Hey there, crypto enthusiasts and curious minds! Who doesn’t like we’re talking thrilling ways to get your hands on free cryptocurrency tokens? Well, that’s what airdrops are. In the midst of cryptocurrency bear market, an airdrop is akin to a generous digital giveaway. It’s when a blockchain project distributes free tokens to its users, often as a promotional strategy, reward system, or to introduce a new feature. Airdrops can be a fantastic way to get your hands on some crypto assets without any upfront investment. It’s like finding money on the sidewalk, only in the digital world!

Over Protocol is a blockchain that’s so user-friendly, anyone could use it. It is a visionary decentralised blockchain platform that’s revolutionising the way we engage with the blockchain. More than just a digital currency, Over Protocol is a gateway to a new dimension of blockchain participation, and this comprehensive guide is your passport to this exciting world.

So, whether you’re looking to explore blockchain technology or capitalize on an exciting opportunity for passive income, Over Protocol’s Airdrop is a gateway to an exciting new dimension of blockchain participation. Keep reading to find how to participate in this Over Protocol Airdrop.

What is Over Protocol?

Over Protocol offers a unique opportunity for individuals to engage with blockchain technology from the comfort of their own homes. By running a node on your personal computer, you gain access to a user-friendly interface that simplifies blockchain interaction. This initiative also invites you to take part in home staking, allowing you to contribute to the network and earn rewards in the form of “Over” tokens.

Over protocol logo

What sets Over Protocol apart is its commitment to inclusivity. You don’t need to possess advanced technical skills to become a validator with your own node. This approach marks a new era of empowerment within the blockchain space, making it accessible to everyday people. Over Protocol operates as a decentralized layer 1 blockchain, providing lightweight full nodes that are efficient for device running.

One notable feature of Over Protocol is its “Ethanos” protocol, which prioritizes active accounts, reducing the storage requirements and ensuring efficient network operation. Every individual has the opportunity to operate a node and become a validator, opening up enticing possibilities for generating passive income through home staking.

This innovative blockchain infrastructure has garnered significant recognition, with Superblock, a contributor to Over Protocol, securing an impressive $8 million in funding from reputable companies and venture capitalists in South Korea.

Over protocol airdrop guide

How to participate in the Over Protocol Airdrop?

Over Protocol has initiated its Community Access Program, enabling individuals to acquire points, which can be later converted into OVER tokens, by engaging in simple tasks and bringing in friends. So all you need to do are some simple tasks, and you will have free tokens all your way!

Step-1: Download the app and sign up

Over protocol app

  • Go to Play Store or App Store and download the Over Wallet app.
  • Open the app. Enter your email ID to sign up. If you have already joined the Waitlist for the airdrop, use that email ID only for signing up.
  • Verify your email.

Step-2: Claim free points

Over protocol app rewards

  1. In the beginning, you will get a welcome bonus.
  2. You can claim a daily bonus for free, which will add to your points.
  3. Solve a fresh quiz daily and win points.
  4. Complete various missions like online meetup, inviting friends etc. to earn more points.

Step-3: OVER tokens

Over protocol app points

All these points can then be converted into OVER tokens!


How many OVER tokens can I earn from the airdrop?

The amount of OVER tokens you can earn from the airdrop depends on the number of points you earn. Each point is worth 0.001 OVER tokens.

What can I do with OVER tokens?

OVER tokens can be used to pay for transactions on the Over Protocol network, such as staking, fees, and voting. They can also be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

How do I know if I have been successful in participating in the Over Protocol airdrop?

You will be notified by email if you have been successful in participating in the Over Protocol airdrop. You will also be able to check your status on the Over Protocol website.


In conclusion, Over Protocol’s Community Access Program presents an exciting opportunity for both crypto enthusiasts and newcomers to dive into the world of blockchain and earn free tokens. Airdrops, like those offered by Over Protocol, are a thrilling way to acquire cryptocurrency without any initial investment. With its user-friendly interface, home staking, and commitment to inclusivity, Over Protocol is redefining blockchain accessibility.

The innovative Ethanos protocol and the significant funding secured by Superblock further solidify Over Protocol’s potential in the blockchain space. By following simple steps such as downloading the Over Wallet app, claiming free points, and converting them into OVER tokens, anyone can participate in this rewarding venture.

Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this groundbreaking blockchain revolution and claim your share of OVER tokens today!