not launched too, and there is no exchange where it can be traded at this point.

  • Token name: Senate 
  • Ticker: $SENATE
  • Blockchain: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Token standard: ERC-721
  • Total supply: 300,000,000
  • Intial Circulating supply: Not updated yet

Seed Price: Senate: 0.1 USD, Sidus: 0.001 USD – 5% is unlocked at TGE, 3 months lock, 5% from 5th month for the next 19 months.

Private Price: Senate: 0.12 USD, Sidus: 0.0012 USD – 5% is unlocked at TGE, 3 months lock, 5% from 5th month for the next 19 months.

Pre-public Round Price: Senate: 0.16 USD, Sidus: 0.0016 USD – 5% is unlocked at TGE, 3 months lock, 5% from 5th month for the next 19 months.

IDO Price: Senate: 0.18 USD, Sidus: 0.0018 USD – 10% is unlocked at TGE, 10% vested over the next 10 months.

You can get a hold of their NFTs from Opensea, whose floor is around 0.47 ETH.

Sidus NFT Heroes Project: Play to Earn Trend

NFT256 is the largest global combination of contemporary artists who work in a wide range of forms of art, from online to conventional. This partnership includes over 400 artists and is led by Maxim Vavaev, Lead VX Artist and NFT Coders. The NFT Heroes team should ensure that every personality seems to be totally special by trying to bring in a large group of artists. Over 10,000 features have been generated by the coalition of artists involved in the project, as well as the final performance of each character is moulded using an AI-powered generator.

However, the play-to-earn framework is insufficient to come out on top in the industry. To entice enthusiastic gamers, blockchain games must change the complex nature of their processes to their storylines, focusing on interactive virtual graphics and rich source while maintaining a competitive spirit and playfulness.

Sidus NFT Heroes: Plot and Gameplay

Gamers in NFT Heroes can travel to all segments of the Metaverse in search of a wide range of excursions. As pirates attack the seas, heroes can equip their space capsule for long journeys and plunder the virtual world. The game starts at the main station, which is where each player can be discovered. Every area of the world is an economic justification, with the exception of the main station, which would be in the public realm.

Players can travel among planetary systems, stations, and other far-flung reaches of the universe, and also finish a range of missions. Planets can also be viewed as business ventures. Players can help level up their Hero’s abilities and also choose the best weapons and equipment. Each character has the chance to develop and learn some new talents and abilities.

Release Date of Sidus NFT Heroes Project

On December 25, the software companies intended to launch a closed beta form of the game. They make a decision to delay the launch in order to give the development team some much-needed break. The very next dates have been set by the team:

  1. On January 10, 2022, the closed beta version of SIDUS HEROES will be set to release. Holders of NFT Heroes NFTs from the Genesis collection are the only ones who can get this edition. 
  2. The team plans to publish a public beta form of the game on January 23, 2022. Owners of NFTs from the Genesis and Academy compilations will be likely to participate in Sidus Heroes during this time.
  3. The Academy catalogue will be available for purchase in the mid of December 2021.
  4. The public IDO is set to take place during the first two weeks of December, followed by the TGE in the middle of the month. In addition, the IDO Launchpad will be officially confirmed

Sidus and Senate NFT Heroes Tokens

Gamers can join the IDO launchpad and get an opportunity to participate in the Sidus NFT Heroes token sale.

  1. Token Staking with $SIDUS (Gaming token) – Players can invest their NFT and receive a reward in NFT. SIDUS has three stages of staking: Classic, Exceptional, and Iconic. By holding their NFT, subscribers can pasture NFTS tokens. The APYs are profitable and therefore can pay the expenses of their token over the course of the staking session.
  2. Token $SENATE (Governance token) – Buying and selling of various parcels of land or configurable parts, voting authority to make decisions on numerous changes.

SIDUS and SENATE tokens are still not available for purchase. However, gamers can purchase NFTs items such as warriors, suitcases, garment, spectacles, and helmets on the OpenSea global market while others wait for the game to be released.

Once the tokens are launched, you should be able to buy them. For now, the best possible way is to participate in the upcoming Sidus IDO/IGOs, if you want the tokens at the cheapest price. The date of token launch is not yet announced but we are expecting it to happen in December.

Sidus and Senate IDO Platforms and Date and Price

IDO Platforms Date
Blockpad December 2021
Gamefi December 2021
Redkite December 2021
Paid ignition December 2021
Trustpad December 2021
Spaceswap 15th December 2021


TrustPad is the Future-Oriented Upcoming Interstellar Gaming Metaverse.

IGO will be launched on TrustPad in December 2021!  Sidus Heroes, our next confirmed IGO on TrustPad. Sidus Heroes, a regarded as an integral part of Metaverse driven by the greatest of Gaming, DeFi, and DAO Governance, is leading the way in the new generation of NFT games, boasting market-leading innovation which will interrupt the industry around the world. Details about the Sidus IDO on Trustpad is yet to be announced. However, the IGO is planned for December.

Bloktopia (BLOKPAD)

Bloktopia is a virtual reality skyscraper with 21 storeys to memorialise the 21 millionth Bitcoin. Bloktopia had also previously announced the new BLOKPAD Launchpad, where SIDUS and Senate IGO will be launched. BLOKPAD will host an IGO for the Bloktopia community in December, with more information about how to participate coming soon. It will be the largest NFT game of 2022, and it will set the benchmark for the level of project that BLOKPAD will produce and release in the future.

SpaceSwap Starter launchpad

We’d have to provide some provisional information and reassure you about the crowd-sale procedure on our SpaceSwap Starter launchpad in advance of the coming up IDO for the fresh SIDUS NFT HEROES play-to-earn game. Kindly see the table below.

Coins: SIDUS: 30,555,555 coins at $0.0018 and SENATE: 305,555 coins at $0.18

Sale blockchain: Binance Smart Chain

Distribution blockchain: TBA

Sale date: 15th Dec

IDO Price: Senate: 0.18 USD, Sidus: 0.0018 USD

Sidus NFT Heroes Investors and Partners

The list of investors is very large and they have some great names. The official announcement has not been done yet, but once they officially announce, we will update the same.

Partners include Bloktopia, Anypad, PaidNetwork and many more.

Sidus Heroes Roadmap, Whitepaper

The roadmap is insane. I am sharing the link to Sidus Heroes roadmap below.

Sidus Heroes RoadmapClick to download

Sidus Heroes WhitepaperClick to download

Is Sidus NFT Heroes a good project to invest in?

In my view, the project has absolutely got a lot of hype before its launch.

In comparison to other NFT avatar works or projects, Sidus NFT Heroes offers its players a variety of ways to make money. NFT owners can deposit their tokens and start earning in the NFTs, which can then be used to purchase next-generation guns from the Galaxy Global market. SIDUS provides covered NFT features to its users for acquiring cash flow within their Hero. Furthermore, Sidus allocates 50% of the royalty payments collected from supplementary sale prices of the collection.

The NFT Heroes catalogue is entirely crypto-friendly, paying tribute to the heritage of each significant blockchain as well as the top 100 crypto businesses. In total, the game includes over a thousand Easter Eggs related to the top 100 crypto initiatives. The NFT group helps to ensure the token’s widespread adoption and, as a result, controls inflation. All of these elements add up to Sidus NFT Heroes collection that might garner a huge amount of attention and position the proposal for success in the rising NFT stuff and gaming marketplace.

Looking at the utility, the gameplay and the hype, Sidus NFT is an absolute buy. For anyone who missed Star Atlas, make sure you do not miss Sidus NFT Heroes.

Sidus NFT Project Video Review

Final Thoughts on Sidus Heroes Gaming project

Most of those shortcomings of the classical and blockchain gaming companies are addressed by the conjunction of these characteristics. Sidus Heroes employs a player-driven economic framework that includes numerous advantages to the gamers. It includes the features that the gaming group praises NFT games for, such as DAO societies with user votes cast and official trading platforms for in-game items, which allow for the clear and public return of in-game investments.

There is still the issue of entry barriers, but the way to solve it is for the general public to accept cryptocurrency and blockchain technology more widely. Sidus Heroes attempts to make the game as accessible as possible by making it available on every device with no need to install any special applications. Anyone willing to participate in the game can already visit SIDUS main station and test their skills in the game world.

The hype is insane. You should absolutely try your best to get into SIDUS IGO. If not, you can try to grab it when the project lists.

Our Ratings: 4.8/5