SEI NFTs are currently gaining popularity, and there’s a growing demand for SEI tokens in the SEI ecosystem. Even though I initially hesitated, I eventually decided to join the trend. Despite SEI’s decision not to airdrop tokens to early participants, the emergence of SEI NFTs has caught my attention, and I see an opportunity to potentially profit from trading them.

I’ve had some success trading Aptos NFTs in the past month, so I’m hoping to replicate that with SEI NFTs. However, it’s important to note that trading SEI NFTs involves high risk and isn’t recommended for those who have busy work schedules and can’t afford to risk their money. If you’re still interested in trying your hand at SEI NFT trading, this guide is here to help. Many, like myself, want to start but may not know where to begin.


Read on for the essential steps and information you need. Keep in mind that this guide aims to be the only resource you’ll need for SEI NFT trading.

SEI NFTs: What are these?

SEI NFTs, or SEI NFT collections, are a bunch of digital items grouped and traded on NFT marketplaces. These items can include things like profile pictures, SEI names, music, art, and more. You can get these NFTs for free if you support the project early, or you can mint them on launch day or buy them later on the secondary market.


If you know what you’re doing, trading NFTs can be a way to make a lot of money. But it’s important to know that not every project is a winner; some might fail, and you could lose your investment. On the flip side, some projects could increase your investment by 2x to even 100x.

If you’re new to all of this and want to learn more about NFTs, you can join @Cryptobullsclub. Just drop a comment expressing your interest in the NFT group, and I’ll personally add you. We’re keeping the group small, and we’re just getting started.

Prerequisites for trading SEI NFTs

Before you start trading SEI NFTs, make sure you have a few things ready:

  • SEI Tokens: You’ll need SEI tokens to get involved. You can either send them from Binance or buy in any chain and move them to SEI through I would however recommend taking the exchange route.
  • SEI Wallet: Get yourself a SEI wallet to store and manage your NFTs. I recommend Compass Wallet.
  • Socials: Join platforms like Discord, Twitter, and Telegram to stay connected and get updates.

Once you have all these in place, you’re good to go! Head over to the SEI NFT marketplace and start trading NFTs.

SEI NFT Marketplaces


pallet exchange

Right now, is the most popular marketplace for SEI NFTs. It’s in the early stages, so some issues like collections not loading properly and a lack of analytics to check NFT prices. Despite its bugs, if you’re looking to trade SEI NFTs, is the place to be, whether you love it or not.


Dagora is a multichain NFT launchpad that supports SEI NFT Collections too. You can both mint on the minting day, as well as use it as a secondary marketplace to buy and sell SEI NFTs. Most of the popular collections are listed on Dagora.

Upcoming Hyped NFT Collection in SEI (February 2024)

I might later create a separate page for the upcoming SEI NFT Collection I like, but for now, there are not many. So I will be listing the ones below and you can check them, in case you are interested.

  • 6oblin
  • Rabbits
  • Daydreams by Sold1

At this point, I am looking into getting into the WL/OG role for all of them.

For the latest upcoming list, click here

Top NFT Collection in SEI Ecosystem

There are 3 NFT Collections already very popular in the SEI ecosystem. If you wish to buy them and have around 1000USD worth of SEI, you can buy all the 3 NFTs.


As of February 3, 2024, the total trading volume of WeBump SEI NFT is 3,784,865.97 SEI and the current NFT floor price is 2499 SEI. Even though I don’t plan to sell it for a quick profit (flip), I’ll hold on to this NFT because it’s part of the OG SEI NFT collections, and I like the artwork. However, the main reason is: that WeBump gives access to many free and paid NFTs. I got access to minting DOB, Outlines, and many more, just by holding WeBump. If you want easy access to upcoming SEI NFTs, small or big, you should be holding WeBump.

Price on 31st December 2023: 649 SEI (when we first published this article)

Price today: 2499 SEI


Seiyaan collection went live on the market for everyone on December 30, 2023, as a free mint, and within a month, it had already surpassed 4,320,456.92 SEI in trading volume. There’s a good chance it might hit 10 million SEI in trading volume by the end of this March 2023. I missed the free mint but I managed to buy Seiyaan from the market for around 430 SEI.

Price on 31st December 2023: 449 SEI (when we first published this article)

Price now: 750 SEI

The Colony

This is the most OG SEI NFT collection, currently trading at 990 SEI. I have added The Colony NFT to my list and my collection is around 1333 SEI. They are going to launch ANTSWAP, which is expected to be a decentralized exchange.

Price on 31st December 2023: 999 SEI (when we first published this article)

Price now: 880 SEI


DOB is my favorite PFP SEI NFT collection. There is no utility. DOB is more about the vibes, brand, and love. I can’t think of naming SEI NFTs without including DOB in the list. Think of it as the BAYC of SEI. If you want to join a positive vibe SEI NFT collection, DOB should be it.


Outlines is the best animation art NFT in the SEI ecosystem, released by Outlinedmind. The designer is doxxed. I love the art.

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Risk Involved in Trading SEI NFTs

SEI NFTs have recently entered the market, which naturally brings a degree of volatility. Their popularity is growing quickly, attracting more buyers by the day. If you’re thinking about getting into SEI NFTs, it’s important to understand that their prices could shift dramatically, either climbing or dropping at a moment’s notice.

It’s wise to only put in money that you wouldn’t be stressed about losing, and make sure it’s an amount that won’t put you in a tough spot financially if things don’t go as planned. That said, even with a smaller investment, SEI NFTs offer the chance for potential returns.

If you are a new buyer with limited capital, grind for WL and try to collect a free NFT. That would be the best way to get the best ROI. I am grinding too. Want to grind together? Join our telegram and text – “I loved your SEI NFT guide.”

Disclaimer: There will be many SEI NFT collections that I will be adding to this article, as and when the right time comes. For the time being, do not forget to like, comment, and most importantly share this article with your friends. Do not forget to join our telegram @ Cryptobullsclub. 

Last updated: 3rd February, 2024