Binance Labs is part of Binance, a major player in the cryptocurrency world, focused on helping new and innovative projects grow in the blockchain and cryptocurrency area. This branch of Binance is key in finding and supporting new and promising ventures. Recently, we’ve noticed that projects backed by Binance Labs are giving away tokens to their early supporters. These projects also often appear on Binance Launchpool and are later added to Binance’s trading platform. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the top projects supported by Binance Labs that might give away tokens in the future.

What is Binance Labs?

Since its inception in 2018, Binance Labs has seen exponential growth, with its investment portfolio expanding to 250 projects across 25 countries. This diverse portfolio has yielded an impressive 14-fold return on investments. Through this program, Binance Labs offers funding, mentorship, and guidance to innovative startups, helping them navigate the complexities of the blockchain industry.

Notable projects in Binance Labs’ portfolio include industry leaders like Optimism, LayerZero, Celestia, Aptos, Mysten Labs, and Trust Wallet. The incubation wing of Binance Labs has nurtured around 50 companies, such as Dune Analytics, Injective Labs, Polygon, and SafePal.

Key points and stats:

  • About 50 companies incubated, including Dune Analytics, Injective Labs, Polygon, and SafePal.
  • Despite market challenges in 2023, Binance Labs invested in over 25 transformative Web3 solutions.
  • Recognized as the most active VC in Q2 and Q3 of 2023 by Messari.
  • Diverse investments in DeFi, Web3 Gaming, and Zero-Knowledge Proof-based solutions.
  • Major investments in 2023 included Neutron, AltLayer, Radiant Capital, Curve DAO Token (CRV), Helio Protocol, Xterio, GOMBLE, Sleepless AI, Delphinus Lab, and Arkham Token (ARKM).
  • Launched several incubation programs with over 2,000 global startups applying in 2023.
  • MVB program’s 7th season included a partnership with CMC Labs to incubate 100 ideas on the BNB Chain.

Projects that receive support from Binance Labs may benefit from not only financial backing but also guidance from experienced professionals within the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Let us look at 12 such projects that are Binance-backed and have airdrop potential. 

12 Projects Backed by Binance with Airdrop Potential

Binance backed airdrop opportunities


Grindery, involved in the Binance Labs Season 4 Incubation Program, presents itself as an innovative self-custodial EVM wallet designed specifically for Telegram. It is one of the self-custodial EVM wallets for Telegram, serving more than 700,000 users. It features a hassle-free, keyless setup, enables gas-less transactions, and maintains compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Emphasizing simplicity, the wallet provides users with a user-friendly and intuitive interface to oversee their digital assets.

Noteworthy attributes of Grindery encompass a keyless configuration, facilitating convenient access to cryptocurrencies without the need for passphrases or private keys. It introduces a setup-free transfer system, enabling users to send digital assets effortlessly, akin to sending a text message, without the necessity for the recipient to set up a wallet beforehand.


How to Get Started with Grindery

  1. Explore the user-friendly wallet at Grindery.
  2. Utilize the Telegram bot to create your wallet.
  3. Receive an instant 100 tokens and unlock additional rewards by referring friends.

Grindery’s commitment to natural language chat, gas-less transactions, and compatibility with various EVM blockchains positions it as an ideal choice for users seeking simplicity and functionality in their crypto wallet experience., a Web3 gaming ecosystem, recently raised $10 million in an angel round led by Animoca Brands and Binance Labs, signaling its commitment to expand NFT use in gaming, finance, and art. The platform features an NFT marketplace, a launchpad for creators, and an on-chain identity protocol that rewards user engagement.

Strategically focusing on Binance Smart Chain for its efficiency and broad compatibility, embodies a journey of exploration in the crypto world, underscored by its rebranding from “Treasureland” to Tabi. This approach emphasizes its community-driven ethos, positioning as an innovative and inclusive player in the evolving digital landscape.

How to Get Started with Tabi’s NFT Ecosystem:

  1. Join the Tabi community at Tabi.
  2. Connect your wallet, participate in social tasks, and accumulate points.
  3. Engage in the launchpad function, creating and releasing innovative NFT experiences.

Tabi’s commitment to leveraging Binance Smart Chain, coupled with its focus on user-friendly interfaces and a community-driven marketplace, positions it as a pivotal player in the burgeoning NFT and Web3 landscape.


KiloEX, backed by Binance Labs, is a multichain decentralized derivatives exchange with a strong emphasis on user experience and innovative features. Providing a diverse range of trading assets and introducing unique elements like copy-trading, trading mining, and competitions, KiloEX aims to offer a comprehensive and engaging trading platform. It facilitates leveraged trading and perpetual contracts, distinguishing itself from traditional derivatives exchanges.

How to Get Started with KiloEX:

  1. Join the KiloEX platform at KiloEX.
  2. Connect your wallet, open and close trades, and participate in trading competitions.
  3. Deposit into the KiloEX vault to enjoy real yield returns.

KiloEX’s unwavering commitment to security, a broad spectrum of trading options, and minimal trading fees positions it as a user-centric platform within the decentralized derivatives exchange landscape. As it continues to iterate its products and expand its trading pairs, KiloEX stands out as a promising contender in the blockchain trading ecosystem.


Web3Go is an innovative data intelligence network established in 2021, leveraging blockchain technology to offer on-chain data services. It comprises three key components: Analytix, an on-chain data-as-a-service platform; Reiki, a no-code, AI-driven user-generated-chatbot platform; and Rye Alpha, a sub-community focused on NFTs and trading insights.

With over 50 major clients across ecosystems like Polkadot and BNB Chain, Web3Go has excelled in processing real-time on-chain data. In late 2022, it received $4M in seed funding from notable investors including Binance Labs and HashKey Capital.

Recognizing the potential of AI and GPT technologies, Web3Go integrated AI into its operations in 2023, enhancing its product offerings and transitioning from an on-chain data provider to a more comprehensive data intelligence network. This strategic shift allows Web3Go to offer advanced AI UGC toolkits and a robust application ecosystem, further democratizing data access and analysis for a wide range of users.

Magic Square

Magic Square, a Binance Labs-backed initiative, transcends the traditional boundaries of NFTs. Going beyond collectibles, it introduces a marketplace, launchpad, and on-chain identity protocol. Recognizing the versatile applications of NFTs in gaming, finance, art, and memberships, Magic Square aims to redefine the NFT landscape.

Magic Square’s comprehensive on-chain identity protocol and commitment to expanding NFT applications position it as a transformative force in Web3. Leveraging Binance Smart Chain, it bridges the gap between Web2 and Web3, fostering a vibrant and inclusive NFT ecosystem.

How to Get Started with Magic Square:

  1. Discover the possibilities at Magic Square.
  2. Connect your wallet, join the raid to TGE, and complete various tasks.
  3. Engage in voting, and quests, and accumulate karma points.


QnA3 is an AI-driven web3 data platform that transforms the way users understand and engage with the cryptocurrency market. It excels in deciphering the real intent behind user queries, focusing not just on token transactions but on broader investment strategies.

The platform combines a sophisticated AI model with a specialized web3 knowledge graph to guide users through market trends and reduce informational gaps. QnA3 also offers detailed technical analysis with real-time crypto indicators and market news. Additionally, it streamlines trading, ensuring users get the best deals with minimal transaction fees and slippage. This makes QnA3 an essential tool for informed decision-making in the dynamic world of web3.

The Binance S6 Incubation Program participant focuses on effortless daily check-ins, creating a pathway for users to engage with Web3 without intricate setups. By connecting wallets and conducting daily check-ins, users can explore the potential of Web3 in a user-friendly manner. Proactively addressing concerns related to transaction fees, QnA3 encourages users to explore the platform on opBNB, potentially reducing fees and enhancing the overall user experience.

How to Get Started with the QnA3 platform:

  1. Click on this link to join QnA3.
  2. Connect your wallet.
  3. Conduct daily check-ins to engage with Web3 functionalities.

By adopting a natural language chat interface, QnA3 allows users to interact with the platform conversationally, fostering a more user-friendly environment for those new to the Web3 space. The platform’s emphasis on broad blockchain support and DeFi integration positions QnA3 as a comprehensive solution for users looking to explore the full potential of Web3 while integrating it seamlessly into their daily lives.


Skygate, another Binance-backed project, unfolds a decentralized adventure on the Binance Smart Chain, redefining user experiences in the world of self-custodial wallets.

Boasting a user-friendly interface, Skygate prioritizes daily check-ins, providing a gateway for users to immerse themselves in the decentralized landscape. As users explore the SkyArk world and engage in daily check-ins, Skygate emerges as a steadfast companion, fostering the adoption of decentralized technologies.

With a growing user base, Skygate’s commitment to accessibility positions it as a key player in simplifying the complexities associated with decentralized finance.

How to Get Started with Skygate:

  1. Explore the SkyArk world at Skygate.
  2. Connect your wallet, navigate to your profile, and engage in daily check-ins.

Skygate’s commitment to decentralization, coupled with its emphasis on user-friendly experiences, positions it as a reliable companion for users navigating the crypto world. As its user base grows steadily, Skygate aims to contribute significantly to the widespread adoption of decentralized technologies.


NFPrompt, a project invested in by Binance Labs, emerges as a distinctive player in the non-fungible token (NFT) space, setting itself apart through its unique narrative-driven approach. Unlike traditional NFT platforms, NFPrompt actively involves users in shaping and participating in the ongoing narrative within the NFT world. The platform introduces a refreshing model that combines storytelling and collecting, creating an immersive experience for its community. The platform stands out by not only being listed but also actively conducting a season-based airdrop, adding an extra layer of engagement and rewards for its users.

How to Get Started with NFPrompt:

  1. Join the narrative at NFPrompt airdrop link.
  2. Connect your wallet and engage in daily check-ins to keep the storytelling alive.

NFPrompt’s commitment to infusing storytelling into the NFT space, coupled with its unique airdrop approach, sets it apart. As a listed project with an ongoing season-based airdrop, NFPrompt offers users the opportunity to shape the narrative in the ever-evolving world of NFTs.

Kinza Finance

Kinza Finance, supported by Binance Labs, emerges as a bridge between traditional and crypto finance, redefining how users engage with decentralized financial ecosystems. At its core, Kinza Finance offers a unique entry point into DeFi by providing users the opportunity to earn airdrop rewards. The platform facilitates this by encouraging users to supply and borrow tokens, contributing to the dynamic ecosystem. Kinza Finance distinguishes itself through its straightforward and rewarding model. Users can navigate to the Kinza Finance platform, connect their wallets, and actively participate in supplying and borrowing tokens. This engagement not only unlocks airdrop rewards but also fosters a dynamic environment where traditional finance seamlessly intersects with the decentralized landscape.

How to Get Started with Kinza Finance:

  1. Navigate to Kinza Finance airdrop link.
  2. Connect your wallet, supply some tokens, and borrow others to unlock airdrop rewards.

By promoting activities like supplying tokens and engaging in the borrowing process, Kinza Finance aims to create a space where users can transition effortlessly between traditional and crypto financial activities. With the backing of Binance Labs, Kinza Finance stands as a testament to the evolution of decentralized finance, offering users a user-friendly and accessible on-ramp to the world of crypto finance.


Universe townhall

Ultiverse is a dynamic MetaFi platform in the making, skillfully combining the thrill of AAA gaming with the innovative world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and DAOs, all built on the BNB chain with its initial NFT collection launching on Ethereum. It’s setting new standards with its use of Unreal Engine 5, the same technology behind epic games like Fortnite, to create virtual worlds that are not only visually stunning but also VR-ready and deeply immersive.

More than just a gaming platform, Ultiverse is carving out a space where players can bring their NFTs to life, trade them, and engage in a flagship 3D MMORPG with a unique Play-To-Earn aspect. With a solid backing of $4.5 million from industry giants like Binance Labs, Ultiverse is gearing up to revolutionize the virtual experience, bridging diverse economic backgrounds in an engaging and accessible way.

How to Get Started with Ultiverse:

  1. Initiate your quest at the Ultiverse airdrop link.
  2. Connect your wallet, explore the mission page, and link your wallet and Discord accounts.
  3. Dive into quests to farm points and unlock the true potential of NFTs within Ultiverse.

Ultiverse’s commitment to providing lifelong rights and incentives for NFT collectors places it as a significant player in the evolving landscape of blockchain-based assets. Users can anticipate a feature-rich ecosystem that pushes the boundaries of what NFTs can achieve, ensuring a journey filled with innovation and discovery.


MyShell, an opBNB-based AI platform, has successfully raised $5.6 million in seed funding, marking a significant stride in the AI industry. This platform distinguishes itself with a user-friendly approach to AI development, featuring proprietary AI and text-to-speech technologies.

Designed to democratize AI creation, MyShell allows users to build and monetize unique AI robots with individual voices and personalities. Its open ecosystem facilitates easy collaboration among creators of all skill levels and supports the creator economy through community-driven content ownership.

Additionally, MyShell provides a versatile development platform and an app store for efficient distribution and marketing of AI applications. Central to its ethos is a commitment to fair and transparent rewards for all contributors, positioning MyShell as a leader in accessible and innovative AI development.

How to Get Started with MyShell:

  1. Visit the MyShell website to join the platform.
  2. Connect your wallet to start experiencing key-less crypto access.



GOMBLE, a South Korean blockchain-based casual game developer and affiliate of successful company 111Percent, is revolutionizing the gaming industry with its focus on entertainment over monetary gain. Supported by a significant investment from Binance Labs, GOMBLE aims to capture the global market with its flagship mobile game, RumbyStars, and an innovative social platform, RumbyWorld.

Distinguished by its approach to integrate fun, casual gaming with blockchain technology, GOMBLE is set to expand into major global markets, starting with a soft launch in Southeast Asia. The company’s strategy revolves around balanced tokenomics, sustainable governance, and appealing to a broad audience, capitalizing on the growing demand for casual games which are projected to reach a $24.97 billion market by 2027. GOMBLE’s venture represents a significant shift in the blockchain gaming paradigm, prioritizing user engagement and enjoyable gameplay.

How to Get Started with Gomble:

  1. Visit the Gomble airdrop link to get started. Sign up.
  2. Connect your wallet and Discord.
  3. Engage in daily check-ins, complete social tasks, and farm points.

Yi He, Head of Binance Labs, lauded GOMBLE’s focus on creating engaging, social, and sustainable blockchain games. The partnership with Binance Labs not only provides financial support but also aligns with the vision of moving blockchain gaming beyond the ‘earning’ concept to captivating gameplay.

How much Can you Make with these Airdrops?

In conclusion, dedicating just 30 minutes daily to the 12 airdrop opportunities in these Binance-backed projects for 30 days could yield an average earning of $300 to $500. While not every project will participate in airdrops, the potential rewards from those that do are significant.

This array of projects, including transformative self-custodial wallets, innovative NFT platforms, and cutting-edge DeFi initiatives, showcases the dynamic nature of Binance Labs’ support in the blockchain space. These ventures are not just about pushing the technological envelope; they also engage users directly through airdrops, making participation both rewarding and inclusive.

As these projects continue to grow and evolve, they promise a future rich with opportunities for users to immerse themselves in a thriving blockchain ecosystem and benefit from the lucrative prospects of airdrop incentives.

We will be writing detailed guides on how you can receive each airdrop. So stay tuned.